Riot Glass Case Study

Clients who have been victims of crimes feel a newfound sense of peace with Riot Glass installed.

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ArmorPlast AP25 Demonstration

We set out to make the world’s toughest anti-intrusion retrofit solution that is mounted to your existing window framing. Introducing, ArmorPlast AP25. Fast, effective window and glass door protection. Available now.

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Riot Glass Security Glass Installation

We turn your existing windows into security windows, using your existing frames. Dual pane, single pane, low-E, tinted or clear, we make them custom to meet your specifications. Free consulting, so call today.

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Forced Entry Protection Like No Other

There are many ways to keep bad people out of your building, but most do not look good. Scissor gates, bars and roll-down shutters play an important role but are not for every property. If you’d like to maintain the open, clean look, yet still have super strong protection, this may be the video (and product) for you.

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How to Keep an Active Shooter Out of a Building

Designed to prevent an armed assailant from getting into a building, Riot Glass is 5 times stronger and 100 times stiffer than normal laminated security glass. Available in varying thicknesses and strengths, both in single and double pane configurations.

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Bomb Blast Window Film Test

Riot Glass Security Window Film is used to protect the occupants of buildings from flying glass which is often lethal in a bomb blast attack.

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Security Screens Prevent Home Invasion Robbery

Security Screens are designed to prevent an intruder from burglarizing your home, and an essential addition to an alarm system and surveillance cameras. You need a physical barrier to entry to allow enough time for police to arrive. Bars, shutters and gates can make your home look institutionalized. Security Screens look just like regular insect screens, but are tough enough to resist a serious attack like this one.

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Ballistic Glass Test

Our mission is to protect as many people and properties as possible with the most affordable and simplistic solutions available. It all starts with the ballistic panel of security glass. This video shows one of many tests we’ve conducted with various ammunition and circumstances. Stay tuned for more test videos.

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Bomb Blast Test In Shock Tube

In this video we take you to San Antonio Texas for an actual shock tube bomb blast test. We also annotate the components of the shock tube, which is a lower-cost way to test blast films.

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