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If You’re Not Using Riot Glass To Secure Your Windows, You May Be Vulnerable to Crime

Written By: Brad CampbellJuly 11, 2024

When it comes to forced entry, windows are the most vulnerable potential entry points in any commercial facility. 

If your business or commercial property is fitted only with standard commercial glass windows, it may be very susceptible to different types of crime, including break-ins by burglars or more serious attacks by active threats. 

If you worry about the threats crime poses to your property and the safety of those inside, one of the best ways you can protect them is by fortifying your windows with forced entry- or bullet-resistant Riot Glass.

What Is Riot Glass?

Riot Glass is a line of security glazing products, including laminated security glass panels and polycarbonate-based glazing shields, that use specific formulations of state-of-the-art glazing materials to outperform and outlast comparable types of security glass

Riot Glass is designed to either replace or be retrofitted on top of vulnerable traditional glass, creating an incredibly durable barrier against forced entry and impacts of all types.

Once installed, Riot Glass panels are virtually invisible and, depending on the specific composition of the security glazing, virtually unbreakable. 

Some types of Riot Glass can even provide high levels of ballistic protection, meaning they’re capable of stopping one or more rounds from certain types of firearms.

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Retrofit Riot Glass solutions can be mounted into or onto most existing window and door framing systems using specialized retrofittable security framing adapters — there’s often no need to remove your existing glass or replace the framing, unless weight is a concern.

Ultimately, Riot Glass products are built to face three main threat categories, which are forced entry, active threat, and bomb blast scenarios (or accidental explosions).

Is Securing Your Windows with Riot Glass Different from Using Safety Glass?

Riot Glass security glass products are specifically designed and built to withstand intentional attacks. 

The security glazing is highly shatter-resistant and meant to provide high levels of access denial, delaying would-be intruders long enough for those on the inside of the glass to react and for the police or other first responders to arrive. 

Riot Glass is also highly effective at protecting against burglary, smash-and-grab theft, and rioting and looting. It prevents the existing glass behind it from shattering and, even if penetrated, remains a robust barrier to forced entry, preventing would-be intruders from passing a hand through to open a door from the inside.

Safety glass, on the other hand, is not designed to protect against intentional attacks and crime, but rather to improve human safety in commercial buildings.

One of the most common types of commercial safety glass is architectural tempered or toughened safety glass. This type of commercial glass is stronger and more resistant to shattering than regular architectural glass, but it will not stop an intruder. 

Tempered safety glass is designed to break apart into small harmless fragments instead of sharp dangerous pieces, making it safer than normal glass for those on the inside or nearby, but the key takeaway here is that it is designed to break — it doesn’t secure your windows against forced entry at all.

Protect Your Property Against Crime; Secure Your Windows with Riot Glass

Unlike regular commercial window glass and tempered safety glass, Riot Glass security panels won’t fall away when cracked or broken. 

Even non-ballistic, containment grade panels of Riot Glass are invulnerable against attacks from common hand tools like hammers, axes, and crowbars. In fact, they will even maintain their strength when riddled with bullet holes. 

Whether you’re concerned about simple break-ins and burglary or are worried about more serious threats, like ballistic attacks and bomb blasts, Riot Glass products can help make you and your property less vulnerable.

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Secure Your Windows Against Forced Entry

Containment-grade ArmorPlast shields from Riot Glass are ideal for businesses that stock valuable merchandise or are at a high risk of smash-and-grab theft or burglary, including many types of high-end, luxury, and specialty retailers. 

These glazing shields are virtually unbreakable using any common break-in methods, so would-be intruders are deterred and move on very quickly.

This high level of forced entry protection makes containment-grade Riot Glass and ArmorPlast ideal for businesses in urban or high-crime areas, as it can be used to secure entire glass storefronts, as well as display cases and entryway doors, against all of the following:

  • Vandalism
  • Forced entry
  • Burglary
  • Smash-and-grab theft
  • Rioting and looting

Protect Your Property and People Against Active Threats

Riot Glass also offers a full range of ballistic-grade ArmorPlast glazing shields, for when perceived threats are greater than just burglary. 

Bullet-resistant Riot Glass is available in various thicknesses and compositions, designed to withstand multiple impacts from bullets of different calibers without shattering. 

Even when penetrated during a ballistic attack, Riot Glass keeps shooters from gaining access to a facility, providing precious additional time for individuals inside the facility to call the police and either evacuate the building or barricade themselves inside to wait for the authorities to arrive and neutralize the threat.

In fact, even non-ballistic Riot Glass or ArmorPlast can mitigate active threats, as it provides access denial to keep the bad guys out and deter attacks.

Types of commercial properties that can benefit from securing their windows with Riot Glass for active threat protection include:

  • Schools
  • Government buildings
  • Corporate offices
  • Hospitals
  • Religious facilities
  • High-risk businesses
  • Other high-security facilities

Mitigate Blast Damage and Injury

Riot Glass and ArmorPlast shields also provide effective blast mitigation from nearby explosions, either intentional or accidental. 

If a bomb blast is a real threat to your property, you can have a blast consultant assess the threat level and tell you what GSA performance level your property needs to meet. 

You can then retrofit all your existing glass with the appropriate blast-resistant Riot Glass to protect against thermal shockwaves and help prevent the windows from shattering, reducing the risk of injury to those inside due to flying shards of glass.

Who Can Benefit from Securing Windows with Riot Glass?

Riot Glass is available for all types of commercial buildings and projects. It can either be retrofitted into an existing property or installed as part of new construction or remodels. 

No matter how big or small the threat of crime is to your property, Riot Glass products will secure your windows, giving you peace of mind in knowing that your property is well protected against forced entry and other threats.

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If you’re a business owner, Riot Glass is an essential part of a comprehensive commercial security strategy. It works alongside traditional security measures, like surveillance cameras and alarm systems, to cover all vulnerable entry points and deter and prevent forced entry and theft.

Riot Glass is also an excellent defense in the event of civil unrest, which can often result in rioting and looting. It protects your property against vandalism and theft, acting as an alternative to traditional plywood board ups.

Typically, all it takes is a well-aimed brick or a blow from a metal pipe to take down a storefront window. However, with Riot Glass in place, this is no longer a concern. Even if a Riot Glass panel becomes marred, it will stay in place and shield any existing glass behind it, preventing shattering and keeping attackers out of your business.

Riot Glass Is the Best Way to Reinforce Your Windows Against Criminals

While traditional forced entry prevention solutions like bars, shutters, and gates, are effective at preventing forced entry and deterring criminals, they often only provide after-hours protection, not to mention that not all businesses, landlords, or cities want these products visible on their buildings’ windows.

Riot Glass provides you with the highest level of 24/7 protection against a full range of security threats, without significantly changing the appearance of your property. 

Use Riot Glass to secure your windows and protect your business or commercial facility against crime — contact us today for a free consultation.

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