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Protecting a HERCULITE® Frameless Glass Door

Written By: Brittney PhillipsJanuary 2, 2017

We receive a lot of inquiries about frameless HERCULITE® glass doors, which consist of a single piece of glass, usually made of 1/2 inch thick tempered glass with holes for the hardware and a top and bottom mounting rail.

glass storefront

The Beauty of Frameless Glass Doors Featuring Herculite®

There is no question that frameless glass doors are aesthetically pleasing and add extra elegance to a business. You can customize these doors through the application of opening and closing hardware. This job should only be handled by professionals who will back up their work.

glass doors

More and more businesses are opting in for Herculite Frameless Glass Doors since they are cost-effective and last a long time. But the glass doors themselves can be a security issue. Thankfully, we have a solution that will fit both your budget and the impeccable look of your storefront or home.

Advantages of HERCULITE® glass doors

We definitely are concerned about the safety of these types of glass doors. But we consider that this should not be a deal-breaker if you want to install them. They offer a classy and clear look combined with an elegant touch of modernism.

Plus, we have a prime solution for their vulnerability!

Keep reading to find out.

These are the pros of installing frameless glass doors to your property:

  • These doors improve view as they offer a clear vision of the insides and outsides. This is especially critical to keep track of the surroundings, both from the inside and the outside.
  • Their elegant-looking style adds sophistication to your building.
  • Their elegant style is available in a variety of designs. You can get them in many, colors, designs, and patterns which you can customize to your needs.
  • The value of your property increases when you install these doors due to the modern look they provide to a property.
  • Not only are they elegant but they are durable.
  • Frameless doors are retractable and highly convenient. The fact that they can open inwards and outwards adds value to your property.
  • No more rusty looks from metal frames. This saves tons of money on replacements metal replacements while keeping the clean look all year round.
  • These doors are easier to clean than traditional glass doors with frames. There is no chance for mold or dirt to collect and build within the cracks. Mild soap and a squeegee get the job done in no time.

Many home or business renovations will become outdated after a certain time. But frameless doors will pass the test of time with class and high-quality decorating style.

The Problem With Frameless Glass Doors

HERCULITE® is a popular manufacturer of these doors, but there are other brands using a similar type of system. The look is very elegant, dressing up any entrance and providing the most unobstructed view possible.

The problem is that this type of door system is easily broken by burglars, leaving your business vulnerable. Security window films do not work to secure a solid glass door like this, because the only support in a frameless door is the glass itself.

Even if the window film is attached at the top and bottom, the sides are unsupported so the whole door will collapse. Surprisingly, security consultants and even some window film companies seem unaware of this and prescribe window film to protect these storefronts.

glass storefront with escalators

Sadly, the owner may find out the hard way how ineffective it will be when the worst-case scenario actually occurs. Once it has been broken, the entire door and hardware will collapse into a pile of glass gravel and hardware parts on the ground. And the bad guys walk right in. Our Riot Glass panels do not break, so they remain rigid and in place.

The video below was taken from surveillance cameras inside a store on Madison Avenue in New York. It shows thieves breaking into the store on Christmas Eve 2016. Notice how easily the criminals break the glass and enter the store (aside from one of them getting a little surprise as the top mounting rail falls on him).

According to news coverage, millions of dollars in furs were stolen.

What could have prevented this?

You guessed it: Riot Glass!

Our Solution for Unbreakable Frameless Glass Doors

Riot Glass offers an unbreakable insert that prevents breakage of HERCULITE® glass doors, including the side glass panels that are fixed and often span the remainder of the storefront. Our unbreakable glass door armor meets up to a UL752 Level 1 ballistic rating and is virtually impossible to break, so thieves just stand there smashing on it until they get tired.

In our many years in business, the feedback we get from customers is overwhelmingly positive. There have been numerous attempts by burglars to breach our Riot Glass, only to leave empty-handed. Riot Glass is crystal clear, so the look is the same as regular glass.

​Call Riot Glass today to learn more about protecting your storefront from smash and grab burglary. 800-580-2303​

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