How Can ArmorPlast 25 Offer Glass Protection and Guard Against Forced Entry?

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Many of our clients are looking for glass protection that offers more impact resistance and forced entry protection than window film or laminated glass can provide. One of the most popular products that we recommend to these clients is ArmorPlast 25.

Keep reading to find out more about how this highly impact-resistant glazing shield works and how you can reinforce your existing glass doors and windows using AP25 to protect your property from intruders and other threats.

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How This Glass Protection That’s Not Actually Glass Works

ArmorPlast is a line of polycarbonate panels and framing designed to look and feel just like glass, but with the strength and impact resistance of polycarbonate. These shields are available in a range of security ratings for varying degrees of protection against forced entry, ballistic attacks, bomb blasts, and more.

ArmorPlast 25 is a non-ballistic, containment-grade glazing shield. This means that bullets can penetrate it, but it will not significantly diminish in strength or break apart, even after repeated high-force and high-velocity impacts.

Key characteristics of ArmorPlast 25:

  • Single-ply laminate
  • Satisfies the requirements of ASTM D256
  • Constructed from polycarbonate sheets
  • Glass-like hardness
  • Abrasion-resistant and UV-resistant coating
  • Resistant to yellowing and hazing
  • Resistant to chemical attacks and marring

ArmorPlast 25 is designed for long service life in high profile, harsh environments. In other words, it can take a lot of abuse. AP25 has a 5-year Limited Product Warranty against coating failure, yellowing, and hazing.

armorplast 25 glass protection

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How Does ArmorPlast 25 Offer Glass Protection from Forced Entry?

Although this specific glazing shield doesn’t stop bullets, it remains a barrier to entry even after being riddled by bullets or after receiving multiple impacts from common burglary tools. It does not shatter apart and cannot be easily dislodged, thus preventing a would-be intruder from passing a hand through to open a door from the inside.

This strength makes ArmorPlast 25 ideal for retail burglary and smash-and-grab theft prevention. High-end luxury retailers especially can benefit from installing these containment-grade shields over their storefront glass and display cases to keep intruders out of the building and block their access to expensive merchandise.

AP25 isn’t just for retailers, though. There are many types of businesses and commercial facilities that need protection for window and door glass.

Businesses and commercial buildings that can benefit from the glass protection:

  • Retail stores
  • Correctional facilities (jails, detention centers)
  • Psychiatric hospitals
  • Corporate buildings and offices
  • Schools
  • Religious buildings

Any property that requires a high level of protection against forced entry or violent attacks can benefit from installing AP25 glazing shields at vulnerable entry points. Not only does this protect expensive merchandise and products against theft, but it also helps keep anyone inside the building safe by keeping the bad guys out and giving the authorities time to arrive.

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3 Great Benefits of Using ArmorPlast 25 as a Glass Protector

1. Looks and Feels Like Regular Glass

The polycarbonate used to construct AP25 sheets is crystal clear and feels remarkably similar to regular window glass. This means that you don’t have to sacrifice visibility or detract from your property’s appearance to protect it from forced entry and other threats.

Traditional security elements like bars, gates, and shutters can be unsightly and impractical for many businesses. This is especially true for places like retail stores where you want to show off merchandise and allow potential customers to window shop as they pass by.

With ArmorPlast 25, anyone looking in from the inside won’t even know it’s there. You’ll keep all the benefits of standard window glass with the added benefits of a virtually invisible security barrier that only you know is there.

2. Protects Glass Against Vandalism, Rioting, and Looting

The same strength that makes AP25 such a formidable barrier to forced entry also makes it an effective way to protect your property against damage and losses caused by civil unrest. If you have a business in a downtown retail core, these issues can be a real cause of concern.

When you install ArmorPlast 25 protective shields in your property’s glass doors and windows, you don’t have to worry about your storefront getting shattered to pieces by vandals or determined looters looking to gain access.

The coating used on these polycarbonate shields is also very resistant to marring, scratching, and even chemical attacks. This makes it much less likely that you’ll have expensive damage to repair and clean up after if your commercial building is a target of vandalism.

3. Provides Earthquake and Storm Damage Protection

The threats that businesses and commercial facilities face aren’t always man-made. Mother nature can also be unpredictable and cause property damage that can be expensive to clean up at the very least and may even leave your building exposed to more damage or theft.

Standard glass can break apart and shatter inwards very easily when it gets hit by debris during a mighty windstorm or if your building experiences heaving shaking during a seismic event. A broken window means that your space is potentially open to heavy rains and flooding or criminals looking for an easy target.

ArmorPlast 25 solves these problems by staying intact and keeping your glass doors and windows firmly in place. Even if the glass cracks, AP25 won’t dislodge and expose your business or shatter and fly dangerously inwards, potentially injuring anyone inside the building during a storm or earthquake.

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When you’re looking for top-of-the-line glass protection for your business or commercial facility, ArmorPlast 25 is a great place to start. With AP25, your property remains protected during all the unexpected scenarios that can arise.

We have many years of experience working with commercial clients of all types, and we are committed to helping you find the right security solutions for you and your property.

Contact us today for more information about our AP25 glazing shields or to schedule a consultation.

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