ArmorPlast™ Protective Shields for Glass Security

By April 5, 2019Blog

Retail stores that have merchandise on display after hours have become a target for smash and grab theft. The burglars know that the time delay between when the alarm sounds and when police arrive is sufficient for them to get in and out,…….and away. The alarm is not going to stop them. The cameras aren’t going to stop them, and your storefront glass is definitely not going to stop them, either. So how can you protect your store in the vulnerable few minutes while police are traveling to the scene?

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There is a new product designed specifically for the prevention of heavy tool-wielding bad guys smashing their way into your store. ArmorPlast™ is a clear, unbreakable shield that is installed in front of your existing glass and acts as a shield to prevent entry. ArmorPlast™ is manufactured by Riot Glass, Inc, a security glass company located in Huntington Beach, California. It is made out of polycarbonate, acrylic, and other durable plastics and is virtually invisible once installed. This containment-grade material is used in jails, psychiatric hospitals, police stations, or any facility where you absolutely must keep someone on the other side of the glass.

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ArmorPlast Security Glass | ArmorPlast | 800-580-2303

Riot Glass, Inc designed framing specifically for ArmorPlast™ to be mounted onto the existing storefront glass framing. It comes in a clear satin or bronze anodize aluminum to perfectly match the existing framing. The ArmorPlast™ clear panels are secured with mechanical fasteners and then covered with a clean, low-profile protective cap. The system blends seamlessly in with the storefront, and does not significantly change the curb appeal of the store.

ArmorPlast™ was born out of the need for a robust, containment-grade security system that does not change the look of a retail store. Other “clear” solutions include security window film laminates and laminated glass. Both of these solutions can delay entry, and sometimes deter burglars, but increasingly the bad guys are still forcing their way past these measures. Something far stronger, yet still invisible to the average onlooker was needed.

So what happens when a burglar attacks a storefront that is protected with ArmorPlast™? The protective panel will not break. Heavy tool such as hammers, steel or iron bars, baseball bats, etc will bounce off regardless of how hard the attacker strikes. There is a pocket of air between the glass and security panel that acts as a cushion, often protecting the glass behind it from breaking at all. Even if the glass does break, the ArmorPlast™ stays securely in place due to the independently mounted framing it is affixed to.

intruder trying to break storefront glass

ArmorPlast™ has thwarted countless burglaries to date. Store owners report arriving the next day to find tooling marks on their storefront panels, but no entry was achieved. Glass is in tact, and merchandise remains untouched, safe behind a clear, yet formidable barrier to entry.

Retail is not the only industry taking advantage of this new tool for fighting back against crime. Corporate office buildings, schools, places of worship, and even homeowners are using ArmorPlast™ to protect their properties. Contact Riot Glass, Inc to learn more. 800-580-2303

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