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bullet resistant glass to keep burglars away

Bullet Resistant Glass to Keep Burglars and Rioters Away

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Forced entry glass is a term that can refer to a variety of different types of impact-resistant glass that are strong enough to stand up to severe attacks without shattering. It’s important not to confuse “forced entry” with “bulletproof,” because these types of security glass do not stop bullets from passing through. However, they are very effective at keeping burglars and other armed intruders out of your property as well as preventing extensive damage due to rioting and vandalism. Keep reading to find out more about some of the different security window glass options available to you from Riot Glass.

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Forced Entry Laminated Security Glass

When you want a high level of forced entry protection for your property, laminated security glass is an excellent choice. This type of security glass is composed of a multilayer sequence of laminated glass with a thermoplastic interlayer. Laminated security glass is not bulletproof, but it is capable of resisting entry, even after multiple ballistic impacts and other high-force and high-velocity impacts.

Riot Glass offers various laminated forced entry glass levels for different security needs. Our laminated security glass can be retrofitted in place of your existing glass to create a formidable barrier to forced entry and protect your property against all manner of criminal attacks. This makes it ideal for any homeowner or business owner who wants to secure their property against burglars or looters’ break-in attempts.


When a would-be intruder attempts to smash through a laminated security glass door or window, they’re in for a surprise. Rather than easily shattering and allowing entry into your home or business, the forced entry security glass will retain its form and hold your existing glass in place, even after repeated impacts. Depending on the strength level you select, Riot Glass has been proven to delay entry.

The delay to entry created by Riot Glass is often enough for a burglar or looter to move on and look for an easier target. If you have an alarm system or someone inside calls the police, the extra window of time gives the authorities time to arrive and deal with the situation. Even criminals armed with guns and active shooters will have a difficult time shooting the glass out, which gives anyone on the inside time to react and get to a safer location.

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Forced Entry Security Film

If you’re looking for a basic level of affordable protection against burglars, looters, rioting, and vandalism, Riot Glass offers 3M safety and security window film. This type of window film is a pliable polyester Mylar coating that is applied directly on top of your glass doors and windows to add an extra layer of security. Though not as strong as forced entry laminated glass, security window film does provide some of the same benefits to a lesser degree.


Our 3M window films can hold your glass together and delay entry when a burglar or rioter is attempting to smash through. Just like with laminated security glass, this window of time is critical in deterring a would-be intruder and giving those on the inside time to react. When the threat level your home or business faces is low or your budget doesn’t allow for more expensive security glass, forced entry glass film is a great way to bolster your property’s defenses.

What If I Want Bulletproof Glass Windows?

Now that you know a little bit more about forced entry security solutions for your glass windows and doors, you might be wondering about truly bulletproof options. Riot Glass offers our ArmorPlast line of armored glass available in different ratings from containment grade to ballistic grade. We use the term bullet resistant because nothing is completely bullet proof. That said, our ArmorPlast panels have been tested to UL752 standards and stopped the particular caliber, grain weight, and velocity sufficient to earn the UL distinction for a particular threat level. ArmorPlast shields look and feel just like regular glass, but are actually composed of a unique combination of polycarbonate, acrylics, and other plastics.

If you want the highest level of protection against burglary or looting for your home or business, ArmorPlast ballistic glass is the way to go. The special composition of this type of security glass makes it virtually impenetrable, even when it receives multiple ballistic impacts. Not only is ArmorPlast the most bullet-resistant glass we offer, but it comes packaged with our specially designed framing system that will ensure your frames are not a weak point in your security.

We have many choices to match almost any budget and threat level. Clients often use multiple products on the same property. For example, a bullet-resistant solution may be used on the most vulnerable areas such as the main entrance and a lower-level protection such as laminated glass or security window films in areas where the glass is less accessible or less likely to be the primary place of attempted entry.

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Additional Benefits of Riot Glass Security Glass

All the security glass products we mentioned above have other benefits in addition to increasing the security of your home or business. If you want your glass doors and windows to look exactly the same, our basic laminated glass, window films, and polycarbonate panels are virtually invisible. However, we can also customize them with tinting, coloring, or mirroring effects to add privacy (which also adds even more security) or change the appearance of your glass doors and windows.

Additionally, our security glass products are UV resistant and block up to 99.9% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. These are the rays that both damage your skin and cause fading on anything placed near your windows. We also offer low-emissivity options that can help you drastically cut down on your use of the HVAC system and provide you with year-round utility bill savings.

Are you ready to upgrade your security? Contact Riot Glass today for more information about our security glass options or to schedule a consultation with one of our security experts.

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6 Reasons Why You Need to Upgrade Your Existing Door and Window Glass With Our Security Retrofit

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At Riot Glass, we are passionate about security for windows. Reinforcing glass doors and windows with our security glass protects your home or business against forced entry and other security threats. Keep reading to find out why Riot Glass is your best option for window security and what some of the other benefits of a Riot Glass retrofit are.

6 Ways Riot Glass Provides the Best Window Security

1. Threat Assessment of Your Property

Whenever we start working with clients to upgrade their property’s security, the first thing we like to do is schedule a threat assessment with one of our security experts. A threat assessment is a special consultation during which a security specialist will do a thorough evaluation of your property, talk to you about your security concerns, and assess your risks. We will then be able to provide you with recommendations for how to reinforce windows and doors using Riot Glass security glass products.

2. Window Protection from Burglars

Many of our clients are mainly interested in burglar proofing windows and doors, so this is one area where we aim to provide the best window security options on the market. If you’re wondering how to prevent break-ins through windows or how to secure windows against forced entry, look no further than Riot Glass. All our security glass products are specially designed with window protection from burglars in mind and can create formidable barriers to forced entry.

3. Complete Security Glass Retrofits

One thing that sets Riot Glass apart from many of our competitors is that many of our security glass products can be retrofitted into your existing glass doors and windows. This means that you get all the strength and security of a full glass replacement, but at a lower cost and without the time and hassle of window replacement. In some cases, we might have to replace existing glass panes and the surrounding framing if they aren’t compatible with our security glass, but on the majority of jobs, a retrofit is possible.

4. Affordable Security Film for Windows

When you want a basic security upgrade for your windows without a high cost, we offer 3M safety and security window film. This type of security film for windows is a pliable polyester Mylar coating that we apply directly on top of your existing glass surfaces. 3M window film is proven to help delay forced entry attempts and can keep your glass intact even after repeated high-force impacts.

5. Laminated Security Glass for Reinforcing Glass Doors and Windows

The next level of security for windows that we offer at Riot Glass is our RG Series of laminated security glass, which is available in a wide variety of thicknesses and strengths. The RG Series offers the best window security when you want a balance between cost and strength. Our laminated safety glass is approximately 100 times stiffer and five times stronger than traditional interlayer safety glass and is proven to delay forced entry attempts.

ArmorPlast Break-Proof Windows for Maximum Security

ArmorPlast polycarbonate panels and framing are the strongest security barrier that we can retrofit onto your glass doors and windows. Since ArmorPlast panels aren’t actually glass (they’re made from a unique combo of polycarbonate, acrylics, and other plastics), they are virtually unbreakable. If you want truly burglar-proof windows and doors or you want to protect against even bigger threats, such as active shooters, ArmorPlast is what you’re looking for.

Other Benefits You Can Receive from a Riot Glass Security Glass Retrofit

Added Privacy

In addition to upgrading security for windows and doors, Riot Glass security glass products can be used to add privacy to your home or business. Our security film for windows, RG Series laminated glass, and ArmorPlast polycarbonate panels can be customized with tinting, coloring, or mirroring. Depending on the level of privacy you want, you could use something like a reflective window film to create a two-way mirror effect for more daytime privacy. Alternatively, if you want complete 24-hour privacy, we can make your windows totally opaque.

A New Look

Even if privacy isn’t a big concern, tinted, colored, or mirrored security glass can provide your home or business with an entirely new appearance. For example, if you own a glass office building, we can retrofit it with tinted or colored Riot Glass to give it a sleek, modern-looking facade. In case you want to keep all your visibility and views out of your windows, keep in mind that Riot Glass security glass products can all be installed in clear varieties that are virtually invisible, so you won’t even know they’re there.

UV and Glare Protection

Whether you choose to upgrade your glass doors and windows with security window film, Riot Glass, or ArmorPlast polycarbonate panels, the new glass will block out 99.9% of harmful UV rays. These are the rays that can damage your skin or cause items placed near windows to fade and lose value over time. Our products can also be used to reduce glare, which is especially helpful for commercial facilities where people need to be able to focus on computer screens and other electronic displays.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Another benefit of retrofitting your home or business with Riot Glass is that it’s possible to improve your property’s energy efficiency. All our security glass products are available in Low-E (Low-Emissivity) versions, which help maintain comfortable indoor temperatures all year long and reduce your reliance on heating and cooling systems. This can translate into big utility bill reductions, especially if you operate a large commercial facility or have a home with older, single-pane windows. In fact, Low-E windows are an investment that ends up paying itself off in energy bill savings.

Are you ready to boost your property’s security with a Riot Glass retrofit? Contact us today for more information or to schedule a consultation and get started.

How Can ArmorPlast Keep Rioters from Looting Your Business?

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In these tumultuous times, rioting and looting are a bigger concern than ever for business owners. This is especially true if your business is located in a dense urban area, such as the downtown core of a major city. So, what can you do in the midst of civil unrest to strengthen your business’s defenses against rioters and looters? We suggest installing ArmorPlast shatterproof windows to ensure that your business is less prone to expensive damage and that your equipment and merchandise stays safely locked inside.

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What Are ArmorPlast Shatterproof Windows?

ArmorPlast is the top-of-the-line security glass product offered by Riot Glass that is specially designed and manufactured right here in the USA. In fact, ArmorPlast isn’t really glass, but rather a unique combination of acrylics, polycarbonate, and other types of plastic. It’s this unique composition that makes ArmorPlast virtually impenetrable.

ArmorPlast polycarbonate panels and security framing are the absolute best option when you want to protect your business against rioting, looting, and a full range of other man-made and natural threats. Though your business may be on a quiet, peaceful downtown street, you never know when current events can cause the area to explode in chaos. No business owner expects or wants to experience this, but it’s always better to take security precautions to protect your business against the unexpected.


Because of their extreme strength and resilience, Riot Glass ArmorPlast shields are favored by schools, banks, government facilities, luxury retail stores, and other properties with a high threat level. ArmorPlast shatterproof windows come in a variety of thicknesses and strengths, from containment grade to ballistic grade. This means that you can protect your business against everything from smash-and-grab robberies to violent active shooters.

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How Does ArmorPlast Protect Your Business Against Looters?

In most cases, ArmorPlast polycarbonate panels can be back glazed or overglazed right on top of your existing glass. This means that it can be retrofitted onto the inside or outside of your business’s glass without the need to remove and replace the windows that you already have. When a rioter decides to target your business, they’ll be in for a surprise to find out that the rock, brick, bat, pipe, crowbar, or whatever else they’re attempting to break the windows with doesn’t work on ArmorPlast.

Even the lowest level of containment-grade ArmorPlast panel, AP25, is virtually unbreakable, even by a determined looter. Containment grade means that the AP25 doesn’t stop bullets, but it will still retain its strength and won’t shatter in the face of ballistic impacts. If you do want more protection, ArmorPlast panels go all the way up to AP125MS, which is a ballistic-grade panel designed to stop high-speed, multi-shot ballistic attacks.

Not only does ArmorPlast turn your glass doors and windows into shatterproof windows, but it also comes packaged with a specially engineered security framing system. Standard framing systems are often a weak point that can fail to hold your windows in place during a prolonged, determined forced entry attempt. ArmorPlast polycarbonate panels and security frames work together to create one of the most formidable barriers to entry that you can choose for your business.

Will ArmorPlast Change the Appearance of My Business?

ArmorPlast is designed with the appearance of your business in mind. The polycarbonate panels themselves look just like regular window glass, and you shouldn’t notice any changes in the visibility through your glass doors and windows.

The tamper-resistant hardware we use to install ArmorPlast gets hidden behind a sleek protective cover, so it shouldn’t detract from the curb appeal of your business at all. Our security framing is available in either clear or bronze anodized aluminum, so you can choose the best style for your property. All this makes ArmorPlast a much more attractive option to protect your business against looting than unattractive metal bars, gates, and shutters.

Physical Features and Benefits of ArmorPlast:

  • Resistant to yellowing and hazing (5-year warranty against coating failure)
  • UV resistant coating (blocks out harmful UV rays)
  • Glass-like surface hardness (feels like standard window glass)
  • Strength of polycarbonate (polycarbonate laminate in various strength ratings)
  • Doesn’t inhibit normal visibility (virtually invisible)
  • Limited spalling and whiteout after repeated impacts (maintains visibility during an attack)
  • Easy to clean surface coating (can use regular glass cleaning methods)
  • Can resist vandalism (abrasion, marring, chemical, and graffiti attacks)

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What If I Can’t Afford ArmorPlast?

If ArmorPlast polycarbonate panels and framing just aren’t in your budget right now, Riot Glass offers some cheaper alternatives that can still help protect your business against looters. The most budget-friendly option available is 3M safety and security, anti-shatter window film. There is no such thing as shatterproof film for windows, but 3M security films can hold shattered glass in place and delay entry long enough to deter would-be looters and give the authorities time to react.

Final Thoughts on ArmorPlast for Riot and Looting Protection

While we hope you and your business never have to experience the mayhem of rioting and looting, we have seen first hand the damage and loss that such events can incur. Fortunately, we’ve also seen how installing ArmorPlast has kept businesses from getting looted and prevented those business owners from experiencing devastating financial losses. Any business, big or small, can turn into a target for an angry crowd or criminal elements seeking to take advantage of civil unrest. We truly believe that ArmorPlast is the best option to protect all types of businesses against looting.

Contact Riot Glass today to schedule a consultation with one of our security experts. We will conduct a threat assessment of your property, make recommendations about how to secure your property using ArmorPlast and other shatter-resistant glass products, and provide you with an easy-to-read estimate. We always work closely with our clients to find them a security solution that balances cost and effectiveness.

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Protect Your Glass Doors and Windows from Storm Season

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Glass doors and windows are some of the areas most prone to damage during a hurricane, a high-force windstorm, and other types of extreme weather events. If your windows get impacted by storm debris thrown at high velocity, they can easily break and shatter dangerously inwards, potentially causing injury to anyone sheltering inside. Not only that, but water and more storm debris can easily enter your home or business through a broken window and cause extensive (and expensive) damage to the interior of your property and its contents. That’s why it’s extremely important not to overlook protecting your windows during hurricane and storm seasons.

How to Protect Windows During Hurricane and Storm Season


1. Security Window Film

Security window film is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to fortify your windows against storm damage. These films are made of a pliable Mylar coating that is applied to the inside of your glass windows and doors to reinforce them against impacts from flying debris like rocks, branches, and anything else picked up and hurled by high-velocity winds. When a hurricane or storm causes a glass door or window to shatter, the security window film will hold the shards of glass together and prevent them from shattering unpredictably inwards.

In addition to being an effective layer of defense against storm damage, these types of window films also provide many other benefits. For example, you can choose to install tinted, mirrored, or colored films to add a layer of privacy to your windows or change their appearance. Security window film also blocks out 99.9% of the sun’s harmful UV rays that can damage your skin and cause things like carpets, upholstery, artwork, photographs, and other prized possessions to fade.

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2. Laminated Safety and Security Glass

Another effective way to protect your windows during a hurricane or other extreme weather event is to retrofit them with laminated safety and security glass. This type of glass is composed of several layers and contains a formidable thermoplastic interlayer that makes it up to 100 times stiffer and 5 times stronger than standard safety glass. When retrofitting in place of your existing glass, laminated security glass provides a similar protection level to replacing your windows with storm windows, but at a fraction of the cost.

Flying storm debris and high winds are no match for Riot Glass safety and security glass. Even when faced with repeated high-force impacts, it will retain its strength and structure and protect your existing glass from shattering. This strength also makes it a very efficient all-around security upgrade for your home or business that can protect against a wide variety of threats in addition to storm damage. Since the security glass is fitted permanently into your glass door and window frames, you get 24-hour protection all year round.

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3. Storm Shutters

Storm shutters are one of the most traditional storm window protection solutions, especially in hurricane-prone areas. There are many different styles of storm shutters, but they are typically made out of corrugated steel or aluminum. Common types of storm shutters include accordion, colonial, Bahama, and roll-down shutters. Each variety has its unique features and benefits, and all are effective at protecting your windows during hurricane and storm season.

The downside of storm shutters is that you have to manually lower them over your glass windows and doors when a storm is coming. If you don’t anticipate the storm or you aren’t home when it hits, your windows and doors will remain unprotected. They must also be permanently attached to your home or other business, detracting from the curb appeal of your property or decreasing your visibility.

4. Plywood

Boarding up windows and doors with plywood prior to a storm is one of the cheapest solutions, but it also requires the most work on your part. You have to store enough plywood on your property to cover all your windows and doors and anticipate a storm well in advance, so you have time to board up your windows. Depending on whether you’re fixing the plywood to wood or masonry, you have to use either heavy-duty anchors and screws or expansion bolts to attach the plywood to your walls.

It’s important to know that you have to secure the boards to the walls and not your window or door frames. For this, you’ll need boards that are about 8 inches wider and taller on each side than the glass you want to cover. Then, you’ll have to take all the boards down again and store them after the storm is over. Though plywood does protect your windows during a hurricane or storm, it is not the most convenient or permanent solution for storm-proofing windows.


5. Hurricane Fabric

Hurricane fabric is a flexible fabric, similar to the fabric of a trampoline. The stretchy fabric can cover your glass and bounce many types of storm debris away from your windows. The downside of hurricane fabric is that, although it can protect your home or business’s windows, the debris it bounces away can damage other property in the area, like a car parked outside.

Though not as effective as other storm window protection methods, there are some benefits to using hurricane fabric. For one, it’s very easy to install, take down, and store. It’s also cheaper than other methods of protecting your windows during hurricane and storm season. If your budget is tight and you aren’t concerned about having the highest level of storm protection, you could consider this option.


So, what’s the best way to protect windows during hurricane and storm season? We suggest using laminated safety and security glass or security window film to add an invisible and durable layer of protection to your glass windows and doors. These solutions allow you to retain all your visibility and provide 24-hour protection, 365 days a year against storm damage and other security threats.

Contact Riot Glass today for more information about our storm window protection products and services.

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Why Our Sneeze Guards Are the Best-Selling Products on the Market Right Now

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Though sneeze guards have been used for decades to prevent the spread of germs in restaurants with salad bars and buffets, the coronavirus pandemic  has brought them into the spotlight. Restaurant owners aren’t the only ones looking for ways to implement social distancing measures to get their doors open to diners again—businesses of all types need to find ways to make it safe for their employees and customers to come back in. That’s why we’ve worked hard to develop our own Riot Glass acrylic sneeze guards to help people start dining and conducting business outside of their own homes again.


Riot Glass Sneeze Guards for Restaurants and Other Businesses

Our superior sneeze guard glass can be mounted on any flat surface, including tables, desks, counters, and anywhere else where you want to create an effective social distancing barrier. When designing our sneeze guards, we looked at our competitors’ designs and solved many of the problems we saw with them. Here are some of the reasons our acrylic shield guards are superior to others on the market:

Durable and Long-Lasting

Just like all our Riot Glass products, we set out to create an acrylic shield that is stronger and more durable than anything else you can find out there. Whereas competitors’ models are made out of general-use acrylic or polycarbonate, our guards are highly abrasion-resistant. They also have a special coating that prevents light scratching that is inevitable with daily use and cleaning. 

Additionally, the bases our guards come mounted in are made of anodized, outdoor-grade aluminum that will stand up to years of sunlight, rain, and exposure to the elements. This means you can use our sneeze guards indoors or outdoors for many years without the need to replace them. You can count on Riot Glass social distancing shields to serve you reliably without weakening or diminishing their appearance.

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Sleek, Noninvasive Design

We always design our products with the appearance and appeal of your business in mind. That’s why you won’t see any exposed sneeze guard hardware on our social distancing shields. This means there are no visible bolt heads, screw heads, or any other unsightly hardware—everything snaps cleanly into place and is hidden out of sight.

It doesn’t matter what surface you mount your guard on. It could be a flat table, desk, countertop, or even a wall—the mounting hardware stays hidden. You can even choose whether you want your mounting base to be made out of clear anodized aluminum or a dark bronze color, depending on the look you want.

Set into a Firm Stand

In addition to being extremely durable, our sneeze guard stands are solid enough that they won’t blow over, even when experiencing high winds. Our 3/8 of an inch version is capable of standing securely in windy outdoor areas or entrances with no problems. Even with all that strength, the stands are narrow and have a very low profile, so they won’t get in the way and take up valuable real estate on your desks, dining tables, or counters.

Optional Pass-Through Window

Another unique feature of our mounting bases is that you can opt to add a pass-through window. This is ideal for businesses where you may need to pass paperwork or other items across a counter, desk, or table to a client or colleague on the other side of the shield. Keep in mind that this is totally optional and you can choose a solid base if you don’t need this feature.

Very Easy to Install

You don’t need any special tools or know-how to install our guards, which are available in both portable and permanent versions. For permanent installation, all you need is a few common household tools. If you do need assistance to get your new shield guards installed, no problem! We can provide you with a video explainer or assist you personally.

Reduce Sound Transmission

Not only do Riot Glass sneeze guards keep germs at bay, but they help with sound reduction and ambient noise mitigation. For example, if you work in close proximity with your co-workers, a sneeze guard can help block out surrounding conversations and other ambient noise. This can help cut down on distractions when you’re speaking to a client or just trying to concentrate on a task.

Why You Need a Restaurant Sneeze Guard

Coughing, sneezing, talking, and even simply breathing can spray germs into the air and onto surfaces, where other people can easily pick them up and get sick if you’re contagious—whether it be with covid-19, a cold, or a seasonal flu virus. Even after the current pandemic is over, social distancing measures will likely be the new norm as we adapt to a post-covid-19 world. The restaurant industry has been one of the most impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, and nations across the world have seen thousands of restaurants shut their doors.

Whether or not acrylic shields for social distancing are required to reopen to the public, putting them in place can go a long way towards stemming the spread of infectious viruses in restaurants, bars, and other places where the public interacts closely. If everyone hops on board with social distancing strategies like the use of shield guards, we can collectively start returning to the activities we enjoy and help decrease the likelihood of future outbreaks.

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Riot Glass Sneeze Guards Are Ideal For:

  • Restaurants and bars
  • Grocery stores
  • Retail store counters
  • Partitions between desks and workstations
  • Distancing in an open office environment
  • Classrooms
  • Call centers
  • Outdoor seating areas

Final Words on Riot Glass Sneeze Shields

Our acrylic shields are the best all-season solution to your social distancing problems, no matter what type of business you have. Don’t invest your money in inferior products on the market that will just wear out and need to be replaced. Contact Riot Glass today for a free consultation or to order your superior, long-lasting sneeze shields and get them on the way to you and your business right away!

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rg9 is a laminated glass solution for top notch security

RG9 Laminated Glass and the Increase of Visibility and Strength

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Security concerns resulting from active shootings, civil unrest, and burglary, among other things, have caused most commercial building owners and homeowners to increasingly move away from standard glass windows. There is an ever-growing need for stronger glass to keep attackers and would-be intruders at bay to protect your property and the lives of those inside it. Security glass products like laminated safety glass are highly effective at delaying and preventing forced entry and protecting against armed attacks targeting all types of residential and commercial properties.

10 Important Facts About Laminated Safety Glass


1. Laminated safety glass consists of layers.

Unlike the standard glass for windows and doors, this one is made of two glass layers and an interlayer. The two layers of glass are hardened, mainly through heat strengthening. They are then bonded by the interlayer, which is usually a vinyl material, to keep the two layers intact.

The construction of safety laminated glass is what makes it different from standard window and door glass. This construction helps prevent forced entry and keeps the glass intact when faced with various types of impacts, which is what makes the glass “safety glass.”

2. Laminated glass does not shatter.

When impacted, this safety glass does not shatter and fall off the window or door frame; the vinyl interlayer holds the glass fragments. As such, it does not pose an injury threat to building occupants, which often result from flying glass pieces in the case of standard window and door glass.

Laminated glass is, therefore, effective at blocking the entry of attackers and intruders to homes, stores, or classrooms, since it remains in place even after an attempt to shatter it. This feature gives building occupants time to react as well as security officers time to arrive.

3. Laminated glass is not bulletproof.

While some people may mistake laminated glass for bulletproof glass, it is important to note that it falls into the category of non-ballistic glazing products. This means it doesn’t stop a bullet from penetrating, but it will maintain its structure after a bullet impact.

Laminated glass does not, therefore, keep bullets away, but still holds together upon bullet penetration. This is important as it delays the attacker and buys occupants precious time to find cover and authorities to arrive at the place. Unlike standard glass, it provides a safety barrier against flying pieces of glass that may cause injuries to room occupants.

4. It is virtually invisible.

Laminated glass does a great job of keeping you away from intruders and attackers while maintaining crystal clear views of the surroundings. In the design of laminated glass, the interlayer has minimal effect on the view, and building occupants can still enjoy clear views of their surroundings.

The common type of material used as the interlayer makes laminated safety glass panels virtually invisible. This makes it useful for schools, homes, and particularly retail stores, as it makes it possible for potential customers to window-shop while maintaining the safety of the valuables inside.

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5. It’s 100X stiffer and 5X stronger than other types of safety glass.

Laminated glass is categorized as a containment-grade glazing material, which means it is reinforced with a more robust interlayer. The strength of this safety glass comes down to the number of glass layers used. These layers go through a hardening process where heat is used to make the glass sturdier.

The thickness of the glass is used to determine its protection level. The thickness can vary from 0.60 to 0.90+ mm, depending on the glazing pocket or user preference. The use of stronger interlayer materials, other than the standard polyvinyl butyral (PVB), makes laminated glass stronger and stiffer compared to standard glass and other types of safety glass.

6. Safety glass can be used for new installations or retrofitting.

Glass companies have long used laminated glass for windows and doors in new buildings. These may be homes where owners wish to take security measures like preventing forced entry. Jewelry store owners also prefer the installation of laminated glass for the door and windows to safeguard their valuables.

This glass can also be retrofitted into almost any existing door and window system. The existing standard glass is removed and replaced with the laminated glass. It can even be retrofitted into most existing frames, apart from old and damaged framing or framing that can’t support its weight.

7. Laminated glass is a great second layer of defense.

While typical applications of this glass include exterior glass doors and windows, it also comes in handy as a second layer of defense. It can be fitted into interior locations like conference rooms, skylights, and office doors.

Laminated glass can also be used for entry doors from a vestibule into the main area of a building. For this application, however, this glass should not be fitted into weak framings or old-school framings like casement frames.

8. Laminated glass is more expensive than standard and tempered glass.

It is specially manufactured for bolstering security and preventing forced entry. Laminated safety glass cost is, therefore, higher than other glass types used for door and window systems, including the standard and tempered glass types. Whenever you are planning to install or retrofit your doors and windows with this glass, be ready to dig a little deeper into your pocket.

9. Laminated glass has soundproofing properties.

While this may not be the primary reason for the invention and use of laminated glass, it is well worth noting. The vinyl interlayer used in the manufacture of laminated glass can absorb sound up to some level, which helps prevent noise into homes and interior rooms such as conference rooms.

10. Laminated glass provides some level of UV resistance.

This property of the glass may not be obvious, mainly because laminated glass does not distort views of the surrounding. Depending on the thickness of the glass and interlayer material, the amount of UV light that penetrates the glass may vary. Because of this, laminated glass does a lot to provide UV resistance

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Why Should Retailers Use Laminated Glass?

Laminated glass is a type of safety glass that holds together when it gets broken. Rather than shattering inwards, the shattered glass is held in place by a thermoplastic interlayer. Laminated safety glass is much tougher than tempered safety glass, making it a better choice for retail applications when safety and security are a concern. Tempered safety glass can easily be shattered into millions of tiny pieces to gain entry to your retail store, whereas laminated security glass can delay entry from anywhere between 4 minutes to complete non-entry

rg9 is a laminated glass solution for top notch security

RG9 Laminated Glass: Increased Visibility and Strength for Retailers

Riot Glass offers our RG9 laminated glass in a low-iron version for retail that is far superior to regular laminated glass in both strength and appearance. Why is low-iron glass beneficial for retailers, you ask? When we make our Riot Glass products using this type of glass, you get increased visibility while still receiving the dramatically increased strength of Riot Glass.

Riot Glass laminated security glass is even tougher and stiffer than other types of laminated safety glass on the market—up to 100 times stiffer and five times stronger. RG9 is the top-of-the-line forced entry laminated security glass product offered by Riot Glass. It is specifically designed to resist forced entry attempts and can stop would-be intruders dead in their tracks, making it an ideal choice for retailers who want to fortify their storefront glass with the highest performance laminated glass.

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Retail stores, especially high-end, luxury retailers, constantly have to worry about burglary, smash-and-grab theft, and rioting and looting, among other things. This is why laminated security glass is one of the best ways for retailers to achieve peace of mind and know that their property and merchandise is protected against these types of threats. Riot Glass RG9 laminated security glass can hold your glass in place against blows from bats, hammers, crowbars, bricks, and even ballistic impacts.

Imagine getting a call from the police in the middle of the night and finding out that your retail store has been broken into and thousands of dollars of merchandise is gone. When you reinforce your windows and doors with laminate window glass, it can delay entry completely or at least long enough to deter criminals and give the police time to arrive. Making a few repairs to your storefront is much better than suffering devastating inventory and revenue loss.

Benefits of Low-Iron Custom Laminated Glass Windows for Retailers

Maintaining clarity and visibility through your windows and glass display cases is important when it comes to retail. If potential customers can’t clearly see your merchandise, they are much less likely to go into your store and make a purchase. So, how do you balance visibility and security? This is where low-iron custom laminated window glass comes in.

Low-iron glass is a type of glass made with silica sand that has a low iron particle count compared to other types of glass. This eliminates the greenish-blue tint that you see in standard window glass applications. When you use low-iron laminated safety glass, you get all the benefits of increased security, without sacrificing any visibility. In fact, the visibility through your glass will be even better than before.

This type of low-iron security glass can be extremely beneficial for high-end retail stores like jewelry stores, designer clothing retailers, art galleries, and electronics stores. Retailers that stock high-value goods are much more likely to be the victims of burglary, but locking up all the expensive merchandise out of sight at night can be time-consuming and impractical. With low-iron laminated security glass, you can feel more at ease leaving expensive items on display in your shop’s windows overnight and get the added benefit of higher visibility.

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High-clarity retail storefront glass is especially important if your store is located in an area with high levels of foot traffic, making it so passersby can clearly see what you’re selling. The green-blue optical distortion that occurs in regular window glass can make it difficult for someone to see the items you’ve chosen to put on display facing the street, but low-iron glass makes everything on display crystal clear. Low-iron security glass can also be used for indoor displays, such as jewelry display cases when you want a perfectly transparent glass with a high level of strength.

laminated glass is the best option for security

Who Else Can Benefit from Low-Iron Laminated Glass Windows?

Glass office buildings and luxury homes are two other examples of types of architecture that can benefit from low-iron laminated security glass. Office buildings face many of the same security concerns as retailers when it comes to protecting expensive computers and other equipment against burglary, but you might also not want to compromise the view out of your office windows. On the other hand, owners of high-end homes with stunning views might want to preserve those views without sacrificing visibility for security.

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In both these cases, laminated low-iron security glass can be used to increase the security and safety of a commercial building or luxury property while preserving and even enhancing your views. With low-iron glass, there is none of the optical color distortions that you experience when looking through regular window glass. Conventional clear glass and other types of laminated safety glass simply can’t match the performance and clarity of Riot Glass low-iron RG9 laminated security glass.

About Riot Glass

Riot Glass is a leading manufacturer of security glass and door systems. Our Riot Glass product line is reliable, cost-effective, and American-made. We design all our Riot Glass products to secure your property’s vulnerable entry points like glass doors and windows without sacrificing visibility and visual appeal. We specialize in protecting retail stores, luxury homes, and more against man-made and natural threats, and we work closely with all our clients to help them choose the security glass solution that is right for them and fits their budget.

Contact Riot Glass today for more information about our RG9 laminated low-iron glass or to schedule a consultation and receive an estimate.


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riot glass sells unbreakable glass systems and solutions

Is Unbreakable Glass Really A Thing?

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A question we hear a lot at Riot Glass is, “does unbreakable glass really exist?”

The answer to this question is more complicated than just a “yes” or a “no”.

The short answer would be that no, there is no truly unbreakable traditional glass. Still, there are certain glass products that can reinforce or replace standard glass and are either shatter-proof or virtually unbreakable.

At Riot Glass, when we talk about unbreakable glass, what we are really referring to is laminated security glass or polycarbonate panels.

What Is Laminated Security Glass?

Laminated security glass or laminated safety glass is a type of robust, shatterproof glass composed of a thermoplastic interlayer sandwiched between glass panels.

Though not truly “unbreakable,” this type of security glass can withstand heavy, repeated impacts.

Unlike standard window glass or even some tempered safety glass, laminated security glass will not shatter inwards when it is broken.

riot glass sells unbreakable glass systems and solutions

Laminated Security Glass Uses

Laminated shatter-proof glass protects against multiple man-made and natural threats.

For example, retailers can install it to protect their stores and merchandise against burglary, smash-and-grab theft, rioting, and looting.

Depending on the thickness of the glass and the determination of an individual trying to gain entry, laminated security glass can delay entry by at least four minutes to total non-entry.

Glass Safety Broken - Free photo on Pixabay

In addition to the security it provides against forced entry and theft, shatter-resistant glass also protects against threats posed by mother nature, such as storms and seismic events.

When a window has been reinforced with security glass, it can withstand high-force impacts from flying storm debris or stay intact during an earthquake. This not only prevents more serious property damage but more importantly, prevents the glass from shattering inwards and potentially injuring someone on the inside of the glass.

Does Riot Glass Offer Laminated Security Glass?

The answer to this question is a resounding “yes!

In fact, Riot Glass laminated shatter-resistant glass is 100x stiffer and 5x stronger than traditional interlayer safety glass.

Riot Glass shatter-proof windows and doors can even be retrofitted right on top of your existing window and door glass, making it much more cost-effective and hassle-free than a complete window replacement.

All Riot Glass laminated security glass panels are custom-made to fit your window openings and door frames. Riot Glass is also available in single-pane and dual-pane options, as well as clear, tinted, or low-emissivity versions, so you can receive even more benefits than just safety and security.

Benefits of Riot Glass Shatterproof Windows:

  • Can be retrofitted over existing glass
  • Doesn’t typically require frame replacement
  • Cheaper than full window replacement
  • Stronger than other types of laminated safety glass
  • Holds glass doors and windows solidly in place
  • Protects against multiple threats
  • Can provide energy savings

riot glass is about as close to unbreakable as you can get

What Are Polycarbonate Panels?

When you’re looking for truly unbreakable window glass, polycarbonate panels are the “glass” that you want.

These panels look just like regular window glass, but they are actually made of a combination of acrylics, polycarbonate, and other plastics.

The combined strength of these materials makes polycarbonate panels the only virtually impenetrable solution for your glass doors and windows.

Polycarbonate Panel Uses

Polycarbonate unbreakable windows provide all the same security benefits as security glass, but with even more protection.

While in some cases shatterproof windows will only delay forced entry attempts, a polycarbonate unbreakable window will always maintain its strength to prevent entry completely. Polycarbonate is the best defense against prolonged, violent intrusion attempts.

If you require the highest level of security, polycarbonate panels are available in several ballistic grades.

Ballistic-grade unbreakable window glass is designed to stop bullets from firearms of varying calibers. It will not break down or lose its strength, even after repeated ballistic impacts.

This means that the bad guys and their guns will remain outside, while those inside can react by calling 911 and evacuating the building or barricading themselves inside while the police arrive to deal with the situation.

Does Riot Glass Offer Polycarbonate Panels?

ArmorPlast is the proprietary line of polycarbonate and acrylic panels designed and built by Riot Glass.

We offer a full range of ArmorPlast shields, from containment-grade to ballistic-grade strengths, so you can choose the unbreakable barrier that fits your security needs and budget.

Like all other Riot Glass products, ArmorPlast shields can usually be retrofitted onto your existing glass and can be either back-glazed or over-glazed.

ArmorPlast break-proof windows also come packaged with our security framing system. Standard frames are often the weak link when a window or door comes under attack, and can be displaced to allow entry.

The ArmorPlast framing system is designed to withstand prolonged forced entry attempts, so you can be confident in the integrity of your windows and doors.

Benefits of ArmorPlast Unbreakable Glass Windows:

  • Can be retrofitted onto most existing glass
  • Comes with a matching security framing system
  • Available in containment-grade and ballistic-grade options
  • Has an attractive, low profile
  • Resistant to scratching, marring, and vandalism
  • Virtually impenetrable
  • Offers a virtually unbreakable glass product

Final Word on Unbreakable Glass

No traditional window glass is truly unbreakable.

However, the two types of glass products that we covered in this article provide varying degrees of “unbreakable” protection. If you’re looking for a very cost-efficient solution with a high level of security to protect against things like burglary or storm damage, consider installing laminated security glass on your property.

If you want virtually impenetrable glass to protect against forced entry and more serious threats like determined, armed attackers, then polycarbonate panels are the way to go.

At Riot Glass, we offer a wide range of options for the aforementioned types of unbreakable and shatter-proof glass.

We strive to ensure that our clients find the security solution that is best for them, which is why we always prefer to start with a threat assessment to evaluate your property’s security and make recommendations about the type of unbreakable glass that would work best for your unique scenario.

Contact Riot Glass today for more info about our laminated security glass and ArmorPlast polycarbonate shields or to schedule a consultation.

Protecting Your Windows Against Blasts With Riot Glass

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Blast-resistant windows are an essential part of any facility’s bomb blast mitigation system. Riot Glass offers a full range of security glass products with different blast resistance ratings. From security window films to complete Riot Glass retrofits, there are options for every budget, you can choose the right solution for your specific needs and goals. Blast windows play a crucial role in minimizing damage and injury in the event of an accidental or intentional explosion. Keep reading to find out how you can secure your facility and protect those inside against a bomb blast or another type of thermal blast with Riot Glass.

What Types of Explosion-Proof Windows Are There?

It’s important to remember that it’s not possible to make any building 100% explosion-proof. That being said, there are several options that you can choose from to increase the blast resistance of your windows and keep employees or building tenants safe. Let’s take a look at the three main types of blast-resistant window products offered by Riot Glass.

Safety and Security Window Film

Window films offer the lowest level of blast resistance but are also the most cost-efficient way to add an extra level of blast protection to your window glass. Riot Glass safety and security window films are a pliable polyester Mylar coating that is applied to the inside of glass windows and doors to strengthen them against bomb blasts, accidental explosions, and other security risks. An additional layer of window film can be applied to the exterior surfaces of your glass to increase the protection level even more.

These window films can hold a building’s glass in place when it is shattered by the force of a blast. This prevents the shards from flying inwards and minimizes the risk of injury to those inside. Riot Glass is an authorized dealer and installer of 3M safety and security window films, which are widely considered to be the best on the market.

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Laminated Security Glass

Riot Glass laminated security glass features a thermoplastic interlayer that is 5x stronger and 100x stiffer than standard laminated glass interlayers. This provides a higher level of protection against blasts than window films, for when the threat is higher. Laminated security glass can withstand high-force impacts from explosions and other sources and will not fly inwards when it is shattered. Laminated security glass can completely replace your facility’s existing glass or be retrofitted on top of it to add an extra layer of blast protection.

ArmorPlast Polycarbonate Panels and Framing

ArmorPlast shields provide the highest level of blast protection offered by Riot Glass. In fact, ArmorPlast isn’t even glass. These blast-resistant panels are composed of various combinations of acrylics, polycarbonate, and other plastics. Riot Glass ArmorPlast shields are available in non-ballistic, containment-grade and ballistic-grade options that offer varying degrees of blast protection. Riot Glass can also install impact-resistant framing along with protective panels to mitigate blast damage to the framing surrounding your windows and doors.

How Do I Choose the Right Blast Mitigation Solution?

If you want to proof your windows and doors against bomb blasts and accidental explosions, the first step is to conduct a threat assessment. When you schedule a threat assessment with Riot Glass, a blast consultant will do a thorough inspection of your property to evaluate the threat level and identify vulnerable points. They will then use this information to determine the GSA blast mitigation performance requirements that your site needs to meet.

After the threat assessment, Riot Glass will develop a fully-custom system to meet or exceed the blast resistance standards required for your window glass. Of course, your budget is also important and will be factored into the recommendations. Riot Glass will work hand-in-hand with you to come up with a solution that suits your security requirements and doesn’t demolish your budget.

How Are Riot Glass Blast-Resistant Windows Installed?

The most common way that Riot Glass installs blast-resistant windows is to retrofit them onto your existing window glass and framing. This is the most budget-friendly and efficient way to install a blast-proof system onto any type of facility. Retrofitting provides a similar level of protection to full window replacement, but without the higher cost. When it comes to security window films, they are just applied directly onto your existing glass using a water-based adhesive.

In some cases, a building’s existing frames might not be compatible with a Riot Glass retrofit. If this is the case for your facility, your existing glass panes and framing can be removed and replaced with Riot Glass blast-resistant windows and framing. No matter what specific installation process is required, Riot Glass always aims to get it done in the agreed upon timeframe and with as little disruption to you as possible. That’s why Riot Glass is happy to perform commercial installations on nights and weekends.

Additional Security Benefits of Blast Windows

Blast resistance is not the only security benefit provided by Riot Glass products. Blast-resistant window films, security glass, and ArmorPlast shields all offer protection against other natural and man-made threats. These threats include forced-entry, burglary, active shooters, rioting, looting, storm damage, and earthquakes.

The same qualities that make Riot Glass effective at mitigating blast damage and injury make it an effective all-around security solution. For example, blast-proof windows can also withstand forced entry attempts using hammers, crowbars, and other tools, or hold the glass together against repeated ballistic impacts. Riot Glass also prevents your windows from shattering when they’re impacted by storm debris or when experiencing a seismic event.

Riot Glass protects facilities against:

  • Bomb blasts
  • Accidental explosions
  • Forced entry
  • Active shooters
  • Burglary
  • Smash & grab theft
  • Rioting & looting
  • Vandalism
  • Storm damage
  • Earthquakes


When you install Riot Glass, you can be confident that you’re getting a full security treatment. You can rest easy knowing that your glass windows and doors are protected against much more than just explosions. Contact Riot Glass today for more information about Riot Glass blast mitigation systems or to schedule a threat assessment with a blast consultant.

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how strong is security glass

How Strong is Security Glass?

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If you’ve been researching ways to improve the security of your glass doors and windows, you’ve undoubtedly been looking into security glass—but exactly how tough is it? There are many different glass security products on the market that offer varying degrees of protection, so it can be hard to sift through all the info out there and choose the best option for you. Whether you’re interested in increasing your home security or protecting your business, this article will help you make the distinction between different security options and get a better understanding of how strong each one is.

What Is Security Glass and Which Type Is Best for Me?

Security glass is a type of fortified glass or glass alternative that is specially designed to protect your property’s most vulnerable entry points. When people talk about security glass, they can be referring to a range of different glass security products, including window security film, laminated security glass, and polycarbonate panels. At Riot Glass, we offer all three levels of glass protection, so let us explain to you exactly what each type is and just how tough they are.


Safety and Security Window Film

Window security film is not actually glass, but rather a pliable Mylar coating that is typically applied to the inside surface of your glass. This film creates a protective barrier on top of your existing window glass to delay forced entry and prevent your glass from shattering inwards. Riot Glass provides and installs 3M safety and security window film, which has been proven to delay forced entry by up to three minutes as well as hold glass together and reduce the chance of injury during an earthquake, hurricane, tornado, or wind storm.

With window film, it’s still possible for a would-be intruder to smash your windows to gain access, but the time that it delays entry is often enough to deter the bad guys. If people are inside during a forced entry attempt, it can at least give people inside time to react by calling 911, barricading themselves inside, or evacuating the building through another exit. Window security film provides a basic level of protection for your existing glass doors and windows that can make a big difference without breaking the bank.

Laminated Security Glass

Laminated security glass is a type of fortified glass composed of laminated glass panels with a thermoplastic interlayer. Riot Glass laminated security glass is 100x stiffer and 5x stronger than traditional interlayer safety glass and is proven to delay forced entry by at least 4 minutes or completely deny entry. This type of glass won’t stop bullets, but it can withstand multiple ballistic impacts and help with bomb blast mitigation.

Laminated security glass is the middle-of-the-road window security option and is very popular among our residential and commercial clients. It gives you all the functionality of regular glass with a high level of protection against all types of man-made and natural threats. Whether you want to protect your retail store from theft or fortify your glass patio door against forced entry, this type of laminated glass is a very cost-effective security solution.

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Polycarbonate Panels

Polycarbonate panels are a glass alternative made from a combination of acrylics, polycarbonate, and other plastics. This is the top-of-the-line when it comes to security glass. Riot Glass offers our proprietary line of polycarbonate panels called ArmorPlast shields, which are available in containment-grade and ballistic-grade options. This is what you want if you’re looking for a truly unbreakable glass for the highest level of protection against burglary or active shooters.

ArmorPlast shields are the most expensive window security alternative that Riot Glass offers, but the good news is that they can typically be retrofitted onto your existing glass. This results in a much cheaper installation than a complete window replacement. We also install our proprietary ArmorPlast framing system that fortifies the frames around your windows, so they are no longer a weak point that can be compromised and displaced.

What About Safety Glass?

When people talk about safety glass, what they usually mean is tempered safety glass. This should not be confused with security glass because it is not actually designed to prevent things like forced entry or protect against active shooters. What safety glass does is break apart into tons of tiny little cubes when it is shattered, so it falls to the floor close to the window or door instead of flying inwards or leaving jagged broken edges around the window or door frame. It is safer than standard window glass, which breaks into large, sharp shards, but it is not an effective security solution.

How Do I Know Riot Glass Is as Tough as You Say It Is?

All our glass security products are tested in labs under a variety of real-life stress tests. We do everything from hitting them with bats and hammers, throwing multiple bricks at them, and shooting them with live rounds from firearms of varying calibers and velocities. We’ve seen over and over again that Riot Glass laminated security glass and ArmorPlast shields do not lose their integrity or shatter, even when they take prolonged abuse. In fact, it’s usually our testers who tire out first after trying so hard to break our products.

In addition to our own test facility, we have testing results for various forced entry tests conducted at HP White Laboratories which you find on our products resource page on our website. You can also take our AIA approved continued education (CEU) course here:

how strong is security glass


You can see tons of real-life footage of our glass security tests and actual surveillance video of attempted/failed break-ins on our YouTube channel.

Don’t Wait Any Longer to Protect Your Home or Business

At Riot Glass, we are always happy to talk to you about your security options and help you choose a solution that fits your goals and your budget. We can schedule a threat assessment with a security professional who will conduct a thorough evaluation of your property, discuss your security concerns, and make recommendations about the best types of security glass for you and your property. 

Contact Riot Glass today for more information about our security windows and unbreakable glass alternatives or to schedule a consultation and get an estimate.

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how is tempered glass made

How Is Tempered Glass Made and Is It Good for Security?

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Tempered glass, also known as safety glass, is something that commonly gets confused with security glass. We’re here to help clear up some of the misconceptions about this type of glass and answer some of the questions we often hear at Riot Glass. By the end of this article, you’ll have a better understanding of exactly what tempered safety glass is, how to tell if glass has been tempered, its uses, and how it’s different from the types of security glass that we offer and recommend for increasing your property’s security.

What Is Tempered Glass?

In short, tempered glass is a type of toughened safety glass that has been heat-treated to make it stronger and safer than standard window glass.

how is tempered glass made


How Is Tempered Glass Made?

During the manufacturing process, this type of glass is heated up intensely in a special tempering oven, then cooled down with a special quenching procedure that cools down the exterior surfaces of the glass much quicker than the center. This forces the exterior surfaces to compress, which gives the glass its strength. 

Before a glass is passed through a tempering oven, it is thoroughly inspected for imperfections that could cause it to break during the tempering process. Once the glass has been approved for tempering, it goes into the oven and gets heated up to above 600 degrees Celsius (1112 degrees Fahrenheit). When the glass comes out of the oven, it is immediately blasted with high-pressure air from different nozzles pointed at the glass from all angles to quench it. Some glass is also tempered using a chemical treatment, but it is much more expensive than using a tempering oven and quenching the glass with air, so it is not as common.

Regular glass differs from tempered glass because it is cooled down using an annealing process, which is slower than quenching. This different cooling process makes standard glass significantly weaker than tempered glass. In fact, tempered safety glass is about 4x stronger than traditional glass. One of the major differences between tempered glass and regular glass, as you may have seen at one point or another, is that standard glass breaks apart very easily into large, jagged, sharp shards. Safety glass, on the other hand, shatters into tons of tiny little square shards that are relatively harmless.

Another big difference in the manufacturing processes for traditional glass sheets and tempered glass sheets is when they get cut. Standard glass can be cut, drilled, shaped, and totally customized after it has been fabricated and annealed. However, tempered glass must be cut and shaped to the desired size before it goes into the tempering oven and gets quenched. If you try to cut or drill tempered safety glass after it’s been toughened, it will just break apart.

tempered glass manufacturing process


How to Tell if Glass Is Tempered

One of the telltale signs of glass that has been tempered is that tempered glass sheets have smooth edges. This is because they are sanded and washed before the glass is tempered to remove the sharpness, unlike traditional glass sheets that still have sharp corners and edges. Another sign of glass that has been tempered is that you can easily see surface imperfections on the glass. Also, if you look at the glass through polarized glasses, you will be able to see dark lines and spots on the glass. Finally, the surefire way of knowing whether a piece of glass is tempered is to watch it break and see if it shatters into tons of tiny square shards.

Signs that glass has been tempered:

  • There are visible imperfections on the surfaces
  • It has smooth edges
  • You can see black spots and lines through polarized lenses
  • The glass shatters into little squares when broken

Can I Use Tempered Glass for Security?

Though it is stronger and safer than standard window glass, tempered glass is not recommended for security applications. A determined intruder will have no difficulty smashing right through tempered glass panels and gaining entry to your home or business. If you have ever seen a car with a smashed out window, well, that’s tempered glass—it doesn’t seem very secure, does it?

is tempered glass good for security


Tempered safety glass is safer than standard window glass, which is why it’s common applications include things like automobile side and rear glass, shower and tub enclosure glass, and patio furniture. For these types of applications, when the main goal is avoiding injury caused by sharp broken glass, tempered safety glass makes perfect sense. However, it is not an effective security solution when your concern is to protect your home or business against things like forced entry, burglary, smash-and-grab theft, rioting, looting, vandalism, storm damage, ballistic attacks, or bomb blasts.

What you can use to increase the security of your glass doors and windows is security glass, which can refer to a range of products, including security window films, laminated security glass, and polycarbonate panels. All these types of custom glass security products can help protect your home or business against man-made and natural threats, to varying degrees. For example, security window film can delay would-be intruders by up to about 3 minutes. In contrast, polycarbonate panels are virtually unbreakable and can even stop bullets, keeping bad guys and their guns outside at all times.

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Choose Riot Glass Security Glass for Home and Business Security

Riot Glass offers a full range of security glass products for residential and commercial clients. Our team of security professionals is dedicated to helping you choose and install the right security glass for your goals and budget. Whether you want to secure your home or business against forced entry and burglary, fortify your property against storm damage, or protect against ballistic attacks and bomb blasts, we can help. We are happy to schedule a consultation with one of our security experts who can conduct a threat assessment of your property and provide security recommendations.

Contact us today for more information about our 3M safety and security window films, Riot Glass laminated security glass, and ArmorPlast polycarbonate unbreakable glass shields.

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