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ArmorPlast® Gen I Series

Patent #: US 10,450,793 B2

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Retrofit Security Framing Systems

ArmorPlast® Gen I Security System by Riot Glass LLC is the result of years of access denial experience. Evolving from knowledge gained over hundreds of installations across the country, our security framing systems provide maximum protection against forced entry and ballistic threats.

Riot Glass products make securing existing windows and glass doors cost effective, quick, and easy. Our customers range from small strip-mall retailers to large corporate retail giants - elementary schools to government military facilities.

Custom-Made Security glass framing

Riot Glass LLC retrofit systems use custom-made security glass and framing designs that provide maximum protection against forced entry and ballistic threats.

Our leading-edge technology can adapt to almost any existing school, commercial, or residential window or glass door.

You can safeguard your property without ruining your views — or your budget.

Laboratory test results are available by request. Also, see our Videos page for testing footage.

AP Series Gen I Patent #: US 10,450,793 B2

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Reinforced framing supports ArmorPlast® panels and completes the security system.

Highly-rated, forced-entry, blast, and ballistic protection for any threat level

Shatter-resistant security glass retains its form to prevent forced entry

Fits virtually any new or existing window structure

We had several windows broken and our store looted during a protest in downtown Los Angeles. Riot Glass provided a solution to prevent this from happening again. We still have a very open, inviting look to our store so we are happy about that.

At first, we were skeptical whether something clear would provide enough protection under the extreme conditions we experienced, but after witnessing the demonstration of the product we were convinced. Unbelievably strong!

- C. Livingston

Patti Murphy

M3 Office Furnishings

Patti Murphy of M3 Office Furnishings was kind enough to sit down with us to share her experience working with Riot Glass LLC We replaced the most vulnerable windows with our RG9 series security glass.



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