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Riot Glass® retrofit systems consist of custom-made security glass and framing designs that provide maximum protection against forced entry and ballistic threats.

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How Can ArmorPlast Keep Rioters from Looting Your Business?

Written By: Brad CampbellAugust 14, 2020

In these tumultuous times, rioting and looting are a bigger concern than ever for business owners. This is especially true if your business is located in a dense urban area, such as the downtown core of a major city. So, what can you do in the midst of civil unrest to strengthen your business’s defenses against rioters and looters? We suggest installing ArmorPlast shatterproof windows to ensure that your business is less prone to expensive damage and that your equipment and merchandise stays safely locked inside.

What Are ArmorPlast Shatterproof Windows?

ArmorPlast is the top-of-the-line security glass product offered by Riot Glass that is specially designed and manufactured right here in the USA. In fact, ArmorPlast isn’t really glass, but rather a unique combination of acrylics, polycarbonate, and other types of plastic. It’s this unique composition that makes ArmorPlast virtually impenetrable.

ArmorPlast polycarbonate panels and security framing are the absolute best option when you want to protect your business against rioting, looting, and a full range of other man-made and natural threats. Though your business may be on a quiet, peaceful downtown street, you never know when current events can cause the area to explode in chaos. No business owner expects or wants to experience this, but it’s always better to take security precautions to protect your business against the unexpected.

intruder breaking through window

Because of their extreme strength and resilience, Riot Glass ArmorPlast shields are favored by schools, banks, government facilities, luxury retail stores, and other properties with a high threat level. ArmorPlast shatterproof windows come in a variety of thicknesses and strengths, from containment grade to ballistic grade. This means that you can protect your business against everything from smash-and-grab robberies to violent active threats.

How Does ArmorPlast Protect Your Business Against Looters?

In most cases, ArmorPlast polycarbonate panels can be back glazed or overglazed right on top of your existing glass. This means that it can be retrofitted onto the inside or outside of your business’s glass without the need to remove and replace the windows that you already have. When a rioter decides to target your business, they’ll be in for a surprise to find out that the rock, brick, bat, pipe, crowbar, or whatever else they’re attempting to break the windows with doesn’t work on ArmorPlast.

Even the lowest level of containment-grade ArmorPlast panel, AP25, is virtually unbreakable, even by a determined looter. Containment grade means that the AP25 doesn’t stop bullets, but it will still retain its strength and won’t shatter in the face of ballistic impacts. If you do want more protection, ArmorPlast panels go all the way up to AP125MS, which is a ballistic-grade panel designed to stop high-speed, multi-shot ballistic attacks.

Not only does ArmorPlast turn your glass doors and windows into shatterproof windows, but it also comes packaged with a specially engineered security framing system. Standard framing systems are often a weak point that can fail to hold your windows in place during a prolonged, determined forced entry attempt. ArmorPlast polycarbonate panels and security frames work together to create one of the most formidable barriers to entry that you can choose for your business.

Will ArmorPlast Change the Appearance of My Business?

ArmorPlast is designed with the appearance of your business in mind. The polycarbonate panels themselves look just like regular window glass, and you shouldn’t notice any changes in the visibility through your glass doors and windows.

The tamper-resistant hardware we use to install ArmorPlast gets hidden behind a sleek protective cover, so it shouldn’t detract from your business at all. Our security framing is available in either clear or bronze anodized aluminum, so you can choose the best style for your property. All this makes ArmorPlast a great option to protect your business against looting.

glass storefront

Physical Features and Benefits of ArmorPlast:

  • Resistant to yellowing and hazing (5-year warranty against coating failure)
  • UV resistant coating (blocks out harmful UV rays)
  • Glass-like surface hardness (feels like standard window glass)
  • Strength of polycarbonate (polycarbonate laminate in various strength ratings)
  • Doesn’t inhibit normal visibility (virtually invisible)
  • Limited spalling and whiteout after repeated impacts (maintains visibility during an attack)
  • Easy to clean surface coating (can use regular glass cleaning methods)
  • Can resist vandalism (abrasion, marring, chemical, and graffiti attacks)

What If I Can’t Afford ArmorPlast?

If ArmorPlast polycarbonate panels and framing just aren’t in your budget right now, Riot Glass offers some cheaper alternatives that can still help protect your business against looters. The most budget-friendly option available is Riot Glass safety and security, anti-shatter window film. There is no such thing as shatterproof film for windows, but Riot Glass Window security laminates can hold shattered glass in place and delay entry long enough to deter would-be looters and give the authorities time to react.

Final Thoughts on ArmorPlast for Riot and Looting Protection

While we hope you and your business never have to experience the mayhem of rioting and looting, we have seen first hand the damage and loss that such events can incur. Fortunately, we’ve also seen how installing ArmorPlast has kept businesses from getting looted and prevented those business owners from experiencing devastating financial losses. Any business, big or small, can turn into a target for an angry crowd or criminal elements seeking to take advantage of civil unrest. We truly believe that ArmorPlast is the best option to protect all types of businesses against looting.

Contact Riot Glass today to schedule a consultation with one of our security experts. We will conduct a threat assessment of your property, make recommendations about how to secure your property using ArmorPlast and other shatter-resistant glass products, and provide you with an easy-to-read estimate. We always work closely with our clients to find them a security solution that balances cost and effectiveness.

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