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Protecting Facilities from Active Shooter Attacks

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The importance of keeping an armed intruder out of a building cannot be underestimated. Once inside, the situation goes from bad to infinitely worse. Building occupants need sufficient time to gather their wits, spring into action, and switch on the run, hide, fight mindset.

Dexterity and decision-making can be significantly diminished in the panic following the realization that an actual attack is taking place. As a result, every second matters. Time is needed to get focused and take meaningful action, to exit or barricade in a room, and to calm anyone else who may be panicked and unsure of what to do. Deterring or slowing an intruder is the key to increasing the chances for survival.

If a school or facility has access controls and all doors remained locked, occupants may feel a false sense of security. Locked doors, alarms, and cameras are important, but ignoring windows and glass doors is a fatal flaw in many active shooter protection strategies.


The problem:

There are many misconceptions surrounding fenestration security. Chief among them are the options an armed intruder has when endeavoring to enter a building. Most attackers go to a door and attempt to open it. If the door is locked they may immediately feel a sense of urgency as the adrenaline dumps into their bloodstream. Searching the building perimeter for an unlocked door will seem time-consuming, so finding a quicker way to enter in the immediate vicinity will likely be the next action. If the door has vision glass, or if there is a window adjacent to the door, breaking the glass to gain entry is a tactic an intruder will likely use.

Fire egress panic hardware is mandated in common areas for safety. An occupant need only crash into the door to trigger the panic hardware, allowing the door to fly open. While this is ideal for fire safety, it is a vulnerability when it comes to security. An attacker can simply break the glass, reach in, and pull the panic hardware to gain entry. This can be done more quickly than using a key to unlock a door and renders access controls useless.

Glass doors and windows in entrances of buildings must be tempered for safety. Tempering is a process where glass is heated and then rapidly cooled to create internal compression. By design, when the glass breaks, it shatters into millions of tiny pieces, preventing any large shards of glass. The result is a safer window, but a substantially higher security risk. An attacker need only strike or shoot the glass for it to burst and immediately fall into a pile of gravel which can be simply stepped over to gain entry.

Retrofit existing glass doors with ArmorPlast | 800-580-2303

Commonly deployed products:

Security window film is often used to slow or prevent entry, but on tempered glass it must be attached at the edges to prevent the whole broken piece from being dislodged. Often, especially on doors, the attachment options are limited and can readily fail. Even if the attachment does not fail, the film itself can be “punched through” with a tool such as a hammer, metal bar, or even the butt of a gun. Window film may slow an attacker, but if he is prepared, the delay is often only a few seconds. He need only punch a hole large enough to insert his hand and pull the panic bar or access the thumb turn on the lock cylinder. Window film, however, is a viable solution for non-entry areas, especially when the glass is annealed.

Laminated glass is another common method used to secure glass vulnerabilities. This technology is essentially two pieces of glass with a window film-type interlayer sandwiched in between, offering similar protection to that of window films. The vulnerability of puncture remains and can be thwarted in seconds if the attacker is prepared with an object to strike the glass.

Bulletproof glass is another way facilities protect entrances, but there is a significant cost barrier for many, as these materials are far more expensive than the other options. Additionally, the sheer weight of these materials is such that a simple retrofit is not always possible. It may involve removing the existing doors and windows and adding in new framing, and/or changing the hinges and door closers to accommodate the extra weight. This may be the ideal solution from a protection standpoint, but is cost prohibitive more often than not.


Most viable solution:

Riot Glass, Inc saw a clear gap between the lower-level and the high-end protection options, and developed a shielding product called ArmorPlast (AP25). This system includes an unbreakable, containment-grade panel and a retrofit framing that is attached to the outside surface of a door or window frame. It becomes a shield that protects the glass and prevents access. Although AP25 does not stop bullets, it does not crack or shatter. Even after being riddled with bullets, it remains a barrier to entry because it cannot be dislodged and a would-be intruder’s hand cannot pass through to open the door. AP25 is lightweight and can be retrofitted onto most glass doors. It can also be mounted in front of the windows adjacent the doors for added (and highly recommended) protection.


Police response times vary greatly, but range on average from 3-5 minutes. We often see that a lot of damage can be done within that time frame, so slowing or preventing entry is crucial. When a would-be intruder is kept outside, they are likely to panic and abandon the attack altogether. The longer the delay, the more likely they will be deterred. Police can locate and neutralize the threat far more easily if an intruder is still outside when they arrive.

We set out to create a protection system that is affordable, superior in strength, light weight, and easy to install. ArmorPlast 25 is the product that fills the gap between low-cost weaker solutions, and higher priced ballistic solutions. ArmorPlast was designed to protect students and faculty, employees of businesses, persons of prominent notoriety, and anyone who may otherwise fall victim to the horrific crimes that motivated its inception.

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See ArmorPlast in action here.

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Clear Window Bars for School Security | ArmorPlast™

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Increased demand for school security has spawned the development of many new products designed to slow or deter an armed intruder. In addition to emergency protocols and drills, there are some critical physical security measures that can significantly improve the survival rates in an incident involving an active shooter. Door anchors for interior doors, Velcro affixed, quick release roll-down black-out shades for classroom door windows, and ArmorPlast™ glass security shields all have specific design features that allow schools to use them without violating fire code and in keeping with aesthetics conducive to learning. Essentially, security measures must be effective, safe, and virtually invisible to students. Ideally, maximum security can be obtained with minimal effect on the look and feel of the school, and without reducing daylighting and natural airflow.

ArmorPlast Clear Bars for Glass Security | Riot Glass | 800-580-2303

ArmorPlast Clear Bars for Glass Security


ArmorPlast™ Clear Bars were developed using an existing patented framing system from Riot Glass, Inc that is used to hold unbreakable clear shields in front of windows to prevent forced entry. The standard ArmorPlast™ panels are mounted as a single solid sheet, but in some cases, especially in schools with operable windows, an alternative was needed to maintain airflow. ArmorPlast™ Clear Bars are evenly spaced to allow for ample airflow while simultaneously fortifying windows to prevent an intruder from entering the building. They are available in standard lengths up to 96 inches long and can be cut to fit virtually any window. Clear Bars are often used in conjunction with standard ArmorPlast™ panels on non-operatable windows and glass doors. With ArmorPlast™ Clear Bars in place, the windows may be opened to allow for air circulation without compromising security, something other glass security products cannot achieve.

ArmorPlast Standard Solid-Panel Door Glass Security | 800-580-2303

ArmorPlast Standard Solid-Panel Door Glass Security


ArmorPlast™ is 250 times stronger than standard glass and can withstand sustained attacks from heavy tools such as hammers, rocks, and metal pry bars. In testing, Clear Bars have been pulled, yanked back and forth with great force, hammered, and twisted to no avail, even after multiple sustained attempts from testing facility agents that were young men of larger than normal stature.

Security window films and standard laminated safety glass are often used in schools and can be effective for slowing an intruder. These products however, can rarely withstand more than a few strikes with a heavy object or tool before a hole can be made, and an intruder need only make a hole large enough to reach in to “trip” the panic hardware on a door to make entry in under a minute. For this reason, ArmorPlast™ is often used on doors and the windows surrounding the doors while window films and laminated glass is used in areas less vulnerable. ArmorPlast™ Clear Bars can be used on operable windows for a well-rounded window and glass door security strategy that will fit most schools’ limited security budgets. Call for more details and to locate a dealer near you 800-580-9997.

ArmorPlast Security Glass | ArmorPlast | 800-580-2303

ArmorPlast™ Protective Shields for Glass Security

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Retail stores that have merchandise on display after hours have become a target for smash and grab theft. The burglars know that the time delay between when the alarm sounds and when police arrive is sufficient for them to get in and out,…….and away. The alarm is not going to stop them. The cameras aren’t going to stop them, and your storefront glass is definitely not going to stop them, either. So how can you protect your store in the vulnerable few minutes while police are traveling to the scene?

ArmorPlast Security Glass | ArmorPlast | 800-580-2303

There is a new product designed specifically for the prevention of heavy tool-wielding bad guys smashing their way into your store. ArmorPlast™ is a clear, unbreakable shield that is installed in front of your existing glass and acts as a shield to prevent entry. ArmorPlast™ is manufactured by Riot Glass, Inc, a security glass company located in Huntington Beach, California. It is made out of polycarbonate, acrylic, and other durable plastics and is virtually invisible once installed. This containment-grade material is used in jails, psychiatric hospitals, police stations, or any facility where you absolutely must keep someone on the other side of the glass.


ArmorPlast Security Glass | ArmorPlast | 800-580-2303

Riot Glass, Inc designed framing specifically for ArmorPlast™ to be mounted onto the existing storefront glass framing. It comes in a clear satin or bronze anodize aluminum to perfectly match the existing framing. The ArmorPlast™ clear panels are secured with mechanical fasteners and then covered with a clean, low-profile protective cap. The system blends seamlessly in with the storefront, and does not significantly change the curb appeal of the store.

ArmorPlast™ was born out of the need for a robust, containment-grade security system that does not change the look of a retail store. Other “clear” solutions include security window film laminates and laminated glass. Both of these solutions can delay entry, and sometimes deter burglars, but increasingly the bad guys are still forcing their way past these measures. Something far stronger, yet still invisible to the average onlooker was needed.

So what happens when a burglar attacks a storefront that is protected with ArmorPlast™? The protective panel will not break. Heavy tool such as hammers, steel or iron bars, baseball bats, etc will bounce off regardless of how hard the attacker strikes. There is a pocket of air between the glass and security panel that acts as a cushion, often protecting the glass behind it from breaking at all. Even if the glass does break, the ArmorPlast™ stays securely in place due to the independently mounted framing it is affixed to.

intruder trying to break storefront glass

ArmorPlast™ has thwarted countless burglaries to date. Store owners report arriving the next day to find tooling marks on their storefront panels, but no entry was achieved. Glass is in tact, and merchandise remains untouched, safe behind a clear, yet formidable barrier to entry.

Retail is not the only industry taking advantage of this new tool for fighting back against crime. Corporate office buildings, schools, places of worship, and even homeowners are using ArmorPlast™ to protect their properties. Contact Riot Glass, Inc to learn more. 800-580-2303


How to Keep an Active Shooter Out of Your Building

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One of the most effective ways to reduce or eliminate the harm a determined intruder can cause is to keep them out of the building. Police will have a much easier time locating and dealing with a hostile individual if they have been unable to get into the facility within which they planned to do harm.

The fundamental sequence for training is run/ hide/ fight, meaning that the very first action occupants should take when they realize there is an imminent threat, is to run away from the threat and avoid contact.

If unable to run away safely, the next best option is to hide, and if possible use a barricade to make your position more difficult to access. As a last resort make every attempt to overwhelm the attacker by fighting with everything you’ve got.

There is an easier way. The old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” couldn’t be more apropos. Taking the time to implement a well thought-out access control system can make a world of difference.

There are two main components to a good access control system.

  1. Locked doors that someone must have authorized access to unlock via key, card reader, facial recognition or similar.
  2. Fortified glass and doors.

Number one is not going to be effective if the second component is not in place. If a bad guy can shoot or smash his way through a window or door, the locks will be rendered useless.

Our Riot Glass products are available in varying levels that can slow down or stop a would-be intruder, and even stop shots that may be fired. Options include the RG line of highly fortified laminated glass that uses our Thermoplastic interlayer which is up to 5 times stronger and 100 times stiffer than regular laminated glass (seen above and in the video below), or our ArmorPlast ballistic line of polycarbonate and acrylics layered together to form UL752-rated bullet resistant barriers.

Installation costs are dramatically reduced by using your existing framing. Once installed alongside access controls, the building envelope fortification is dramatically increased. Our LifeSafe ballistic door skins are another way to shore up entry points by making your existing solid-core doors resistant to shotgun blasts or heavy tools that may be used to breach a door. Other systems such as Anchorman door barricading devices can be used in classrooms to help create a safe-zone during a crisis.

In the video below we have recreated an active shooter scenario to test our RG9 line of Riot Glass security glazing. We used a Sig Sauer AR-15 5.56 and a Glock 17 with hollow point ammunition, in addition to a 12 oz. claw-hammer and an aluminum bat. After 10 rounds and 39 strikes, the bad guy is still unable to enter. This material is not bullet resistant so the rounds penetrate, but the glass is still stiff and solidly in place preventing easy access. To ratchet up the protection level even further, ballistic-rated Armorplast can be used.

Stay tuned for more blog posts and videos in which we will demonstrate other materials from our line of Riot Glass products designed to stop burglars, armed robbers and active killers.

Glass is the Achilles Heel of Your Building

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For years, business owners, campus police, and security officials have had very few options for protecting their property against a determined bad guy because everyone knows that if you really want to get inside a building, you can just smash a window or glass door and you’re in.

Protecting the glass with bars or scissor gates dramatically alters the appearance of the building in a way that negatively impacts not only your property, but the neighborhood as a whole, and these solutions often only work after hours as they are disabled or pushed aside during the day. The windows then become vulnerable to an attacker.

The solution? Riot Glass. We have solutions in many protection levels and price ranges.


Imagine you own this retail store and receive that dreaded phone call from the police or alarm company that your store has been looted.

Now, imagine the voice on the other end of the line informing you that although your store was vandalized, the rioters or burglars were unable to gain entry, no merchandise was stolen, and your store interior is intact. It is still a dramatic event to endure, but the outcome is significantly less traumatizing for you, your employees, and your patrons. It is also vastly less expensive when you consider lost revenue, potentially lost customers and/or employees, and the insurance deductibles.

Whether you are in charge of protecting a retail store (or chain), a school, government facility, or office building, think of Riot Glass as insurance that prevents the negative financial and psychological impacts. It is the first line of defense against a burglary, riot, or other attacks.


Our expert glaziers are extremely proficient and can retrofit your building in no time, with minimal disruption to customers, employees, or students.

The durability of our products is second to none, and our prompt and professional service is ‘pain-free’. When you call our office, we will locate a dealer near you and a surveyor will be dispatched to your location(s) to assess the size, strength and overall scope of work required to secure your building and its invaluable contents.

Our Riot Glass Thermoplastic interlayer is the secret to our product’s unbelievable strength. It comes in multiple strengths and overall thicknesses and can be installed as a retrofit over your current windows, or as a replacement glass.

Our surveyor will inspect your property and windows and perform a needs assessment to better understand your specific concerns. Once we determine the best protection level to meet your needs, we will promptly provide you with a quote, supporting literature, case studies, and references.

Riot Glass is virtually invisible and undetectable, yet performs a vital function in a tumultuous world.

Security Screens for Homes

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The US Department of Justice released a report entitled “Victimization During Household Burglary”. Over a five year period, an estimated 3.7 million burglaries occurred each year on average. In 28% of these crimes, a household member was present during the burglary, and in 7% of these crimes a household member experienced violent victimization.

When a criminal decides to target your home, the most important feature of your security system should be a physical barrier to entry. A burglary that involves an attack or threat of an attack is no longer classified as a property crime or theft; it becomes a personal crime (rape/sexual assault, robbery, or aggravated assault). The key to preventing this type of violent victimization is with a physical barrier to entry.

BEFORE – This seemingly strong door can be easily kicked in.

This entry door looks strong, yet offers only a false sense of security. Burglars routinely enter with one kick and are in a home in less than 10 seconds. The only thing holding this, and almost every residential door out there, is a thin piece of pine in the jamb which virtually explodes inward with even a modest amount of force.

There are a myriad of solutions out there, including purchasing a new reinforced pre-hung security door, but we have designed our Security Screens to allow you to exponentially increase security while keeping your existing doors in place.

In the photo below, you can see our screens installed on both the door and the windows, so this homeowner can enjoy the cool summer breeze while maintaining a safe and virtually impenetrable barrier to entry. These are no ordinary screens, even though they look like a typical insect screen. Our Security Screens are made at our Riot Glass factory in Los Angeles and are as tough as nails.

(See video at the bottom of this post where we put Security Screens to the test.)

AFTER – Security Screens allow you to enjoy the fresh air while maintaining a secure household.

The Benefits of Security Screens

  • Provide a strong security barrier to unlawful entry of burglars and intruders while providing homeowners with ease of use, entry, and exit.
  • Made extremely strong, secure, and durable to provide years of trouble-free use.
  • As an added bonus, our screens keep out the other pesky intruders like flies, mosquitoes, and pests.
  • Provide security without compromising a clear and unobstructed view of the outdoors.
  • Allow the free flow and circulation of fresh air for your comfort.
  • Keep pets and small children safely inside.
  • Provide energy savings from reduced need for air-conditioning and add some shading from the sun’s hot rays.
  • Block an average of 60% of damaging UV rays.
  • Enhances and modernizes the architectural appeal of your home or building.
  • Riot Glass products are easily incorporated into almost all types of doors and windows.
  • Frames come in nine standard color options: White, Black, Brown, Sahara Brown, Silver, Sahara Gray, Almond, and Bronze.
  • Over 60 custom colors available for superior blending with your exterior facade.

Many clients choose Security Screens in addition to other security measures such as alarm systems and surveillance cameras. This is an excellent way to ensure you have the three most important ingredients for success in thwarting a would-be burglar or home invasion robber.

The Security Screens act as a barrier to entry, the alarm will alert police so they are on the way, and the cameras record the event, helping you to better understand what happened after the fact, and often leading to the identification and eventual apprehension of suspects.

Security Screens utilize powder coated stainless steel mesh and exquisite craftsmanship to thwart this determined bad guy.

Which Level Ballistic Glass Do You Need?

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Every initial call with a client involves a detailed needs assessment to determine, among other things, the anticipated threat level the client wishes to protect against. In most cases, defense against high powered rifles is the first priority.

Our ballistic solutions are rated by Underwriter’s Laboratories, which will typically assign a rating level from 1-8, depending on the material’s bullet resistance in a laboratory test. It is logical to want the most protection you can get, but the costs associated with a higher rated system can be surprising to many clients. To put this in perspective, most private businesses end up with a UL752 Level 1 material, which is fairly thin, lightweight, and affordable.

Generally speaking, the higher the rating, the thicker and heavier the material. Many municipalities, courthouses, police departments, and other government agencies will opt for – and have the budget for – higher rated systems.

Depending on the window opening size, the weight can add up to significantly more than the architect originally intended, so structural reinforcement of the building envelope’s superstructure may be necessary to accommodate the material.

Riot Glass offers a multitude of materials ranging from laminated glass, acrylic, polycarbonate, and glass clad polycarbonate. Each has its pros and cons, and we will help you decide based on many factors indicated in your needs assessment.

Our goal has always been to offer the highest quality and affordability, so we are always testing new solutions and combinations of materials that achieve the highest rating, lowest implementation cost, the highest level of scratch resistance and durability, and the lightest weight.

In the video below, we are field testing a Level 7 solution for a client that has high-level protection needs, but with weight restrictions. A field test does not guarantee the material will pass the UL752 test in the actual lab, but this is a starting place for determining whether the material is likely to pass or not.

This particular material passed the field test by stopping 5 rounds fired from an AR15 rifle. Ammunition used: Federal American Eagle 5.56 NATO 55 Grain full metal jacketed lead core rounds (FMJ LC) with a velocity of 3240 fps.
Now it is off to the lab for official testing and certification.

For more information, or to schedule a consultation, please fill out the form in the sidebar or call us at 800-580-2303.

Protecting a HERCULITE® Frameless Glass Door

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We receive a lot of inquiries about frameless HERCULITE® glass doors, which consist of a single piece of glass, usually made of 1/2 inch thick tempered glass with holes for the hardware and a top and bottom mounting rail.

HERCULITE® is a popular manufacturer of these doors, but there are other brands using a similar type of system. The look is very elegant, dressing up any entrance and providing the most unobstructed view possible. The problem is that this type of door system is easily broken by burglars, leaving your business vulnerable. Security window films do not work to secure a solid glass door like this, because the only support in a frameless door is the glass itself.

Even if the window film is attached at the top and bottom, the sides are unsupported so the whole door will collapse. Surprisingly, security consultants and even some window film companies seem unaware of this, and prescribe window film to protect these storefronts. Sadly, the owner may find out the hard way how ineffective it will be when the worst case scenario actually occurs. Once it has been broken, the entire door and hardware will collapse into a pile of glass gravel and hardware parts on the ground. And the bad guys walk right in. Our Riot Glass panels do not break, so they remain rigid an in place.

Below is a video taken from surveillance cameras inside a store on Madison Avenue in New York. The video shows thieves breaking into the store on Christmas Eve 2016. Notice how easily the criminals break the glass and enter the store (aside from one of them getting a little surprise as the top mounting rail falls on him). According to news coverage, millions of dollars in furs were stolen. What could have prevented this? You guessed it: Riot Glass!

Riot Glass offers an unbreakable insert that prevents breakage of HERCULITE® glass doors, including the side glass panels that are fixed and often span the remainder of the storefront. Our unbreakable glass door armor meets up to a UL752 Level 1 ballistic rating and is virtually impossible to break, so thieves just stand there smashing on it until they get tired.

In our many years in business, the feedback we get from customers is overwhelmingly positive. There have been numerous attempts by burglars to breach our Riot Glass, only to leave empty-handed. Riot Glass is crystal clear, so the look is the same as regular glass.

​Call Riot Glass today to learn more about protecting your storefront from smash and grab burglary. 800-580-2303​


Armorplast Retrofit Ballistic Solutions

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Armorplast Panel After Testing

It has long been our quest to bring to the market a cost-effective ballistic glazing solution that is effective, affordable, and easy to install. To that end, we have developed Armorplast, a retrofit ballistic glazing solution that is more affordable than a full glass and framing replacement.

There is no one-size-fits-all ballistic solution, and we highly recommend a full threat assessment to determine the best materials for your application. You may reference the various classifications for ballistic resistant materials on our Ratings Chart page. Once the perceived threat has been established, we will measure the existing fenestration, or window frame pocket depth, to determine if the needed material can be accommodated within the remaining framing. We have many configurations of framing and ballistic material combinations, which allow us to install the system with very little aesthetic change to the building.

A ballistic glazing system is rated only as high as the lowest component’s rating, so when we install a system within an existing frame, we do not apply a rating to the system, as there are vulnerabilities at the framing. In other words, if we place a UL752 Level 3 Armorplast panel in an unrated frame, we cannot rate the system.

The framing is not rated, so the system is therefore not rated. So why would you want an unrated system? The concept is similar to that of body armor. Police and military body armor does not cover the entire body; in fact, the head, everything below the waist, and the sides of the body are often vulnerable. However, the center of mass is protected which significantly increases the chances of survival.

Armorplast was born from this same philosophy. We are covering the most vulnerable area of the window – the viewable glass – and thereby significantly increasing the likelihood that the occupants of the room will have time to run away from the area.

This affordable technology allows schools, municipalities, commercial buildings, religious venues, or any building where ballistic protection is desired, to have protection that has been previously out of reach due to budgetary constraints.

In an active shooter scenario, the perpetrator will be caught off guard. The original glass still breaks upon impact, but the bullet is stopped by the Armorplast panel. The shattered glass creates a “white out” effect which further confuses the assailant. This confusion buys precious time.

Another key benefit to Armorplast is that it is virtually unbreakable. Even after being shot many times, it remains solidly in the frame, preventing an intruder, and his gun from entering the building.

Riot Glass has a nationwide network of installation partners, so call today to learn more about protecting your building

Riot Glass™ Solutions for Smash and Grab Crime

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Glass windows and doors offer a sense of security, but do not protect your property from a determined assailant.

(AP Photo/Gerry Broome)

The recent riots in Charlotte, North Carolina showed us just how vulnerable retail stores can be when an otherwise peaceful downtown street erupts into chaos. On September 21st, 2016, several stores were looted and hundreds of thousands of dollars in damaged property, clean-up costs, business downtime, and stolen merchandise were the result. Tourism was all but extinguished for weeks following these events as visitors avoided the downtown area while restoration efforts continued. Local downtown store owners were left to sort out the mess and rebuild their businesses.

The vulnerability of glass windows and doors are abundantly apparent in this photo. Unfortunately with all of the costs of opening a retail location, protecting the glass is not on the top 100 list of things to do by opening day.

Doors are the most often targeted point of entry, and the tempered glass used in door glass is no match for a hammer or rock. It breaks into thousands of tiny fragments and is easily pushed from the frame resulting in a pile of glass gravel on the ground. The good news is that Riot Glass offers low-cost retrofit solutions that allow retailers to keep their existing doors and windows, and still protect against smash and grabs thieves. There are several levels of protection available to fit almost any budget.