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Why Businesses Need Riot Glass® High-Security Windows for Smash-and-Grab Protection

Written By: Brad CampbellJuly 12, 2023

One of the most common threats faced by many different types of businesses is that of smash-and-grab theft.

Most businesses have traditional commercial security systems, but things like cameras and alarms don’t do anything to physically prevent criminals from breaking a storefront window or display case to gain quick access to valuable goods and merchandise.

In order to mitigate the potential financial losses that this type of theft can cause, it’s important for businesses to implement Riot Glass® high-security windows for smash-and-grab protection as part of their comprehensive smash-and-grab theft prevention systems.

By protecting vulnerable windows, doors, and display cases with highly impact-resistant, anti-theft security glazing, business owners can rest easy knowing their property is truly secure against not only smash-and-grab theft, but a full range of other security threats, too.

The Importance of Smash-and-Grab Theft Protection for Businesses

Smash-and-grab theft involves forcefully breaking into a business establishment to steal valuable merchandise or assets within a short span of time. 

In these types of burglaries, the thieves are not worried about making noise, setting off alarms, or, in many cases, even being seen.

In fact, we’ve increasingly seen brazen daytime smash-and-grab robberies on a large scale, sometimes involving dozens of criminals in a coordinated attack (known colloquially as “flash robs”).

While any type of business or commercial facility can be the target of a smash-and-grab theft attempt, certain types of businesses are preferred targets because of the potential payouts for criminals.

What Types of Businesses Are Most At Risk for Smash-and-Grabs?

  • Jewelry stores and luxury retailers: High-value items, often very visibly on display, make these businesses attractive targets for smash-and-grab thieves.
  • Electronics stores: The presence of valuable electronic devices, such as smartphones and laptops, makes these establishments more at risk of smash-and-grab theft.
  • Pharmacies: Prescription medications, which can have a high street value, make pharmacies a big target for theft.
  • Convenience stores: These establishments often operate during late hours and may have limited security measures in place, making them prime targets.
  • High-end fashion boutiques: High-end clothing, accessories, and designer merchandise make fashion boutiques attractive to thieves.
  • Art galleries: Valuable artwork and limited security measures can make art galleries targets for smash-and-grab theft.
  • Liquor stores: Alcoholic beverages, especially high-end brands, are sought-after targets for thieves.
  • Antique stores: Valuable antiques and collectibles can be easily stolen and resold, making these stores susceptible to theft.
  • Cash-handling businesses: Locations with cash-intensive operations, such as check-cashing establishments and pawn shops, are attractive targets for smash-and-grab theft due to the potential for immediate financial gain.

Reasons To Implement Riot Glass® High-Security Windows for Smash-and-Grab Protection

Financial Protection:

Smash-and-grab theft can result in substantial financial losses for businesses, including the costs of replacing stolen goods and fixing property damage, as well as lost revenue from potential business interruption. 

jewelry theft

Implementing robust security measures, including Riot Glass® high-security windows for smash-and-grab protection, helps minimize these losses, reducing the potential impact on the company’s bottom line.

Employee and Customer Safety:

Smash-and-grab theft incidents often occur during operating hours, putting employees and customers at risk of physical harm from broken glass.

By investing in virtually unbreakable security glazing, businesses can mitigate the risks of glass-related injuries and sidestep liability problems.

Reputation Management:

The occurrence of a smash-and-grab theft incident can tarnish a business’s reputation, as customers may perceive the establishment as unsafe or vulnerable after the theft. 

By proactively addressing security concerns, businesses can protect their brand’s image and maintain customer trust.

Prevention of Repeat Attempts:

An effective smash-and-grab theft protection system not only deters would-be thieves, but also reduces the likelihood of repeat offenses. 

Once a smash-and-grab attempt fails, the word gets out, and criminals are less likely to target businesses that have robust security measures in place additional times.

Cost-Effective Solution:

Installing Riot Glass® is one of the most cost-effective ways for businesses to prevent smash-and-grab theft. 

Most Riot Glass® solutions can be retrofitted on top of a business’s existing glass doors and windows, eliminating the need for expensive glass replacement using other comparable types of retail security glass.

The Riot Glass® creates a protective access denial barrier over the existing glass, preventing the glass behind from breaking during most forced entry attempts.

If the Riot Glass® itself gets damaged, it’s much more affordable to simply replace the damaged glazing sheet than it is to clean up and repair broken commercial glass doors and windows.

Protection Against a Full Range of Security Threats:

Riot Glass® doesn’t just protect businesses against smash-and-grab theft. It also mitigates other common security threats that all types of businesses and commercial facilities face, including:

  • Forced entry and burglary
  • Rioting and looting
  • Vandalism
  • Blast damage
  • Active threats
  • Storm damage
  • Accidental impacts

Any commercial property owner can benefit from the 24/7 security and peace of mind that Riot Glass® provides — it’s not just for the high-risk businesses we mentioned earlier.

For example, any business located in a major city has the potential to be in the pathway of civil unrest that has the potential to turn into rioting and looting.

When this happens, business owners often have to rush at the last minute to board up their businesses and protect them from looting.

boarding up windows

Riot Glass® is an excellent alternative to plywood board ups that more effectively secures businesses against rioting and looting, not to mention only requires one-time installation.

The Bottom Line

Smash-and-grab theft can cause significant financial losses, which can be incurred from replacing stolen property, repairing damaged windows and display cases, and lost operating time.

Additionally, smash-and-grab robberies present other issues for businesses, including the risks of causing glass-related injuries to employees and customers and hurting a businesses reputation.

Riot Glass® high-security windows for smash-and-grab protection physically prevent smash-and-grab burglaries from happening in the first place, thereby mitigating all the risks mentioned above.

Of course, it’s still important for business owners to implement other components of a comprehensive business security system, but Riot Glass® fills one of the most important roles by actually keeping bad guys out and protecting workers and shoppers from harm.

Our knowledgeable team is here to answer any questions you may have about preventing smash-and-grabs with Riot Glass®. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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