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Ballistic Glazing - UL 752 Level 2

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Ballistic & Forced Entry Grade Sub-framing

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Ballistic Glazing UL 752 Level 2

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Our Solutions

Riot Glass® retrofit systems consist of custom-made security glass and framing designs that provide maximum protection against forced entry and ballistic threats.

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Forced Entry

Virtually unbreakable retrofit solutions

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Bulletproof Protection

Ideal protection against active threats

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Hurricane & Windstorm

Great protection against storm damage

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Energy Efficiency

Sustainable, reliable and affordable Low-E solutions

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Blast Mitigation

Security window film to a complete retrofit

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Sound Attenuation

Window glazing ideal for blocking external noise

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Our Clientele

Riot Glass® can be used to secure any building. Virtually invisible yet nearly indestructible, it blends seamlessly in almost any existing window, door, or

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Commercial Glass Protection

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30 Sec – 1 Minute

Security film’s time delay is comparable to
scissor gates, bars, and roll-down shutters

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AP25 Access Denial

No Entry

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No Entry + Bullet Resistant


How we are different

We create groundbreaking products that retrofit into existing glazing to fortify your building. Our patented ArmorPlast® systems have received broad national adoption. Our brand focus is on improving glass security and the fenestration security of the space as a whole.

Riot Glass® products have an elegant, minimalist appearance that blends seamlessly into existing glazing configurations. Our systems are incredibly strong and are adaptable to almost any existing window system in widely varying architectural styles: from ultra-modern to historical properties. Riot Glass® is high-level protection designed to thwart the most severe attacks.

Why Glass Matters for Commercial Building Security

Any commercial building is only as secure as its most vulnerable entry points: its glass doors and windows. 

Many types of commercial glass, such as tempered safety glass, are not designed with the primary purpose of boosting security for windows and doors. 

This means that there are tons of commercial facilities out there that remain vulnerable to threats like forced entry, burglary, smash-and-grab theft, rioting, looting, active threats, storm damage, and more.

Security cameras, alarms, and commercial security personnel go a long way towards protecting businesses and facilities against these types of threats, but there’s one thing they don’t do: create a physical barrier to entry.

In order to really ensure that your property’s commercial glass doors and windows aren’t vulnerable, you have to reinforce them with some kind of physical barrier. The best way to do this is by installing some type of commercial glass security glazing.

Riot Glass® Commercial Glass Security Doors & Windows

Riot Glass® offers a full range of commercial security glazing solutions that are proven to protect your property against all manner of common threats.

Our products are designed to minimize intentional or accidental damage to your commercial building doors and windows. Riot Glass® will protect your existing commercial glass, your merchandise and equipment, and your employees.

Traditional window glass, and even, tempered safety glass is no match for forced entry attempts, rioting, or hurricanes and windstorms. A single blow from a common burglary tool or a piece of flying storm debris can easily shatter most commercial glass into thousands of pieces.

However, Riot Glass® will stay intact even after repeated impacts, remaining a barrier to would-be intruders and inclement weather. For glass office buildings or luxury retailers with large glass windows, this level of protection is indispensable.

Riot Glass®: Retrofit Security for Windows & Doors

Riot Glass® commercial security glazing solutions are designed to be retrofitted into or onto almost any existing glass door or window framing system. The only time Riot Glass® cannot be retrofitted is if the building is extremely old and its framing has deteriorated.

Retrofitting means that you don’t have to replace your existing commercial glass, making Riot Glass® much more affordable than other options.

Once Riot Glass® retrofit commercial security windows are overglazed or mounted outside the existing glass, they create a formidable barrier over the glass. Your original glass is protected from forced entry attempts, vandalism, rioting, storm damage, and other common threats.

Riot Glass® is an ideal commercial security solution for any property where you want a high level of security. Our clients include large office buildings and campuses,  government facilities, religious centers, schools, and high-end retail stores, to name a few.

Riot Glass® VS Tempered Safety Glass

Tempered safety glass is a special type of commercial glass that is frequently used to make windows for commercial buildings.

It is heat-treated to strengthen it and change the way it shatters when broken. Whereas standard window glass breaks apart into sharp, jagged pieces, the tempered glass breaks apart into thousands of tiny, harmless cubes.

The main purpose of tempered glass is to reduce the risk of injury when it breaks. That’s why it’s used to make car windows and things like glass railings as well as commercial window glass.

It’s important to reiterate that tempered safety glass is NOT designed with security in mind. It will not keep out intruders or prevent storm damage.

Riot Glass® is designed to provide the highest level of commercial building security possible. We created it after seeing the need for an affordable, adaptable, and effective commercial glass security solution.

Other Benefits of Choosing Riot Glass®

Besides its incredible impact resistance, another reason many people are choosing Riot Glass® for their commercial glass doors and windows is because of its appearance.

Riot Glass® glazing shields and security framing won’t noticeably change the appearance of your property, but you’ll know it’s there when a security threat targets your building.

Traditional commercial glass protection options include unsightly and impractical bars, gates, shutters, and board ups. 


Riot Glass® is heavily fortified glass that is becoming the new standard in glazing protection.
Building occupants need time to react, call 911, run away, or barricade in a safer place.
You are buying time, and time buys options.

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Frequently Asked questions

What sizes are available?
Riot Glass® (RG) and ArmorPlast® (AP) are available in maximum sizes 72″ x 120″. If window openings exceed that size, we simply reconfigure the mullions using our AP Series support mullions specifically designed to accommodate our AP and RG Framing. RG Security Laminates (our exclusive line of security window film) is available in 72″ maximum widths at any length. 
Will it look like my existing glass?
Riot Glass®, ArmorPlast®, and RG Security Laminates all look like regular glass. Depending on the thickness, visual acuity can be slightly affected, but overall you won’t see a distinguishable difference. Yellowing is not a concern and is covered by the warranty. For added safety, all three products allow police and patrol services to see inside your property. Privacy tints are available as an option in most Riot Glass® products.
How do I clean and care for security glass?
Traditional cleaning methods work on all types of Riot Glass® security glass and laminates. All of our security glass products have a protective outer layer to avoid scratching and marring. The process is similar to caring for a new car. You put it through all kinds of paces every day, but you do so with care and attention to detail. Treat security glass the way you would the finish on a fine automobile and you’ll enjoy years of trouble-free service. Always follow the cleaning instructions that come with your Riot Glass® purchases for optimal product longevity.
What is the warranty on the glass and framing?
Warranties vary by product and can also change depending on the application. In some cases, our products carry a limited lifetime warranty, while others are protected for up to 15 years. Your security specialist will provide details on both warranty coverage and life expectancy for your specific product needs.
How do I know it will work?
All of our products have been thoroughly tested in highly accredited laboratory settings and, more importantly, in real-world situations. While there are no ironclad guarantees, every retail store, commercial building, and school needs some level of security glass protection. Security glazing products are designed to delay and deter, and in many cases are the determining factor between life and death.
What happens during a site inspection?
Our security specialists will do a complete threat assessment, discuss your goals, and provide a detailed, easy-to-read proposal. We will also measure your windows and frames, then evaluate the overall condition and retrofit adaptability to determine the best solution for your property.
Do I need to remove signage and graphics?
It depends on which product you select and where the graphics are displayed. During the site inspection, our expert security consultant will advise whether graphics must be removed and replaced or stay intact.
What is UL 752? What’s the difference between ballistic and non-ballistic ratings?
Underwriters Laboratories™ offers multiple ballistic rating levels. Designed to measure bullet resistance, ballistic ratings factor in the grain (weight), caliber, and velocity of the ammunition. Non-ballistic (containment grade) products allow bullet penetration, but won’t break down or appreciably diminish in strength. In other words, the bullets leave holes, but the panels remain intact, keeping intruders out of the building.
We had several windows broken and our store looted during a protest in downtown Los Angeles. Riot Glass provided a solution to prevent this from happening again. We still have a very open, inviting look to our store so we are happy about that.

At first, we were skeptical whether something clear would provide enough protection under the extreme conditions we experienced, but after witnessing the demonstration of the product we were convinced. Unbelievably strong!

- C. Livingston

Patti Murphy

M3 Office Furnishings

Patti Murphy of M3 Office Furnishings was kind enough to sit down with us to share her experience working with Riot Glass LLC We replaced the most vulnerable windows with our RG9 series security glass.

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