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Riot Glass® Price: Is Riot Glass a Cost-Effective Solution?

Written By: Brittney PhillipsSeptember 21, 2022

Riot Glass is one of the most cost-effective security glazing solutions on the market. Our Riot Glass retrofit solutions often don’t require us to remove or replace your existing glass, which means less time and labor go into installation — resulting in lower costs for you.

Although the price of Riot Glass varies on a case-by-case basis, the cost-to-benefit ratio of Riot Glass is the best you will encounter among all the security glazing products available on the market.

fan of a few dozen hundred dollar bills held in hands

What Factors Affect Riot Glass Price?

Each Riot Glass retrofit security glazing solution is highly customized to meet each customer’s security needs and budget. Because of this, there are many factors that go into determining how much Riot Glass costs.

Some of the most important factors our Riot Glass price estimates are based on are:

  • Glazing infill material (i.e., glass-clad polycarbonate or full polycarbonate)
  • Whether the glazing is ballistic grade (UL 752 rated) or non bullet resistant
  • Type of security framing requested/required
  • Number/size of windows and doors to be retrofitted
  • Scope/complexity of installation work

How can I get a Riot Glass price quote?

We always recommend starting with a threat assessment for your property to determine the scope of the security glazing retrofit required.

A threat assessment is a special type of security analysis in which a security expert thoroughly inspects your building to identify vulnerabilities. They then make specific recommendations about what type of security glazing is needed and where to install it.

threat assessment

Once you have conducted a threat assessment, we will be better able to provide you with the most accurate Riot Glass price estimate based on your specific security requirements.

During a free consultation, we will discuss your goals in terms of design and budget and work hand in hand with you to find a solution that meets your unique specifications.

A Riot Glass price quote may include costs for a combination of any of the following products:

  • Riot Glass RG Series security laminates
  • ArmorPlast® AP Series polycarbonate security glazing
  • AG Series all-glass doors
  • ArmorPlast® Gen I or Gen II Series security framing
  • J Series sub framing
  • Riot Glass insulated glass units (IGUs)

Within each of the product categories listed above, there is a wide variation in pricing based on size, thickness, materials, and the other factors we mentioned earlier.

What other security glazing products cost (for comparison to a Riot Glass price quote)

While we can’t give you a specific price estimate for a Riot Glass retrofit until we have consulted with you about your specific project, we can give you some ideas of what other types of security glazing cost. 

Keep in mind that these are just ballpark estimates for general security glazing product categories:

  • Security window film: $14 to $16 per square foot
  • Protective glass systems: $40 to $75 per square foot
  • UL 752 Level 1 ballistic-grade glass: $200+ per square foot 

Riot Glass Price: Is It Worth It?

As we touched on earlier, the cost-to-benefit ratio of Riot Glass makes it well worth choosing over any of the other security glazing products out there.

cost to benefit

Because we have such a comprehensive range of retrofit security glazing solutions, Riot Glass can work for almost any budget. 

While traditional forced entry and burglary prevention solutions, such as window bars and grates, are typically cheaper than a security glazing retrofit, they aren’t worth it for a number of reasons.

For starters, these solutions are unsightly and hurt the curb appeal of your business, which can affect the bottom line of many types of businesses (especially luxury retailers). 

These traditional solutions also block out natural light and reduce visibility, which means they simply don’t work for many commercial buildings (like glass office buildings) because of their modern aesthetics and architecture.

glass office buildings

Finally, bars and grates don’t cover your existing glass all the way. So, even though they may prevent forced entry, your glass doors and windows are still prone to being vandalized, resulting in expensive glass replacement.

Riot Glass creates an invisible, incredibly robust barrier over your existing glass, protecting it from all types of impacts. 

Riot Glass starts paying you back your investment by keeping your glass intact the first time your property is subjected to any of the following:

  • Forced entry and burglary attempts
  • Smash-and-grab theft attempts
  • Rioting and attempted looting
  • Vandalism
  • Storm damage (impacts from flying storm debris)

Even if an impact does damage your Riot Glass, reglazing the affected area with new security glazing is much more cost-effective than replacing the original glass.

Additionally, since Riot Glass doesn’t significantly alter the appearance of your building, block out natural light, or reduce visibility, it doesn’t affect how you attract customers or change the way you do business. 

In short, Riot Glass fortifies your property, without making it look fortified.


How else can Riot Glass pay itself off?

Besides the high-level security Riot Glass provides, it can also give you a return on your investment in another big way — by making your building more energy efficient.

When you retrofit glazing on top of your existing glass, you’re essentially adding a pane of glass. In other words, it turns single-pane windows into double-pane windows, or double-pane windows into triple-pane windows.

As you may already know, the more panes of glass your windows and doors have, the better they are at blocking out heat from the sun and retaining the cool air from your HVAC systems, which translates to better energy efficiency (and more indoor comfort).

energy efficiency

If improved energy efficiency is one of your primary goals, you might also consider one of our Riot Glass insulated glass units. These are sealed units with two or more panes of glazing and an air or gas infill for optimal insulation (and, of course, security).

Ready To Get Started with Riot Glass?

Our team of security glass experts is always available to discuss any questions and concerns you may have and find the best solution for your security needs and budget. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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