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What Are the Best Bullet “Proof” Glass Bank Windows?

Written By: Brittney PhillipsApril 9, 2022

Banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions, where large amounts of cash are handled, are some of the best candidates for bullet-resistant glazing installation.

fan of a few dozen hundred dollar bills held in hands

Not only does bullet-resistant glass or other glazing protect lives from ballistic attacks, it provides the highest level of forced entry prevention to mitigate the risks of burglary and armed robbery.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about bulletproofing bank windows, including the level of protection that you can actually achieve, where you should install ballistic-grade glazing, and what type of security glazing is the best for banks.

Do Bulletproof Glass Bank Windows Really Stop Bullets?

In reality, there is no such thing as a 100% bulletproof glass bank window — any type of ballistic glazing can eventually be penetrated by a determined enough attacker or by the right type of firepower.

However, certain bullet-resistant materials can stop a number of rounds from specific types of firearms, protecting the people behind and giving them time to react in the event of an armed robbery or an active threat attack.

As we already mentioned, bullet “proof” glass bank windows also provide access denial to keep bad guys from forcing entry into a building or certain areas within a building. Bullet-resistant security glazing withstands prolonged attacks using heavy hand tools, and is often virtually unbreakable, depending on the glazing’s exact composition.

Where Do Banks Need Bullet-Resistant Windows?

glass bank transaction windows

Bullet “proof” glass bank transaction windows

Bank teller windows are an ideal place to install bullet-resistant security glazing. These are the areas that are most likely to be targeted by armed robbers.

While the use of bullet-resistant barriers as teller windows is not a common practice in all banks and credit unions, a correlation has been shown between an increase in the use of bullet-resistant teller windows and a decrease in bank robberies.

This is due to the fact that simply having visible bullet-resistant transaction windows acts as a big deterrent to would-be criminals.

Using the right combination of security glazing infills and heavy-duty security framing for transaction windows allows full visibility and ease of transactions, while a financial institution’s employees remain safe and secure behind the barriers.

Depending on the UL 752 ballistic resistance rating of the infill material, these barriers can stop one or more rounds of a specific weight and caliber, fired from common types of firearms, including handguns and assault rifles.

Even when riddled with bullets, ballistic-grade teller windows won’t break apart, become dislodged, or noticeably diminish in strength. This means that the bad guys cannot pass through them to gain access to the employees’ side of the barriers to steal or do them harm.

When combined with other bank security measures, such as monitored surveillance systems, panic buttons, and alarm systems, ballistic-grade bank teller windows are one of the best ways to deter and prevent bank robbery and physical harm to employees.

Benefits of bullet-resistant bank teller windows:

  • Act as a strong deterrent to bank robbery
  • Protect employees during armed robberies or active threat attacks
  • Keep bad guys on the other side, even if penetrated by bullets
  • Allow full visibility and easy cash transactions via pass-thru trays or windows
  • Act as germ barriers/sneeze guards for mitigating the spread of viruses (like COVID-19)
bullet resistant windows

Bullet-resistant bank exterior windows

Banks, credit unions, and other financial businesses are top targets for vandalism, burglary, and looting, especially during moments of civil unrest. 

While the majority of a financial institution’s cash and other valuables remain locked away safely in highly secure vaults, this doesn’t stop would-be intruders from attempting to smash the windows and gain access to whatever they can find inside.

That’s why financial institutions should also consider installing bullet-resistant glass or glass-like security glazing on top of their exterior windows.

At the very least, these ballistic-grade barriers will prevent vandalism that can result in expensive repairs. In more serious situations, like major riots or active threat scenarios, the barriers will keep bad guys out and protect anyone who is sheltering inside.

Bullet-resistant security glass also protects a building’s windows and doors against storm damage from flying storm debris, making them an ideal alternative to board-ups and shutters.

Benefits of exterior ballistic-grade bank windows:

  • Provide the highest level of forced entry prevention
  • Protect existing glass from breaking due to vandalism, rioting, looting, and forced entry attempts
  • Protect employees and/or clients inside during riots or active threat attacks
  • Give people time to react by running, hiding, barricading themselves inside, and waiting for the police or FBI to arrive and neutralize threats
  • Act as storm damage mitigation barriers and a board up alternative
bullet resistant glazing for banks

What Type of Bullet-Resistant Glazing Should Banks Use?

For the absolute best in ballistic-grade bank security, we recommend using polycarbonate or glass-clad polycarbonate glazing shields.

This type of bullet-resistant security glazing is available with high UL 752 ballistic resistance ratings, yet is still relatively thin and light compared to other types of bullet “proof” glass bank windows on the market — there’s a reason it’s used to protect the president!

Ballistic-grade polycarbonate can be installed independently, such as to create bullet-resistant teller windows, or it can be retrofitted on top of existing glass doors and windows, such as on top of a bank’s street-facing storefront windows.

Either way, polycarbonate glazing shields protect whatever is behind them from ballistic attacks, forced entry attempts, storm damage, and other real-life threats.

Riot Glass Offers Bullet-Resistant Bank Windows

Riot Glass LLC provides ballistic-grade security glazing solutions for a full range of commercial clients, including banks, credit unions, and other financial businesses.

For bulletproofing banks, we highly recommend our ArmorPlast® polycarbonate glazing shields, which are available with up to a UL 752 Level 8 rating.

ArmorPlast® blends seamlessly into your existing windows and doors, or it can be used to create brand new bullet-resistant transaction windows for a fresh installation.

Contact us today for more information about our ballistic security solutions for banks and financial institutions or to schedule a free consultation.

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