Essential Component of any Security System

Surveillance cameras, alarm systems, and patrol services are great but they don’t do one important thing: physically keep intruders out.

Protecting your home and family means keeping bad guys out in those critical moments before the authorities arrive. Reinforcing vulnerable entry points like doors and windows can buy valuable time.

Invisible Protection

Standard residential windows offer little protection from determined intruders, who can break your glass and enter your home in just seconds.

If a family member is home, there is no time to react, run, hide, or call the police, and a violent confrontation is often the outcome in these unfortunate cases.

Riot Glass™, with our sister company Campbell Window Film, protects your home from forced entry with security measures that include screens, window film, and glass.

Safety First from Day One

We ensure the installation process is minimally disruptive for you and your family. Unlike some contractors that may leave your home boarded up or without windows overnight, our team will remove and replace each glass panel individually as we go, so your existing panes will remain in place until we get to them. We do this in case we need to return the next day to complete your retrofit. Your home remains secured so that you can lock up overnight.

We promise to protect and respect your home’s interior during your installation. Once we have completed the manufacturing of your windows, the installation process usually takes 1-2 days to complete.

Security Glass Retrofit for Homes

The strongest and least noticeable of these options is our security retrofit units, which replace your existing windows and door glass. High-security burglar-resistant glass makes forced entry into your home far more difficult for intruders.

Our retrofit units range in strength from laminated Riot Glass™ with our exclusive Thermoplastic interlayer to virtually unbreakable ArmorPlast™ panels.

Single or dual pane options can be custom made for your window openings, and in most cases your existing framing and hardware remain in place. The panels are made in our factory and installed on site with minimal inconvenience to you.

You can keep the bad guys out.

We can help.

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