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Ballistic Glazing - Level 2

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Ballistic Glazing - Level 3

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Multi Shot Protection

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AR Polycarbonate Sheet

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Optimal Storefront Security Panel

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Containment Grade Sheet

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Ballistic Glazing - Level 1

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ArmorPlast® Gen I Series

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Ballistic & Forced Entry Grade Sub-framing

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Our Solutions

Riot Glass® retrofit systems consist of custom-made security glass and framing designs that provide maximum protection against forced entry and ballistic threats.

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Forced Entry

Virtually unbreakable retrofit solutions

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Bulletproof Protection

Ideal protection against active threats

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Hurricane & Windstorm

Great protection against storm damage

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Energy Efficiency

Sustainable, reliable and affordable Low-E solutions

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Blast Mitigation

Security window film to a complete retrofit

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Sound Attenuation

Window glazing ideal for blocking external noise

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Our Clientele

Riot Glass® can be used to secure any building. Virtually invisible yet nearly indestructible, it blends seamlessly in almost any existing window, door, or

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Hospital Glass Security Solutions

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30 Sec – 1 Minute

Security film’s time delay is comparable to
scissor gates, bars, and roll-down shutters

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AP25 Access Denial

No Entry

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No Entry + Bullet Resistant


How we are different

We create groundbreaking products that retrofit into existing glazing to fortify your building. Our patented ArmorPlast® systems have received broad national adoption. Our brand focus is on improving glass security and the fenestration security of the space as a whole.

Riot Glass® products have an elegant, minimalist appearance that blends seamlessly into existing glazing configurations. Our systems are incredibly strong and are adaptable to almost any existing window system in widely varying architectural styles: from ultra-modern to historical properties. Riot Glass® is high-level protection designed to thwart the most severe attacks.

Why Do Hospitals Need To Reinforce Doors & Windows?

Health care workers put their safety on the line every day to help other people get better. We’re not just talking about exposing themselves to contagious illnesses and workplace accidents.

Unfortunately, violence against health care workers is much more common than you might think. It can be perpetrated by violent or mentally unwell patients, by frustrated visitors, or even by disgruntled former employees.

Having action plans in place is a great first step towards increasing hospital employee and patient safety, but they often fail to provide physical protection in the event of a violent incident. 

There is, however, a very effective way hospitals can add more physical security: by reinforcing their glass doors and windows with security glass or glass-like security glazing products.

Riot Glass® Access Denial Hospital Glazing

We recently performed testing in accordance with AAMA 501.8 – standard test method for determination of resistance to human impact of window systems. Intended for use in psychiatric applications, our Riot Glass® AP25 Protection System is now being used throughout the US in facilities concerned about unauthorized ingress and egress. 

Our containment-grade and access denial security glazing solutions are ideal for creating protective barriers in key areas within hospitals and other medical or mental health facilities. For example, they can be used to create impact-resistant shields around staff working in reception areas, or to reinforce windows in patient observation areas.

An access denial glazing shield is non ballistic (i.e. doesn’t stop bullets) but it is highly shatter resistant. Therefore, it won’t break if a violent individual lashes out at someone on the other side or if someone is trying to forcibly enter a certain area of the facility.

These types of glazing shields can be over glazed or back glazed (or both) on top of any existing glass door or window to protect the existing glass from shattering dangerously inwards or outwards. They can also be used to create completely new protective barriers, such as on top of a desk in a reception area.

Traditional window glass, and even tempered safety glass, breaks apart incredibly easily. The flying shards of glass can injure patients and staff, or a violent intruder can easily gain access to a restricted area. With containment-grade and access denial glazing shields, the safety of patients and employees is drastically improved.

Riot Glass® Bullet Resistant Glazing

For an even higher level of hospital glass security, we offer a full range of bullet resistant window glazing solutions. Many of these come with a ballistic resistance rating from Underwriters Laboratories (UL), which designates the level of ballistic attack they can withstand.

For example, our highest level of ballistic-grade glazing shield has a UL 752 Level 8 rating, meaning that it can resist a high-speed, multi-shot attack from an AK-47 rifle loaded with .308 150-grain military rounds.

Additionally, we offer fully ballistic doors which have a ballistic-grade frame. These can be used to secure certain areas of your facility in the event that an active threat does get inside. That way, staff and patients can take shelter until security personnel or police neutralize the threat.

Nobody wants to imagine an active threat rampaging through a hospital, but the unfortunate reality is that active threat scenarios can happen anywhere. With our bullet resistant door and window glazing solutions, you know you’re getting the highest level of protection for your staff and patients.

A Retrofit Security Upgrade for Hospitals

Riot Glass® is designed to be retrofitted right over your facility’s existing glass, making it a much more cost-effective solution for creating protective barriers compared with replacing the existing glass doors and windows.

We can also mount Riot Glass® on top of any existing flat surfaces, such as countertops, tables, walls, and floors to create safety and security barriers wherever you need them.

Riot Glass® is ideal for hospitals, medical clinic reception areas, mental health facilities, psychiatric wards, and behavioral units. 

Anywhere that you want to separate patients, visitors, and staff for everyone’s safety (while still letting employees do their jobs) can benefit from a Riot Glass® retrofit.

What Are the Other Reasons To Choose Riot Glass®?

What makes Riot Glass® such a great solution for hospital security is that it is just as transparent as regular window glass, so it doesn’t block out natural light, inhibit views, or make people feel like they’re in some kind of detention facility.

We design all our products to function just like your existing glass doors and windows, and build them with a slim, modern profile to avoid significantly altering the appearance of the glass and framing systems.

Besides protecting patients and staff from violence, Riot Glass® also acts as a very effective storm damage mitigation barrier. This is especially beneficial for hospitals located in hurricane zones or areas prone to strong windstorms.

A flying piece of storm debris can savagely smash through a normal pane of glass, potentially causing injury, leaving your facility exposed to the elements, and resulting in costly cleanup and repairs.

When you retrofit your medical facility with Riot Glass® security glass and glazing solutions, you’re protecting it against all types of threats — both man-made and from mother nature.


Riot Glass® is heavily fortified glass that is becoming the new standard in glazing protection.
Building occupants need time to react, call 911, run away, or barricade in a safer place.
You are buying time, and time buys options.

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Frequently Asked questions

What sizes are available?
Riot Glass® (RG) and ArmorPlast® (AP) are available in maximum sizes 72″ x 120″. If window openings exceed that size, we simply reconfigure the mullions using our AP Series support mullions specifically designed to accommodate our AP and RG Framing. RG Security Laminates (our exclusive line of security window film) is available in 72″ maximum widths at any length. 
Will it look like my existing glass?
Riot Glass®, ArmorPlast®, and RG Security Laminates all look like regular glass. Depending on the thickness, visual acuity can be slightly affected, but overall you won’t see a distinguishable difference. Yellowing is not a concern and is covered by the warranty. For added safety, all three products allow police and patrol services to see inside your property. Privacy tints are available as an option in most Riot Glass® products.
How do I clean and care for security glass?
Traditional cleaning methods work on all types of Riot Glass® security glass and laminates. All of our security glass products have a protective outer layer to avoid scratching and marring. The process is similar to caring for a new car. You put it through all kinds of paces every day, but you do so with care and attention to detail. Treat security glass the way you would the finish on a fine automobile and you’ll enjoy years of trouble-free service. Always follow the cleaning instructions that come with your Riot Glass® purchases for optimal product longevity.
What is the warranty on the glass and framing?
Warranties vary by product and can also change depending on whether the application is commercial or residential. In some cases, our products carry a limited lifetime warranty, while others are protected for up to 15 years. Your security specialist will provide details on both warranty coverage and life expectancy for your specific product needs.
How do I know it will work?
All of our products have been thoroughly tested in highly accredited laboratory settings and, more importantly, in real-world situations. While there are no ironclad guarantees, every retail store, commercial building, school, and home needs some level of security glass protection. Security glazing products are designed to delay and deter, and in many cases are the determining factor between life and death.
What happens during a site inspection?
Our security specialists will do a complete threat assessment, discuss your goals, and provide a detailed, easy-to-read proposal. We will also measure your windows and frames, then evaluate the overall condition and retrofit adaptability to determine the best solution for your property.
Do I need to remove signage and graphics?
It depends on which product you select and where the graphics are displayed. During the site inspection, our expert security consultant will advise whether graphics must be removed and replaced or stay intact.
What is UL 752? What’s the difference between ballistic and non-ballistic ratings?
Underwriters Laboratories™ offers multiple ballistic rating levels. Designed to measure bullet resistance, ballistic ratings factor in the grain (weight), caliber, and velocity of the ammunition. Non-ballistic (containment grade) products allow bullet penetration, but won’t break down or appreciably diminish in strength. In other words, the bullets leave holes, but the panels remain intact, keeping intruders out of the building.
  • We had several windows broken and our store looted during a protest in downtown Los Angeles. Riot Glass provided a solution to prevent this from happening again. We still have a very open, inviting look to our store so we are happy about that.

    At first, we were skeptical whether something clear would provide enough protection under the extreme conditions we experienced, but after witnessing the demonstration of the product we were convinced. Unbelievably strong!

    - C. Livingston

Patti Murphy

M3 Office Furnishings

Patti Murphy of M3 Office Furnishings was kind enough to sit down with us to share her experience working with Riot Glass LLC We replaced the most vulnerable windows with our RG9 series security glass.

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