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Tornado Proof Windows: Do They Exist?

Written By: Brad CampbellFebruary 15, 2021

If you live in the southern or southeastern united states, not only do you have to worry about hurricanes and tropical storms, but you also have to be prepared for tornadoes. 

Since tornadoes can occur any time of year and with little warning, it’s particularly important to have the appropriate tornado window protection for your business or commercial facility to mitigate the risks of storm damage.

You may have already heard about how impact windows can protect your glass doors and windows during a hurricane, but do they also work to prevent damage during a tornado?

We’re here to give you all the facts and provide you with real solutions that you can use to secure your property against a variety of threats caused by mother nature.

tornado in small town

Tornado Windows VS Hurricane Windows: What’s the Difference?

The Truth About So-Called Tornado Proof Windows

Just as there is no such thing as a 100-percent hurricane proof window, there’s no type of window that makes your glass completely tornado proof, either.

However, since tornadoes and hurricanes are both wind-based storms, you can use the same types of impact windows to reduce the risks posed to your property by flying storm debris.

What tornadoes and hurricanes have in common:

  • Both contain strong rotating winds
  • Winds can hurl debris at very high velocities
  • Flying storm debris can shatter standard window glass instantly

When a piece of debris tossed by hurricane-force or tornado-force winds breaks your property’s windows, it leaves your facility exposed to further interior damage that can be caused by wind, water, and more storm debris.

shattered glass

So, not only do you have to clean up and replace broken glass, but you may find yourself dealing with even more expensive losses incurred simply because your windows were not sufficiently protected.

In order to mitigate these risks, you must implement physical barriers over your windows and doors that protect your glass and prevent it from shattering inwards when impacted. One way to do this is by installing tornado resistant windows, or impact windows.

What Are Tornado Resistant Windows?

Impact-resistant tornado windows are a special type of security glass or glass-like product that is much stronger than your traditional window glass. In many cases, these impact windows can be retrofitted over the existing glass on your property to create a formidable barrier in front of it.

It’s important to note that a full-blown, violent tornado, like those most commonly seen in the midwest, can still destroy an entire property with or without impact windows. Fortunately, the tornadoes seen in southern and southeastern states tend to be less dangerous.

tornado across ocean

In terms of protecting your glass against storm debris hurled by less powerful tornadoes, impact windows are your best bet for preventing devastating damage to your business or commercial facility.

Benefits of tornado resistant windows:

  • Create a strong, durable barrier over your existing glass
  • Block out storm debris, wind, and rain
  • Help preserve the structural integrity of the building
  • Don’t change the outward appearance of your property
  • Allow you to retain natural light and visibility
  • Provide permanent protection against all types of storms
  • Fortify your business against other threats like forced entry and theft

What’s the Best Tornado Window Protection Available?

Our Expert Recommendations for Tornado Resistant Windows

When it comes to different types of impact windows, there’s nothing better than polycarbonate glazing shields. These protective panels don’t actually contain any glass at all, which makes them the most impact-resistant product you can use for tornado damage mitigation.

Even very strong types of security glass can crack and break after impacts from storm debris, but the strength of polycarbonate makes it virtually unbreakable, even after repeated forceful impacts.

The product we most highly recommend to southern and southeastern clients for glass protection from tropical storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes is ArmorPlast® AP25. 

These polycarbonate glazing shields provide containment-grade glass protection, meaning that they’ll stop impacts from anything short of a bullet. Even multiple ballistic impacts won’t shatter AP25 panels, though, so you can imagine how strong they are when facing down storm debris.

Why you should choose AP25 for tornado window protection:

  • Glass-like appearance and surface hardness
  • Abrasion- and UV-resistant coating
  • Virtually unbreakable strength of polycarbonate
  • Can be retrofitted over existing glass doors and windows
  • Protects against storm damage 24/7, during every season
  • Protects against forced entry, burglary, smash-and-grab theft, vandalism, rioting, and looting
armorplast graphic

When you reinforce your business with AP25, you’re performing a one-time installation that will provide you with permanent security from all kinds of threats — both natural and man-made.

This means your property will be protected during hurricane season as well as from tornadoes that can arise at any time. 

Besides that, AP25 creates an incredibly robust barrier against forced entry attempts, which are an unfortunate threat that all businesses have to worry about. Just as polycarbonate won’t break during a storm, it can’t be shattered by crowbars, bats, or other common burglary tools.

Because of its strength and versatility, AP25 is favored by all manner of commercial clients, for applications from luxury retail stores to government buildings.

Final Thoughts on Impact-Resistant Tornado Windows

Your property’s glass doors and windows are its most vulnerable points, which is why it’s of the utmost importance to fortify them properly against storms and other threats. 

glass doors

A protective barrier over your existing glass can make all the difference between expensive damage to the inside of your facility and a little storm debris cleanup outside your building.

We strongly recommend that you choose impact-resistant AP25 for the highest level of permanent glass protection against all types of threats, including tornadoes.

The reality is that storms, especially tornadoes, can pop up any time of year, so hurricane season isn’t the only time your business needs protection. Impact windows can provide that much needed peace of mind you’ve been looking for, all year round.

Contact us today for more information about ArmorPlast® AP25 or have your local glass contractor give us a call to discuss retrofitting your building with tornado resistant windows.

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