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The Benefits of Access Control Vestibules for Commercial Security

Written By: Brad CampbellOctober 9, 2023

When it comes to safeguarding commercial facilities and the people and property within them, the importance of robust physical security measures cannot be overstated. 

Criminals may try to gain unauthorized access to commercial facilities in order to commit burglary, armed robbery, or violent attacks, which is why implementing some type of access control is an important part of any comprehensive commercial security system.

While access-controlled doors, opened via keycards, passcodes, or biometrics, can go a long way towards preventing unauthorized access to a facility, they don’t prevent intruders from following an authorized building occupant in after they’ve opened the door, or from breaking a pane of glass to open a door from the inside.

This is where access control vestibules, fortified with forced entry-resistant and bullet-resistant security glazing, come in. These fortified entryways serve as formidable barriers to unauthorized access, providing a range of benefits that extend far beyond traditional security measures.

The Growing Need for Enhanced Commercial Security

The security landscape for businesses and other types of commercial properties is a complex one. The need to protect sensitive information, valuable assets, and, most importantly, the safety of employees and customers is critical, but there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. 

Commercial facilities, ranging from banks and jewelry stores to government buildings and data centers, face the constant threat of forced entry, theft, and even armed attacks.

alan j hendry knt4zd8hpb0 unsplash

In light of these threats, traditional security measures, such as surveillance cameras, alarms, and locks are no longer sufficient. Criminals have become more sophisticated, employing advanced tools and tactics to breach security barriers. 

As a result, business and commercial building owners have been forced to adopt more robust solutions to protect their premises effectively.

The Role of Access Control Vestibules in Commercial Security

Access control vestibules, also known as security or mantrap vestibules, are a highly effective means of hardening commercial security. 

These enclosed entryways are designed to restrict and monitor access to a building by allowing only one person to enter at a time, typically through a series of interlocking doors. 

sebastian herrmann ax6ijknfxx4 unsplash

However, the true strength of these vestibules lies in their ability to be fortified with forced entry-resistant and bullet-resistant security glazing, providing an incredibly strong buffer zone between the outside and inside of a facility.

Reinforcing Commercial Security with Fortified Access Control Vestibules

The primary advantage of using access control vestibules fortified with security glazing is their unparalleled resistance to forced entry. 

Traditional commercial glass doors and windows (even those made of strengthened tempered safety glass) are easily shattered, providing intruders with a quick entry point. 

In contrast, security glazing is designed to withstand significant force, making it exceptionally difficult for anyone to break through.

In terms of access control vestibules fitted with security glazing, think of them as a double layer of protection — even if a would-be intruder manages to slip in through the first door, the second door remains locked, and they won’t be able to quickly force entry through it.

How Access Control Vestibules Prevent Unauthorized Access

Access control vestibules equipped with security glazing serve as an initial line of defense against unauthorized access. These structures ensure that every person attempting to enter the premises is subjected to thorough scrutiny. Typically, the process involves the following steps:

  • Access Request: The visitor requests entry and is screened by security personnel or an automated access control system.
  • First Door: After initial screening, the visitor is allowed to enter the vestibule. The first door behind them remains locked.
  • Waiting Period: The visitor is briefly detained within the vestibule while their identity and purpose are further verified.
  • Second Door: Upon successful verification, the second door leading into the facility is unlocked, allowing the visitor to proceed.

By incorporating security glazing into the structure of an access control vestibule, the effectiveness of this process is significantly enhanced. 

Even if an individual manages to breach the initial door, they would still face the formidable obstacle of the security glazing surrounding the vestibule, which is extremely difficult to penetrate. 

This multi-layered security approach serves as a robust deterrent against unauthorized access.

How Access Control Vestibules Protect Against Active Threats

The threat of active shooters or other armed assailants is a grim reality of the world we live in, so it’s important for commercial facilities to take proactive steps to protect against such active threat incidents. 

Access control vestibules fortified with bullet-resistant security glazing provide an additional layer of protection against such threats. 

This specialized glazing is designed to withstand a certain number of ballistic impacts, preventing attackers from shooting out a window or door to gain unauthorized access and protecting the lives of people inside a facility.

Although there’s no such thing as 100% bulletproof glass, the presence of bullet-resistant security glazing ensures that an assailant cannot easily penetrate the structure, giving occupants vital time to seek shelter or escape.

Even if an access control vestibule is penetrated by bullets, it won’t significantly diminish in strength or allow an attacker to pass any part of their body through, thus it remains a formidable barrier to forced entry.

Using Access Control Vestibules for Robbery Deterrence

For businesses that deal with valuable assets or currency, such as banks, jewelry stores, pawn shops, cannabis dispensaries, and other cash-oriented businesses, the threat of armed robbery is a constant concern. 

jan zwarthoed 24c4mlzrqei unsplash

Access control vestibules equipped with security glazing can act as a powerful deterrent to potential robbers. 

The knowledge that breaching the security vestibule is a formidable challenge can dissuade criminals from attempting a robbery in the first place, thus preventing potential harm to employees and loss of valuable cash, merchandise, or other property.

Wrapping Up

Access control vestibules fortified with forced entry-resistant and bullet-resistant security glazing can be a valuable component of secure commercial facilities. 

These structures not only provide a robust defense against unauthorized access, but also serve as a strong deterrent to potential criminal threats. 

Investing in access control vestibules equipped with security glazing is a proactive step that businesses can take to protect their assets, employees, and customers. 

By implementing these fortified entryways, commercial facilities can significantly reduce the risk of forced entry, robberies, and other security breaches.

Contact us today to discuss how you can implement access control vestibules using Riot Glass® security glazing solutions.

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