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Entryway Security Door Options

Written By: Brad CampbellJuly 10, 2024

Businesses and commercial buildings have a variety of options when it comes to securing their entryway doors against forced entry and other threats, and the right choice comes down to the door’s style and composition.

For example, all-glass entryway doors or framed doors with large windows require specialized security glazing and framing kits to convert them into glass security doors

On the other hand, doors with minimal glass components can often be retrofitted with security glazing shields to protect the existing glass.

Some building entrances may also benefit from additional security measures, such as access control vestibules, to improve commercial security even more.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the most important considerations to have in mind when choosing a security door solution for your commercial property.

Types of Security Door Solutions

All-Glass Security Doors

Securing all-glass commercial entryway doors may seem like a difficult challenge, but it’s possible with the right security glazing and framing systems.

Combining sleek, minimalist hardware with forced entry- or bullet-resistant security glazing, Riot Glass AG Series doors are designed to meet the most stringent requirements of security experts and design professionals alike.

All this solution requires is replacing your existing all-glass entryway door with the complete retrofit security door system, turning your commercial entryway into a formidable barrier against unauthorized entry — without compromising on aesthetics or curb appeal.

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Unbreakable Security Door Conversion

For framed commercial entryway doors, such as aluminum-framed doors, with large glass panels, it’s possible to achieve virtually unbreakable forced entry protection with a Riot Glass unbreakable door conversion kit.

These kits consist of ArmorPlast forced entry-resistant AP2 Door Conversion Framing and bullet-resistant ArmorPlast AP75 infill panels — everything you need to make almost any commercial entryway door into an impact-resistant security door.

AP75 has even passed ASTM F3808 forced entry testing protocols, meaning it’s certified for use in the most high-security facilities, including US government buildings. This glazing is capable of resisting a prolonged attack by an armed mob employing everything from heavy hand tools to handguns.

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Security Glazing Retrofits for Doors

Not all commercial entryway doors are composed entirely of glass, but even a door with a small glass window in it can be compromised very easily. All it takes to force entry is for an intruder to break the pane of glass and reach through to open the door from the inside.

However, you can secure such doors by retrofitting forced entry-resistant security framing, such as ArmorPlast AP25, right on top of the existing glass. This can be done using Riot Glass retrofittable security framing adapters, which fit into or onto the glass’s existing framing system.

This security door solution creates a secure shield over the door’s existing glass, protecting it against blows from common burglary tools and other impacts and preventing anyone from passing their hand through to open the door from the inside.

Access Control Vestibules

Access control vestibules, or mantraps, are a security door option for high-risk businesses and high-security facilities. 

These physical access control systems consist of two sets of interlocking doors with a space in between them. The first set of doors must lock in order for the second set to unlock.

Access control vestibules make it easier to control who comes in and out of a business or facility, and make it harder for would-be intruders to follow someone in or force entry.

When combined with any of the other security door solutions we covered above, such as an unbreakable door conversion kit or a security glazing door retrofit, access control vestibules provide an extremely high level of commercial entryway door security.

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Security Shutters and Gates

For extra after-hours security, many types of security doors can be protected further by roll-down security shutters or gates, which can be locked into place when a business is closed.

These traditional door security solutions have been around forever because they’re quite effective at preventing anyone from tampering with a business’s door or attempting to break its glass after business hours.

What About Windows Next to Security Doors?

Naturally, many commercial entryway doors are part of a larger glass storefront, which means that any security door is only as strong as the windows adjacent to it.

Fortunately, you can secure storefront windows just as well as doors with a Riot Glass or ArmorPlast security glazing retrofit.

Forced entry-resistant security glazing can be overglazed (mounted on top of) or backglazed (mounted behind) most types of commercial windows, or in some cases used to replace the existing glass, creating a highly durable barrier against forced entry and impacts. That way, would-be intruders can’t bypass a secure door by simply breaking a window next to it.

By securing all commercial doors and windows with the right security solutions, you can achieve a virtually impenetrable storefront that will thwart even the most determined forced entry attempts, not to mention protect against a range of other impact-related threats, from storm damage to accidents.

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Final Words

No matter the specific needs and configuration of your commercial property, there is an entryway security door solution that can provide the protection you require. 

Understanding your options and choosing the right solution (or combination of solutions) is the first step towards significantly enhancing the security of your business or facility.

With solutions ranging from all-glass security doors to unbreakable commercial entryway door units, Riot Glass offers a variety of options to meet the diverse security needs of different types of businesses and commercial properties. 

By investing in the appropriate security door system, you can ensure that your property is well-protected against forced entry and other potential threats, giving you peace of mind and safeguarding your property 24/7.

Contact Riot Glass today to discuss your options — we’ll help you choose the most cost-effective solution for your budget and goals!

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