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Our Solutions

Riot Glass® retrofit systems consist of custom-made security glass and framing designs that provide maximum protection against forced entry and ballistic threats.

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Forced Entry

Virtually unbreakable retrofit solutions

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Bulletproof Protection

Ideal protection against active threats

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Hurricane & Windstorm

Great protection against storm damage

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Energy Efficiency

Sustainable, reliable and affordable Low-E solutions

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Blast Mitigation

Security window film to a complete retrofit

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Sound Attenuation

Window glazing ideal for blocking external noise

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Our Clientele

Riot Glass® can be used to secure any building. Virtually invisible yet nearly indestructible, it blends seamlessly in almost any existing window, door, or

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Why Riot Glass?

Riot Glass LLC is a manufacturer of retrofit security glazing systems designed to add a significant level of forced entry and/or ballistic protection to any building. Our line of patented framing and security glass infills can be installed into existing window and glass door systems to create highly effective glass protection that can withstand the most extreme conditions. 

How it works so well

Heavy tools such as sledgehammers or objects hurled through the air by hurricane-force winds have devastating effects on standard building materials. For a retrofit security glazing system to withstand these forces for a prolonged period, Riot Glass engineers spent many hours of trial-by-error testing to slowly develop our unique, patented framing systems that have features that absorb kinetic energy and allow it to dissipate before they can begin to weaken extrusions, fasteners, and the existing glazing system it is attached to. Our products have endured relentless laboratory and real-life tests that have shown the effectiveness of our products, repeatedly and reliably. See our test results here.

Our differentiators

Security Infills

Aviation glass experts on our new product team developed a military-grade polycarbonate and acrylic blend that is extruded at a specific melt-flow rate with pure virgin resin and no regrind/recycled materials. The process takes longer to make and the materials are more expensive than those used in the making of standard polycarbonates. This means our ArmorPlast® panels are more durable, color stable, have higher clarity, and last longer than standard polycarbonates used by competitors. 

Framing Systems 

Our framing extrusions are designed for maximum strength while maintaining minimal sightline intrusion for a clean, elegant appearance. This means you will have virtually invisible protection that provides a more refined fit and finish. Unlike imitators that use silicone and VHB tapes to secure their system, Riot Glass uses only tamper-resistant mechanical fasteners which are hidden behind an aluminum anodized cover. What does this mean to you? In addition to a far more refined appearance, our systems can be easily repaired by an authorized dealer with the key to our proprietary fasteners. In the event of an attempted forced entry attack. Riot Glass® not only protects the precious contents of your building but also your existing glass from damage in an attack. 

24/7 Cost-Effective Protection

Riot Glass systems have been referred to as an “invisible board up” because they protect similarly to an actual board up, but have no appreciable effect on the appearance or functionality of your glazing. There are no operable components to Riot Glass systems. They are a “set it and forget it” solution that is always in place over your existing windows and doors. Just lock up as usual knowing your building is protected. The price point for Riot Glass systems is generally higher than standard laminated security glass or security window films, but the strength is far superior. Many clients in various markets have shared that the cost of adding Riot Glass to their building is about the same as a single board-up. Riot Glass never has to be removed; it is an “always there” solution. You won’t need to store boards somewhere on the property anymore.

Refined Engineering

Our systems have been engineered for widely variable climates and extreme conditions to ensure your system has plenty of room for expansion and contraction and an internal venting system that prevents condensation build-up between your primary glazing and our system. The framing channels allow the panels to move when they heat up in the sun and contract in cold weather. This prevents “bowing” or “pillowing” effects which can cause a slightly distorted appearance. An internal weep reservoir removes any moisture from between the glass and ArmorPlast® panel and acts as a cool air intake to create a naturally vented and breathable system.

Strength and Reliability

Riot Glass systems have been tested in rigorous laboratory conditions which include prolonged sledgehammer attacks in normal temperatures and extremely hot and cold conditions. You can view a video of laboratory testing here. Our framing is made from 6063 T-5 aluminum which is less rigid than other similar systems. What does that mean to you? The flexibility of our extrusions allows it to flex repeatedly in a prolonged attack without breaking, yet we can bend our framing to accommodate arched or circular windows. This provides a more reliable level of protection for maximum durability under extreme duress. 

Color Options

Riot Glass framing extrusions are available in clear and bronze anodize. We also have mill finish in stock which can be painted or powder coated to any color you desire. All color options come with a standard 5-year warranty. Our ArmorPlast® security panels are available in clear, but we offer various window tinting options which can be added to your existing glass behind the Riot Glass system if desired. Our unbreakable IGUs can be made with your choice of standard clear glass, low-iron, low-E, mirror privacy tinted, or many other shaded glass options. Speak with one of our Riot Glass experts for details.


ArmorPlast® security panels are manufactured to military-grade strength levels to withstand even the most extreme forced entry or ballistic attacks. Additionally, every panel is coated with a durable UV and scratch-resistant hard coat that ensures years of trouble-free protection. Unlike standard UV curing processes used by other polycarbonate manufacturers which can weaken the panels and cause less than optimal clarity, ArmorPlast® AR2 coatings are thermally cured for optimal longevity and a crystal clear, smooth surface finish. Yellowing is a thing of the past. Our AR coatings provide 99.9% UV protection for the panel itself, as well as the contents of your building.

Ballistic vs Active Threat Protection

ArmorPlast® panels come in varying thicknesses for forced entry and ballistic threat levels. Thicker ballistic panels have been tested to UL752 standards and can stop bullets from entering your building. Our thinner panels are not bullet resistant but can prevent an active threat from entering the building, even when the panel has been riddled with bullet holes. In laboratory testing the panels were not appreciably weakened and remained in the frame to prevent entry, even after a prolonged attack with rifle rounds and heavy bludgeoning tools. You can see the video of this testing here. These panels are ideal for schools and other similar instances where budget is a limiting factor and ballistic options are out of reach. Thinner panels can also be easily retrofitted into any existing glazing system, including standard doors, without the need to upgrade hinges and closers due to their lightweight. Thicker ballistic panels can still be installed within your existing framing, but depending on the size of the windows, may require load calculations by a licensed structural engineer.


An effective security system is comprised of two crucial elements – high-quality manufacturing and expert installation craftsmanship – both of which are required for an optimal outcome. Our national network of Authorized Riot Glass dealer/installers has been carefully selected and completed our extensive training program, including virtual and in-person training to ensure you have premium service, quality, and reliability throughout the entire process. 


Riot Glass is backed by comprehensive material warranties and extensive labor guarantees. We stand behind our products and dealer installations, so if you’re not completely satisfied, we will make it right for you. That’s it, no questions asked.

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