Riot Glass™

Riot Glass™ has a diverse suite of security products that comprise the best of the best in glass and door protection:

  • Laminated Glass
  • Polycarbonate
  • Security Window Film Laminates
  • Security Screens
  • Custom Framing
  • Ballistic Security Doors

Riot Glass™ panels can be retrofitted into your existing framing, or ArmorPlast™ can be overglazed or back glazed into your existing opening as a shield to protect your existing glass. Our expert dealer network will assess your property and recommend the best solution for your needs.

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Threat Assessment

We recommend a threat assessment to determine which Riot Glass™ solution is best suited for your project. We offer consulting services and also work with outside consultants to help you in the determination.

There are three main categories of threats: forced entry, active shooter, and bomb blast. Riot Glass™ offers solutions designed to address each of these scenarios.

Forced Entry

Our virtually unbreakable retrofit solutions stop crimes before they happen. Would-be intruders are usually deterred very quickly when the glass does not break.

Many ArmorPlast™ retrofit solutions do not require removing your existing glass.

Active Shooter

Ballistic resistant Riot Glass™ is the ideal protection against active shooters. It is designed to stop bullets and prevent entry with shatter resistance.

If a ballistic-grade solution is not in your budget, a forced entry retrofit can still keep shooters out. In this scenario, bullets travel through the Riot Glass™, but the glass panel remains in the frame to prevent entry.

Bomb Blast

Bomb blast mitigation solutions range from security window film to a complete Riot Glass™ retrofit.

A blast consultant usually determines the threat level and the GSA performance level your site needs to meet. When the performance condition is established, we implement a system to meet or exceed those standards.


Our most popular products are retrofitted into existing window openings. ArmorPlast solutions can be mounted on the inside or outside of the framing, and are warrantied for up to 15 years on the exterior of the building. This alleviates the costly process of repairing or replacing the framing and surrounding materials.

When we retrofit, you get the same or similar protection to that of full window replacement at a much lower cost. In many cases, the existing glass is not broken, even after an attack with heavy tools and rocks.

If your window frames are not compatible with a retrofit, the existing panes can be removed and replaced with Riot Glass™. This is common in sliding doors and windows where clearances are tight. If the existing framing cannot bear the additional weight, the entire frame must be replaced.

Two-Step ArmorPlast™ Retrofit Process

1. Set retrofit system within the existing frame

2. Install ArmorPlast™ at the maximum distance from the existing glass

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New Construction or Replacement

Riot Glass™ solutions are available for new construction or as replacement glazing for remodels. When installing security glass, the extra weight, frame thickness, and superstructure support must be taken into account.

Riot Glass™ is available in lighter-weight materials for reglazing into existing walls where weight is a concern.

You can keep the bad guys out.

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