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Riot Glass® retrofit systems consist of custom-made security glass and framing designs that provide maximum protection against forced entry and ballistic threats.

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How To Reinforce Commercial Windows Without a Glass Price Increase That Breaks the Bank

Written By: Brad CampbellSeptember 15, 2023

With property crime, severe weather events, and other unpredictable threats constantly in the news, finding innovative ways to harden the physical security of commercial properties is understandably at the forefront of building owners’ minds.

For business owners and facility managers seeking ways to safeguard their premises without incurring exorbitant costs, installing retrofit security glazing is a rising trend in the commercial security glass industry.

Retrofit security glazing can reinforce windows and doors against various threats, ranging from break-ins to natural disasters, without the need for costly glass replacement. 

With Riot Glass® retrofit security glazing solutions, businesses can achieve comprehensive protection without breaking the bank.

The Need for Enhanced Window Security That Doesn’t Drastically Increase the Price of Glass

Commercial windows are vulnerable potential points of entry for intruders and weak points for other potential threats, like flying storm debris. 

Traditional windows, including the tempered safety glass windows commonly found in commercial establishments, can be shattered easily, granting unauthorized access to criminals and causing extensive (and expensive) property damage. 

ismi fitri hodijah wdvo ipohws unsplash

Commercial windows can also be susceptible to weather-related incidents, such as windstorms and hurricanes that result in flying debris. Given these risks, it’s crucial to fortify windows effectively against all potential security threats.

However, many business owners shy away from enhancing window security due to concerns about the associated expenses. 

The cost of replacing windows with specialized security glass can be prohibitive, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. This is where Riot Glass retrofit security glazing solutions come into play.

Riot Glass: A Cost-Effective Security Solution with a Minimal Glass Price Increase

Riot Glass offers an innovative and cost-effective alternative to traditional security glass replacement. 

These retrofit security glazing solutions are designed to reinforce existing windows without the need for expensive glass removal and replacement. 

Riot Glass achieves this by using retrofittable framing adapters that can be fitted into or onto almost any existing commercial window or door framing system.

This approach not only saves businesses a significant amount of money on labor costs, but also minimizes disruption to day-to-day operations during the installation process.

Benefits of Riot Glass Retrofit Security Glazing Solutions

Versatility, Adaptability, and Customization Options

One of the standout features of Riot Glass retrofit solutions is their versatility and adaptability. 

These solutions can be customized to suit various types of commercial windows and doors, including retail storefronts, office spaces, and government facilities. 

Whether you have large glass panels or smaller windows, Riot Glass can be perfectly tailored to fit your specific requirements.

Additionally, Riot Glass is available in a wide variety of finishes, so you can achieve the aesthetics and performance that you want.

For example, Riot Glass security glazing can be:

  • Dark tinted (dark gray/black appearance)
  • Colored (single-colored or color-shifting)
  • Reflective (for a mirrored effect)

These different finishes not only provide opportunities to complement or upgrade the appearance of a commercial building, but also add daytime privacy, ultraviolet (UV) ray protection, glare reduction, and more.

jakob braun asmyf7fyvqu unsplash

Forced Entry and Burglary Protection

Riot Glass retrofit solutions effectively deter all forms of forced entry, including burglary, smash-and-grab theft, and rioting and looting. 

The security glazing, when combined with the proprietary security framing anchoring system, creates a robust barrier that makes it incredibly difficult for intruders to breach, even using common burglary tools like sledgehammers, crowbars, bats, and heavy thrown objects. 

This added layer of protection prevents the existing glass behind from breaking and ensures 24/7 peace of mind for business owners.

Ballistic Resistance

For most types of commercial facilities, the threat of violent attacks is an unfortunate reality, and certain types of facilities, like schools, government properties, and high-risk businesses, are even more at risk of targeted violence. 

Many Riot Glass retrofit solutions are also engineered to provide ballistic resistance, in addition to forced entry resistance, making them suitable for such high-risk, high-security environments. 

These solutions are designed to withstand gunfire (a certain number of rounds from specific types of firearms) and offer essential protection during active threat scenarios.

Even if riddled with bullets, Riot Glass provides effective access denial, keeping the bad guys out and giving those inside time to react during an attack by running, hiding, and waiting for the authorities to arrive and neutralize the threat.

Severe Weather and Storm Debris Protection

Businesses located in areas prone to severe weather, such as hurricane zones in the southeastern United States, can also greatly benefit from Riot Glass retrofit solutions for protection against mother nature. 

The security glazing creates an effective storm damage mitigation barrier, preventing dangerous shards from flying inwards during storms or hurricanes and ensuring that no heavy rains or winds enter and cause more damage. This safeguards occupants and valuable assets from harm.

Some Riot Glass products are tested and certified to Miami-Dade hurricane missile impact testing standards, and therefore can even be used as alternatives to hurricane shutters in regions with the most strict storm damage mitigation building codes.


Beyond the security benefits, Riot Glass retrofit solutions offer a distinct financial advantage. 

Traditional security glass replacement involves removing existing glass and installing new, specialized glass panels. This process can be labor-intensive and time-consuming, leading to substantial costs, not to mention operational disruptions. 

In contrast, Riot Glass retrofit solutions are installed over the existing glass, eliminating the need for extensive removal and replacement. This streamlined installation process translates to cost savings for businesses, while providing an unmatched level of security.

micheile henderson lz 4npfkcv8 unsplash

Avoid a Major Glass Price Increase by Retrofitting Riot Glass

When it comes to boosting the security of commercial buildings, business owners and facility managers need to make informed decisions that balance security and budget. 

Riot Glass retrofit security glazing solutions are without a doubt an attractive option that provides comprehensive protection without the need for expensive glass replacement. 

By opting for Riot Glass retrofit solutions, business owners can proactively protect their investments, employees, and customers, all while staying within their budgets.

Contact Riot Glass, LLC today for a free consultation.

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