Glass is the Achilles Heel of Your Building

By February 26, 2017Blog

For years, business owners, campus police, and security officials have had very few options for protecting their property against a determined bad guy because everyone knows that if you really want to get inside a building, you can just smash a window or glass door and you’re in.

Protecting the glass with bars or scissor gates dramatically alters the appearance of the building in a way that negatively impacts not only your property, but the neighborhood as a whole, and these solutions often only work after hours as they are disabled or pushed aside during the day. The windows then become vulnerable to an attacker.

The solution? Riot Glass. We have solutions in many protection levels and price ranges.

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Imagine you own this retail store and receive that dreaded phone call from the police or alarm company that your store has been looted.

Now, imagine the voice on the other end of the line informing you that although your store was vandalized, the rioters or burglars were unable to gain entry, no merchandise was stolen, and your store interior is intact. It is still a dramatic event to endure, but the outcome is significantly less traumatizing for you, your employees, and your patrons. It is also vastly less expensive when you consider lost revenue, potentially lost customers and/or employees, and the insurance deductibles.

Whether you are in charge of protecting a retail store (or chain), a school, government facility, or office building, think of Riot Glass as insurance that prevents the negative financial and psychological impacts. It is the first line of defense against a burglary, riot, or other attacks.


Our expert glaziers are extremely proficient and can retrofit your building in no time, with minimal disruption to customers, employees, or students.

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The durability of our products is second to none, and our prompt and professional service is ‘pain-free’. When you call our office, we will locate a dealer near you and a surveyor will be dispatched to your location(s) to assess the size, strength and overall scope of work required to secure your building and its invaluable contents.

Our Riot Glass Thermoplastic interlayer is the secret to our product’s unbelievable strength. It comes in multiple strengths and overall thicknesses and can be installed as a retrofit over your current windows, or as a replacement glass.

Our surveyor will inspect your property and windows and perform a needs assessment to better understand your specific concerns. Once we determine the best protection level to meet your needs, we will promptly provide you with a quote, supporting literature, case studies, and references.

Riot Glass is virtually invisible and undetectable, yet performs a vital function in a tumultuous world.

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