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Ballistic Glazing - UL 752 Level 2

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Ballistic Glazing - UL 752 Level 6

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AR Polycarbonate Sheets

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Containment and Safety Glazing

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Ballistic Glazing - HPW Level A

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Ballistic Glazing - UL 752 Level 1

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ArmorPlast® Gen I Series

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ArmorPlast® Gen II Series

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ArmorPlast® IGU Series

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J Series

Ballistic & Forced Entry Grade Sub-framing

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Ballistic Glazing UL 752 Level 2

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Ballistic Glazing - UL 752 Level 3

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Ballistic Glazing - UL 752 Level 4

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Ballistic Glazing - UL 752 Level 5

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Ballistic Glazing - UL 752 Level 7

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Our Solutions

Riot Glass® retrofit systems consist of custom-made security glass and framing designs that provide maximum protection against forced entry and ballistic threats.

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Forced Entry

Virtually unbreakable retrofit solutions

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Bulletproof Protection

Ideal protection against active threats

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Hurricane & Windstorm

Great protection against storm damage

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Energy Efficiency

Sustainable, reliable and affordable Low-E solutions

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Blast Mitigation

Security window film to a complete retrofit

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Sound Attenuation

Window glazing ideal for blocking external noise

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Our Clientele

Riot Glass® can be used to secure any building. Virtually invisible yet nearly indestructible, it blends seamlessly in almost any existing window, door, or

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ArmorPlast® Gen II Series

Patent: #1752564

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Retrofit Security Framing Systems

ArmorPlast® Gen II Security Systems by Riot Glass LLC are the result of over 30 years of access denial experience. Evolving from knowledge gained over hundreds of installations across the country, the new Gen II system sets a new standard for premium retrofit fenestration security consisting of exquisite fit and finish and a sleek minimalist profile.

Riot Glass products make securing existing windows and glass doors cost effective, quick, and easy. Our customers range from small strip-mall retailers to large corporate retail giants - elementary schools to government military facilities.

Heavy Duty Series

Conversion Series

Standard Series

Excellent Smash and Grab Protection

Our most popular system is the ArmorPlast Gen II overglaze standard duty storefront retrofit system. This light weight system is incredibly strong and provides exceptional security at an affordable price.


ArmorPlast® Gen II Standard Series

We have designed the Gen II Standard Series security framing to offer extreme durability with a smaller footprint than our larger models. Compatible with 1/4” or 3/8” ArmorPlast security or ballistic infill panels. Extrusion assemblies come standard with setting blocks, gaskets, and fasteners.

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KIT#: AP2-STD-SF shown above with our AP375 security infill panel installed. System is compatible with ArmorPlast AP25, AP375, and 375-BR panels. All parts may be purchased separately

Heavy Duty Series

Maximum Protection Against Forced Entry and Level 1-6 Ballistic Attacks

This system provides next-level protection to prevent forced entry and ballistic attacks as well as glass breakage vandalism. Designed to install in front of the existing glass or behind it, the HD security framing is engineered to accommodate our AP or RG infill panels from 3/8” to 1-1/4” in thickness making it the perfect choice for high-level intrusion resistance and ballistic protection. Similar to the standard ArmorPlast Gen II system, the HD framework is easily installed with standard fasteners and sealants. When installed on the exterior, the process can even be done during business hours without any client downtime. Exterior Installed kits include our proprietary tamper-resistant fasteners.

armor plast gen 2 heavy duty

Also compatible with UL 752 Level 1-6 Bullet Resistant Laminates

armor plast gen 2 heavy duty

ArmorPlast® Gen II HD Retrofit Storefront Security System with 1/2" AP security infill panel shown above. AP Panel Thickness Range: 3/8" - 1-1/4"

Conversion Series

Maximum Protection Against Forced Entry and Level 1-6 Ballistic Attacks


Simple - Discrete - Effective

ArmorPlast® Conversion Series

Convert any storefront into a Riot Glass® high security fortress.

Simply remove the old glass and gaskets and attach the Conversion Series Retrofit System. Installs in hours, not days for an easy reglaze.

armorplast gen 2 conversion graphic

Compatible with all ArmorPlast® Gen II Security infill panels and Levels 1-6 Ballistic Glazing

Simple - Discrete - Effective

ArmorPlast® Conversion Series for Entry Doors

Designed to fit all 1-3/4” aluminum framed doors with removable interior and exterior glass stops. Upgrade any compatible door frame to a high performance security door quickly and easily.

Also compatible with our RG Series ballistic laminated glass. Be sure to evaluate the load capacity of the existing doors when adding heavy glass. Upgraded hinge hardware and closers may be required.



armorplast gen 2 conversion doors

The Perfect Blend ofStrength and Aesthetics

Optimized for 1/4” to 1-1/4" security panels
Compatible with most ballistic, security, and dual glazed infills
Easy installation and re-glaze
Available in clear and bronze anodized or painted finishes
Pressure & temperature balanced front & back glazed systems mitigate condensation

ArmorPlast® Gen II framing system can be purchased as full length assemblies and sheets of our various AP Security Panels, or packaged and sold as kits. Each stock length assembly contains 12 feet of the specific aluminum extrusions and all required gaskets and fasteners.

ArmorPlast® Gen II framing is extruded from 6063 T-5 aluminum with 1/8” walls - twice the thickness of most storefront framing members. The heat-strengthened, incredibly rigid ArmorPlast® Gen II framing not only provides a solid mount for security infill panels, but also strengthens the underlying storefront structure when installed according to manufacturer’s specifications. The net result is a security barrier that is virtually impenetrable, yet invisible to the untrained eye.

Our full line of ArmorPlast® security panels are made from our patented extruded polymer with high-impact resistance and crystal clear optics. Incorporating technology commonly used by aerospace manufacturers in aircraft windshields, AP security panels are light weight and extremely durable, making them a perfect choice for storefront security. Riot Glass has developed our proprietary polymer utilizing a premium blend of polycarbonates, acrylics, and other plastics specifically engineered for high-impact resistance, UV protection, and abrasion resistance to ensure maximum strength and longevity

armor plast gen 2 graphic

ArmorPlast® Gen II

Designed to withstand prolonged attacks with heavy tools.
The unique design of the ArmorPlast® Gen II framing system absorbs the shock of high levels of kinetic energy. When combined with our virtually indestructible infills, shock waves from attacks are allowed to dissipate to the edges - minimizing weakening effects

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We had several windows broken and our store looted during a protest in downtown Los Angeles. Riot Glass provided a solution to prevent this from happening again. We still have a very open, inviting look to our store so we are happy about that.

At first, we were skeptical whether something clear would provide enough protection under the extreme conditions we experienced, but after witnessing the demonstration of the product we were convinced. Unbelievably strong!

- C. Livingston

Patti Murphy

M3 Office Furnishings

Patti Murphy of M3 Office Furnishings was kind enough to sit down with us to share her experience working with Riot Glass LLC We replaced the most vulnerable windows with our RG9 series security glass.



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