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Riot Glass® Prison Glass/Detention Security Glazing

Written By: Brad CampbellMarch 23, 2023

Correctional facilities, including prisons, juvenile detention centers, and other types of detention centers, have a unique set of security needs.

Because of the risks of egress, riots, and violent attacks, these types of facilities require a special type of prison glass, known as detention glazing, wherever there are glass doors and windows.

Riot Glass, LLC offers a full range of one-of-a-kind security glazing solutions that are ideal for all types of detention centers.

What Is Riot Glass® Detention Glazing?

Riot Glass® prison glass solutions include polycarbonate and glass-clad polycarbonate (GCP) security glazing units. Each unit includes the glazing infills and retrofittable security framing adapters.

Each glazing infill panel is composed of a proprietary combination of polycarbonate, acrylics, and other plastics, resulting in a virtually unbreakable forced entry-resistant and, in some cases, bullet-resistant detention glazing.

The unique formulation of Riot Glass® detention glazing makes it much stronger than other types of polycarbonate security glazing on the market, meaning it will outperform and outlast standard polycarbonate.

Riot Glass® is built to withstand even the most prolonged, determined forced entry attempts using hammers, pry bars, bats, and other heavy objects that inmates could potentially use to attempt a break out or during a prison riot or a targeted attack.

Such attempts will simply bounce off of the Riot Glass®, preventing attackers from gaining entry by breaking a window or door and giving corrections officers time to respond and get the situation under control.

In addition to being virtually unbreakable, Riot Glass® glazing is covered with a special abrasion-resistant coating. This makes it even better for correctional facilities, where inmates may attempt to scratch the surfaces of windows to inhibit visibility.

How Riot Glass® prison glass solutions work

Riot Glass® retrofittable framing adapters allow for polycarbonate and GCP composite laminates to be mounted into a glass surface's existing framing system, creating a protective barrier over the existing glass.

Alternatively, Riot Glass® can be used to replace any existing glazing altogether, or be used in new construction.

Riot Glass® also has new Gen II security framing available, which uses an original system of gaskets to disperse the force of impacts towards the edges of the glazing even more effectively.

armor plast gen2

This framing can be over-glazed (mounted outside existing glass) or back-glazed (mounted inside existing glass). Or, conversion framing can be used to place the framing inside the existing pocket of a window after the existing glass is removed.

Why Do Correctional Facilities Need Riot Glass® Detention Glazing?

In detention settings, unrestricted visibility of key areas is of the utmost importance. Traditional solutions like bars and grates restrict visibility, making it harder for corrections officers to see threats.

In addition to high visibility, detention facilities also need a high level of security to prevent unauthorized entry or egress and the passage of contraband.

Since it’s crystal clear, yet virtually unbreakable, Riot Glass® glazing is the perfect solution for prisons and other types of detention centers — it strikes the perfect balance between security and visibility.

Riot Glass® detention glazing can be integrated into:

  • Cell doors and windows
  • Visitation rooms
  • Interview rooms
  • Corridors
  • Control rooms
  • Infirmaries
  • Anywhere else where high-security prison glass is required

Do correctional facilities need bullet-resistant detention glazing?

Since the presence of firearms is strictly controlled and monitored in detention centers, most prison glass doesn’t really need to be bullet resistant.

Bullet-resistant GCP glazing may be used in certain ultra high security areas of detention complexes. But, for most applications, containment-grade polycarbonate prison glazing provides all the protection needed.

Specifically, we recommend using ArmorPlast® AP25, which is tested and certified to resist forced entry, human impacts, flying storm debris, and more.

At just 1/4-inch thick, AP25 is incredibly lightweight, making it ideal for retrofitting in older facilities.

armorplast graphic

AP25 offers a glass-like surface hardness and appearance, with the extreme impact resistance of our proprietary polycarbonate security glazing. It’s also abrasion- and UV-resistant, and won’t yellow or haze, giving it a long service lifespan in high-profile correctional facility applications.

As a containment-grade solution, AP25 allows bullet penetration, but it won’t significantly diminish in strength, even if riddled with multiple bullets.

In other words, even if a firearm fell into the wrong hands inside a correctional facility, the inmates wouldn’t be able to use it to shoot out a piece of AP25 and gain access to a secure area.

AP25 remains a barrier to forced entry even during the most violent attacks, continuing to protect those on the other side and buying time to react.

Benefits of using AP25 for prison glass retrofits:

  • Offers lightweight, yet virtually unbreakable
  • Allows natural light in and provides full visibility
  • Has abrasion-resistant and UV-resistant coatings
  • Provides a long service life in high-stress environments
  • Looks and feels like standard window glass

How To Get Started with a Riot Glass® Retrofit

Because prisons and other detention centers must comply with strict security testing standards, we highly recommend carrying out an updated threat assessment to help determine the right level of Riot Glass® security glazing for correctional facilities.

During a threat assessment, a security expert who is familiar with industry requirements and regulations will conduct a thorough inspection of the facility’s existing security measures.

The expert will then make specific recommendations about what type of Riot Glass® glazing to use and where to put it to provide the required level of security.

What about new correctional facilities?

For new facilities, Riot Glass® glazing can be used in place of other types of prison glass during the initial construction process.

This can be taken into account when designing the facilities, as it offers the opportunity to design rooms with more high-security glazing, and thus higher visibility.

For example, rather than traditional cells with masonry walls and fully metal doors, cells can be built with larger window components, making it easier to observe the actions of detainees and spot potential threats.

Or, security glazing can be used in place of bars to prevent the passage of contraband to inmates, while allowing an even higher level of visibility than bars.

Contact us today for a free consultation or to schedule a threat assessment.

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