Armorplast Retrofit Ballistic Solutions

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Armorplast Panel After Testing

It has long been our quest to bring to the market a cost-effective ballistic glazing solution that is effective, affordable, and easy to install. To that end, we have developed Armorplast, a retrofit ballistic glazing solution that is more affordable than a full glass and framing replacement.

There is no one-size-fits-all ballistic solution, and we highly recommend a full threat assessment to determine the best materials for your application. You may reference the various classifications for ballistic resistant materials on our Ratings Chart page. Once the perceived threat has been established, we will measure the existing fenestration, or window frame pocket depth, to determine if the needed material can be accommodated within the remaining framing. We have many configurations of framing and ballistic material combinations, which allow us to install the system with very little aesthetic change to the building.

A ballistic glazing system is rated only as high as the lowest component’s rating, so when we install a system within an existing frame, we do not apply a rating to the system, as there are vulnerabilities at the framing. In other words, if we place a UL752 Level 3 Armorplast panel in an unrated frame, we cannot rate the system.

The framing is not rated, so the system is therefore not rated. So why would you want an unrated system? The concept is similar to that of body armor. Police and military body armor does not cover the entire body; in fact, the head, everything below the waist, and the sides of the body are often vulnerable. However, the center of mass is protected which significantly increases the chances of survival.

Armorplast was born from this same philosophy. We are covering the most vulnerable area of the window – the viewable glass – and thereby significantly increasing the likelihood that the occupants of the room will have time to run away from the area.

This affordable technology allows schools, municipalities, commercial buildings, religious venues, or any building where ballistic protection is desired, to have protection that has been previously out of reach due to budgetary constraints.

In an active shooter scenario, the perpetrator will be caught off guard. The original glass still breaks upon impact, but the bullet is stopped by the Armorplast panel. The shattered glass creates a “white out” effect which further confuses the assailant. This confusion buys precious time.

Another key benefit to Armorplast is that it is virtually unbreakable. Even after being shot many times, it remains solidly in the frame, preventing an intruder, and his gun from entering the building.

Riot Glass has a nationwide network of installation partners, so call today to learn more about protecting your building

Riot Glass™ Solutions for Smash and Grab Crime

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Glass windows and doors offer a sense of security, but do not protect your property from a determined assailant.

(AP Photo/Gerry Broome)

The recent riots in Charlotte, North Carolina showed us just how vulnerable retail stores can be when an otherwise peaceful downtown street erupts into chaos. On September 21st, 2016, several stores were looted and hundreds of thousands of dollars in damaged property, clean-up costs, business downtime, and stolen merchandise were the result. Tourism was all but extinguished for weeks following these events as visitors avoided the downtown area while restoration efforts continued. Local downtown store owners were left to sort out the mess and rebuild their businesses.

The vulnerability of glass windows and doors are abundantly apparent in this photo. Unfortunately with all of the costs of opening a retail location, protecting the glass is not on the top 100 list of things to do by opening day.

Doors are the most often targeted point of entry, and the tempered glass used in door glass is no match for a hammer or rock. It breaks into thousands of tiny fragments and is easily pushed from the frame resulting in a pile of glass gravel on the ground. The good news is that Riot Glass offers low-cost retrofit solutions that allow retailers to keep their existing doors and windows, and still protect against smash and grabs thieves. There are several levels of protection available to fit almost any budget.