Discretion and Professionalism: Our zero tolerance policies do not allow for anything that could compromise your security. Every single person on our staff is trained to focus solely on the mission at hand and our supervisory field project managers control every aspect of the process. We do not reveal any information about our clients. You do not need to worry about Riot Glass personell disclosing who you are, where you live, or any details about your business or facility. We will not ask who you are or what you do. Our only focus is your protection and that of your home or facilty.

We do not allow photography on non-company devices, and photos are only  taken of openings we are to secure, and used only  for engineering purposes. They are deleted from mobile cameras immediately after being downloaded onto secure company servers. End to end encrypted VPNs are used for any communications regarding your project. You will never see your home or building used on social media or in a case study.

Riot Glass personnel will never wander into other parts of the home or building to “have a look around” or look in closets or behind doors that are not 100% necessary to complete the mission. We understand that your privacy plays a crucial role in your security.

Riot Glass offers the complete package – protecting your anonymity, privacy, security and peace of mind along with the strongest, most thoroughly tested products, superior craftsmanship and exquisite white glove customer service. Our military-style training, rigorous back-ground checks, and zero tolerance protocols mean you are receiving the best of the best in overall protection.

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Necessity is the Mother of Invention

A property owner called us after his storefront was damaged during civil unrest. Several panes of glass were smashed and his store had been looted.

He needed to protect his store without changing the existing window structure or adding security elements like gates or iron bars.

In our years of security experience, this story was a common one. Store owners did not have a reliable, cost-effective choice for protecting window openings without sacrificing visual appeal.

We realized that the most effective solution for our property owner would need to secure every window and glass door against an attack. Further, the system would need to be adaptable to the many various framing materials and configurations that made up this large span of glass doors and windows.

Since we could not find an adequate product to recommend, we decided to make one. And after exhaustive research, development, and testing, Riot Glass™ was born.

We know that the integrity of our systems is paramount. Every installation, every window and door, must be installed as if it will be the only barrier between an attacker and the precious lives, belongings, and merchandise behind it.

We are a leading manufacturer of retrofit security glass and door systems designed to safeguard storefronts and any commercial or residential property that needs serious fenestration protection.

Our comprehensive service includes American-made materials, expert craftsmanship, professionalism, discretion, and a pain-free experience from beginning to end.

About the Founder

Brad Campbell created Riot Glass after years of frustration with the security glass and framing options that were available on the market. He set out to devise, engineer, and manufacture products that can be relied upon when it matters most. When the balloon goes up, every second counts. When you need your security protection to work, you REALLY need it to work well.

Riot Glass was incorporated in 2016 and Brad has several patented products in what he calls, “the ultimate fenestration security line of products”. In the security business for over 30 years now, Brad is one of the few hands on security consultants that still works directly with clients to ensure the most comprehensive solutions are engineered specifically for each owner’s property.

Prior to the emergence of Riot Glass, a comprehensive suite of high quality, thoroughly tested and certified fenestration-specific security products was not available from a single source. Brad’s spends a large portion of his week engineering systems for individual projects and training his team to be sure they are performing every aspect of the process to the rigid standards he has set and that Riot Glass customers expect.

His team’s installation capability stems from a hiring process that focuses not only on skill, but on the personality, attitude and ethical stance of these dedicated professionals. Brad knows first hand that professionalism and discretion is as important to his clients as the quality and craftsmanship of his products. Simply put, he has endeavored to, and successfully built, the ultimate security experience for discerning clients.

The “Why”: Brad has an innate sense of responsibility, to use his engineering skills and years of experience in the glazing and security barrier industries to protect people and property. This is a passion and mindset that is the essential core behind the the evolution of high quality protective solutions. Brad cares deeply about the security of his clients and places their needs above all else.

Brad Campbell | CEO Riot Glass, Inc
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