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Riot Glass® retrofit systems consist of custom-made security glass and framing designs that provide maximum protection against forced entry and ballistic threats.

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Riot Glass® can be used to secure any building. Virtually invisible yet nearly indestructible, it blends seamlessly in almost any existing window, door, or

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Commercial Security Systems

Written By: Brad CampbellOctober 25, 2022

Security is a crucial element in the success of every minor and major brand, company, business, or entrepreneur. There will always be malicious forces at work, looking to undermine your progress in whatever way they can think of. At least, that’s what you should always think. 

No matter how safe you believe you are, all it takes is one terrible situation and you may end up losing everything. Because of this, companies invest a certain amount of their budget into improving security and preventing malicious intent to the maximum of their ability. 

security camera on the edge of brick building

No security system is perfect but the more security elements you use, the more difficult it will be for intruders, hackers, or burglars to act. Let’s take a look at some of the most common commercial security systems used by companies all over the world and explain why they’re necessary. 

Commercial Security System Types

Commercial security systems usually employ a couple of different security measures that work harmoniously to enhance safety and security. Be mindful when choosing which security measures to use because each commercial building is different and may require careful planning. 

security camera on pole outside
  1. Access Control Systems: These systems prevent unauthorized access to office buildings, commercial areas, or other restricted locations. They usually require authorized credentials (PIN codes, fingerprints, patterns, etc.) to allow access to the restricted area.
  2. Alarm Systems: Alarms are crucial in deterring criminal activity by releasing loud, repeating sounds that help notify personnel of unauthorized entry or a breach. In most cases, alarms are also connected to access control systems and electromagnetic door-locking mechanisms, activating if someone unlawfully enters a restricted area.
  3. Video Surveillance and Security Cameras: Commercial buildings have cameras mounted in every vital corner, opening, hall, or other areas to keep security teams constantly updated with what’s happening. On top of that, in the event of unlawful entry, stealing, or other criminal activity, security teams can use this footage to help the police.
  4. Fire Safety and Emergency Systems: You never know if and when a fire might start so investing in various emergency systems is not just a recommendation but an absolute must. Some systems that you’d find in this category are fire alarms, smoke detectors, sprinklers, and more.
  5. Sensors: Sensors are useful for detecting movement or alerting security when specific doors are opened. Depending on the type of business, this security measure may also include laser, infrared, and microwave sensors for enhanced commercial building security.
  6. Cybersecurity: Cybersecurity systems are focused at protecting valuable and vulnerable data from unauthorized access. The digital world is often overlooked when it comes to security but cyber attacks are just as damaging as physical infiltrations, if not more. Some types of cybersecurity systems include anti-viruses, traffic monitoring, data encryption, and firewall cyber protection.
  7. Entry Access Systems: Gate security systems are used in virtually all forms of commercial buildings, ranging from banks and jewelry stores to groceries. They are one of the most common forms of security systems due to their price and overall security characteristics. A physical barrier such as a strengthened security door can stay active 24/7, generally dissuading all but the most persistent criminals. Entry access systems are often paired with alarms and access control systems to maximize efficiency.
  8. Security Glass: A crucial component of commercial buildings located in medium to high-risk areas, security glass is capable of preventing forced entry and some even offer ballistic protection. There are many forms of security glass and, depending on the business’s security needs, they may need unbreakable glass, shatterproof glass, and more. 

What to Look For in Security Systems?

bullet proof glass doors in building

Because security systems vary so much in purpose, tech, methodology, and usefulness, you need to look out for certain characteristics that’ll help in determining which ones you need. 

  • Installation Ease: Before you choose an installer, make sure to ask them how large of an undertaking is the installation going to be. Certain security systems require heavy modification of the area you want to secure while others are easily integrated. Most modern businesses use ‘simple’ plug-and-play access control hardware that is easy and quick to install, saving them time, money, and potential headaches from complicated installation.
  • Interoperability: Flexibility is often a highly desirable aspect of security systems, predominantly due to how complicated fully securing a commercial building is. Interoperable systems are easily modified over time and can even be expanded without too much work being required.
  • Maintenance Costs: In most cases, up-front costs are the ones being considered when budgeting but people often forget that maintenance costs play an important role in budgeting down the line. Security systems often require fairly constant maintenance, whether it includes software updates (for digital security systems) or hardware updates (for physical security systems). You need to consider these costs before installing security systems to prevent potential financial issues in the future.
  • Customer Service: While many ignore the effectiveness of the customer service associated with certain security systems, its importance cannot be overstated. Timely and efficient customer service will keep your systems up to date and can help in dealing with potential weak points quicker.
  • Physical Characteristics: Physical security systems such as security doors and glass should only be purchased from reputable vendors that produce high-quality products. There’s nothing more dangerous than installing security glass, only to have it falter in a critical and dangerous scenario. 

Luckily, we have dedicated many years of our lives to creating the highest-end security glass for various commercial businesses. 

Why Riot Glass?

Riot Glass, LLC is a spin-off company of Campbell Window Film, a window film company with more than 30 years of glazing experience. When it comes to security, we don’t mess around because every second is crucial during incidents and various dangerous situations.  

glass doors with silver handles

We sell numerous glass products, including our state-of-the-art ArmorPlast® line of security glass. This virtually invisible and nearly impenetrable security glass can withstand a high amount of physical and ballistic damage. 

Our security glass products are quick to install and don’t require the removal of existing glass, meaning you can get your new security measures up and running in no time. 

Contact us at Riot Glass to find out more about our products and how they can strengthen your security when it comes to preventing physical damage and break-ins. 

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