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Ballistic Glazing - UL 752 Level 2

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Ballistic Glazing - UL 752 Level 6

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AR Polycarbonate Sheets

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Containment and Safety Glazing

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Ballistic Glazing - HPW Level A

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Ballistic Glazing - UL 752 Level 1

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ArmorPlast® Gen I Series

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ArmorPlast® Gen II Series

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ArmorPlast® IGU Series

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J Series

Ballistic & Forced Entry Grade Sub-framing

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Ballistic Glazing UL 752 Level 2

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Ballistic Glazing - UL 752 Level 3

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Ballistic Glazing - UL 752 Level 4

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Ballistic Glazing - UL 752 Level 5

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Ballistic Glazing - UL 752 Level 7

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Our Solutions

Riot Glass® retrofit systems consist of custom-made security glass and framing designs that provide maximum protection against forced entry and ballistic threats.

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Forced Entry

Virtually unbreakable retrofit solutions

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Bulletproof Protection

Ideal protection against active threats

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Hurricane & Windstorm

Great protection against storm damage

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Energy Efficiency

Sustainable, reliable and affordable Low-E solutions

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Blast Mitigation

Security window film to a complete retrofit

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Sound Attenuation

Window glazing ideal for blocking external noise

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Our Clientele

Riot Glass® can be used to secure any building. Virtually invisible yet nearly indestructible, it blends seamlessly in almost any existing window, door, or

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AG Series Doors Riot Glass

You asked for an all glass doors system that can withstand forced entry and ballistic attacks, so we made it for you. Watch as we test these elegant yet formidable barriers to entry. Perfect for high-end retailers, corporate C-suite office entrances, hotels, restaurants, or anywhere you wish to have beauty and strength together in one entrance system.

Transcript: AG Series Doors Riot Glass

We're here in Stanton, California today at F T Three Tactical who’s been nice enough to let us use their range to test our riot glass AG series, all glass doors. Today we've got our Lightest series, which is our AG 50.It's a lightweight, easy to retrofit system. Can go into any storefront, any building, indoor or outdoor. We’re going to put several rounds into this and also smash it up and make sure that it's going to work as intended here. Come on. In fact, point. No penetration. Getting real close. Come it. No penetration. Got a few rounds lodged in there. This is a nine millimeter here. Nine millimeter here. We got four, four in that door. We've got one, two, three in this door. Let's check the other side. No penetration. Manny's okay, I think this was a great test. We learned a lot about our door system here. Primarily that it does stop rounds and it can take a lot of abuse and still function just like a normal door. And that is the AG series from Rye Glass.


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