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Riot Glass® retrofit systems consist of custom-made security glass and framing designs that provide maximum protection against forced entry and ballistic threats.

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Riot Glass® can be used to secure any building. Virtually invisible yet nearly indestructible, it blends seamlessly in almost any existing window, door, or

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What’s the Most Reliable Security Glass for Window Security?

Written By: Brad CampbellOctober 9, 2023

From forced entry and burglary to active threat scenarios, commercial properties face a range of security threats that present unique challenges when it comes to protecting property and people. 

The vulnerability of windows is one of the most significant points of consideration in designing a comprehensive commercial security plan. When it comes to reinforcing windows, choosing the right security glass is pivotal. 

While there are many different types and brands of security glass out there, they are not all created equal. 

Whether you want to keep bad guys out or protect your windows against flying storm debris and other impacts, the most reliable security glass for commercial window security is Riot Glass®.

The specific formulations of polycarbonates, acrylics, and other plastics that comprise Riot Glass security glazing allow it to outlast and outperform other similar products by a longshot, making Riot Glass stand out as the top choice for securing windows and other commercial glass surfaces.

Understanding the Need for Security Glass in Commercial Spaces

Commercial properties are often targeted by criminals for burglary, smash-and-grab theft, looting, and other types of theft due to the value of different types of assets within. 

Be it a retail storefront, an office building, or an industrial facility, the vulnerability of windows means that all it usually takes is a blow or two from a hammer or another common burglary tool to force entry and gain access to valuable merchandise and equipment. 

jane last bswqwhfdu8g unsplash

Standard glass, while efficient in providing natural light, visibility, and aesthetic appeal, falls short when it comes to resisting forced entry, ballistic attacks, or even extreme weather conditions.

In fact, even tempered glass, which is about four or five times stronger than traditional annealed glass, breaks far too easily to even consider using it for security purposes.

This vulnerability of the two most common types of commercial window and storefront glass necessitates the adoption of security glass solutions to ensure the safety and security of both property and building occupants.

The Crucial Role of Security Glazing in Commercial Window Security

Security glazing is designed to enhance the performance of windows in terms of impact resistance. 

Unlike conventional glass, security glazing is engineered to withstand high-force and high-velocity impacts, deter forced entry attempts, and provide a level of defense against various threats. 

Commercial spaces, with their larger windows and increased need for natural light and visibility, demand a specialized approach to security glazing that doesn’t compromise on the benefits of windows, but protects against a full range of modern security threats.

benjamin child gwe0dlvd9e0 unsplash

Why Riot Glass Stands Out

Amidst the sea of security glazing options in the market, Riot Glass easily floats to the top as the best choice for improving commercial window security. 

What sets Riot Glass apart is its specific formulations of materials, combining polycarbonates, acrylics, and other high-performance plastics.

The unique compositions of Riot Glass security glazing allow it to look and feel very much like standard commercial window glass, while giving it a virtually unbreakable strength that protects businesses and facilities against all of the following security threats:

  • Forced entry
  • Burglary
  • Smash-and-grab theft
  • Rioting and looting
  • Vandalism
  • Blasts and explosions
  • Storm damage
  • Active threats
  • Other accidental impacts and natural disasters

Unmatched Strength and Durability

Riot Glass is renowned for its exceptional strength, thanks to the combination of advanced security laminate materials. 

This unique blend results in a material that surpasses traditional glass in terms of impact resistance — it’s up to 100 times stiffer and five times stronger than comparable types of glazing.

Whether facing intentional acts of vandalism, forced entry attempts, or even extreme weather events, Riot Glass stands strong, ensuring that the security of the commercial property is not compromised.

Resistance Against Ballistic Threats

In today’s unpredictable world, the threat of ballistic attacks cannot be ignored. Ballistic-grade Riot Glass is specifically engineered to provide a formidable defense against such threats. It’s able to stop several rounds from specific types of firearms commonly used in active threat incidents.

Even though there’s no such thing as 100% bulletproof glass, Riot Glass’ ability to absorb and disperse impact energy makes it a reliable choice for businesses concerned about the safety of their employees and assets. 

In high-risk areas, Riot Glass acts as a crucial line of defense, providing access denial barriers to keep attackers out and mitigating the potential risks of injury to building occupants during active threat scenarios.

In fact, even containment-grade Riot Glass (non-ballistic, forced entry-resistant security glazing), can be riddled with bullets without giving way or significantly diminishing in strength.

Enhanced UV Resistance

Beyond physical threats, commercial properties also face challenges from environmental factors. Riot Glass incorporates UV-resistant properties, safeguarding interiors from the damaging effects of prolonged sun exposure. 

This feature not only ensures the longevity of the glazing, but also protects valuable assets within the commercial space, such as merchandise, furnishings, and electronic equipment.

wu yi pdh0h4s6ftm unsplash

Customization for Aesthetic Integration

Security measures should not compromise the aesthetics of a commercial property. Riot Glass understands this concern and offers customization options that seamlessly integrate with the architectural design. 

This allows businesses to maintain a professional and inviting appearance, complete with natural light and views of the outdoors, while benefiting from top-tier window security.

Tested and Proven Performance

Riot Glass undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its performance in real-world scenarios. The glazing’s ability to withstand various forms of impact and attacks is validated through different internationally accredited testing protocols that mimic potential threats. 

This commitment to testing and quality assurance solidifies Riot Glass as a reliable and proven solution for commercial window security.

Riot Glass: The Pinnacle of Commercial Window Security

Riot Glass stands tall as the pinnacle of innovative architectural solutions when it comes to commercial window security. Its specific formulations, combining polycarbonates, acrylics, and other high-performance plastics, create a security glazing solution that outperforms and outlasts comparable solutions. 

For business and commercial building owners looking to fortify their properties against forced entry, ballistic threats, and environmental challenges, Riot Glass is simply the best choice — investing in Riot Glass is an investment in the long-term safety and security of commercial spaces and their occupants.

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Looking for residential protection? At Riot Glass, we specialize in protecting your property with our patented bullet-resistant system, designed specifically for aluminium framed windows. Not sure if Riot Glass is right for your home? Explore our FAQs.
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