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Security Window Bars for School Security | ArmorPlast®

By: Brad CampbellDecember 1, 2021

Increased demand for school security has spawned the development of many new products designed to slow or deter an armed intruder. In addition to emergency protocols and drills, there are some critical physical security measures that can significantly improve the survival rates in an incident involving an active threat. Door anchors for interior doors, Velcro affixed, quick release roll-down black-out shades for classroom door windows, and ArmorPlast® glass security shields all have specific design features that allow schools to use them without violating fire code and in keeping with aesthetics conducive to learning. Essentially, security measures must be effective, safe, and virtually invisible to students. Ideally, maximum security can be obtained with minimal effect on the look and feel of the school, and without reducing daylighting and natural airflow.

ArmorPlast Clear Bars for Glass Security

Invisible Window Bars

ArmorPlast® Clear Bars were developed using an existing patented framing system from Riot Glass, Inc that is used to hold unbreakable clear shields in front of windows to prevent forced entry. The standard ArmorPlast® panels are mounted as a single solid sheet, but in some cases, especially in schools with operable windows, an alternative was needed to maintain airflow. ArmorPlast® Clear Bars are evenly spaced to allow for ample airflow while simultaneously fortifying windows to prevent an intruder from entering the building. They are available in standard lengths up to 96 inches long and can be cut to fit virtually any window. Clear Bars are often used in conjunction with standard ArmorPlast® panels on non-operatable windows and glass doors. With ArmorPlast® Clear Bars in place, the windows may be opened to allow for air circulation without compromising security, something other glass security products cannot achieve.

ArmorPlast Standard Solid-Panel Door Glass Security

ArmorPlast® is 250 times stronger than standard glass and can withstand sustained attacks from heavy tools such as hammers, rocks, and metal pry bars. In testing, Clear Bars have been pulled, yanked back and forth with great force, hammered, and twisted to no avail, even after multiple sustained attempts from testing facility agents that were young men of larger than normal stature.

Security window films and standard laminated safety glass are often used in schools and can be effective for slowing an intruder. These products however, can rarely withstand more than a few strikes with a heavy object or tool before a hole can be made, and an intruder need only make a hole large enough to reach in to “trip” the panic hardware on a door to make entry in under a minute. For this reason, ArmorPlast® is often used on doors and the windows surrounding the doors while window films and laminated glass is used in areas less vulnerable. ArmorPlast® Clear Bars can be used on operable windows for a well-rounded window and glass door security strategy that will fit most schools’ limited security budgets. Call for more details and to locate a dealer near you 800-580-9997.

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