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Can You Protect Your Employees and Business With a Retail Surveillance System?

Written By: Brad CampbellOctober 9, 2023

If you’re a retail business owner, protecting your employees, merchandise and business premises should be a top priority. This is due to the variety of security threats that are becoming even more prevalent, from forced entry and burglary to rioting and looting. 

One of the most commonly used tools to bolster commercial security is a retail surveillance system. However, while surveillance cameras play a crucial role in deterring theft and aiding in investigations, they are not a comprehensive solution for protecting your business. 

To ensure a high level of commercial security, it's essential to understand the limitations of store surveillance systems and complement them with physical forced entry protection measures like Riot Glass® security glazing.

Retail Surveillance Systems Act as Deterrents and Provide Evidence

Surveillance cameras have become ubiquitous in the retail industry for one top reason — visible cameras act as powerful deterrents against theft and other criminal activities. 

When criminals see a camera watching their every move, they know the risk of being caught in the act significantly increases. This psychological deterrent can prevent many thefts and incidents from occurring in the first place.

siarhei horbach xjc frjbuw unsplash

Because of this, many businesses on a budget even install non-working security cameras in highly visible locations, or keep old, outdated cameras up for the sole purpose of deterring would-be intruders and thieves.

The second biggest reason to install working retail surveillance cameras is that they can provide invaluable evidence in case a security incident does occur. 

Whether it's a theft, vandalism, or other criminal activity, the footage captured by these cameras can be used to identify culprits, investigate incidents, and even lead to successful prosecutions. 

Video evidence can be crucial in recovering stolen goods, seeking insurance claims, and ultimately maintaining the safety and integrity of your business.

The Limitations of Retail Surveillance Systems

While surveillance cameras are undoubtedly a valuable asset for business security, they have limitations that must be acknowledged, the main one being that they don't physically prevent forced entry, burglary, smash-and-grab theft, or incidents like rioting and looting. 

Cameras can capture these events as they unfold, but they cannot actively stop them from happening.

pawel czerwinski zbtyrfceas0 unsplash

In the case of burglaries or smash-and-grab thefts, determined criminals may wear disguises or otherwise attempt to conceal their identity from cameras. In such situations, the footage alone may not be enough to deter or apprehend the culprits.

Additionally, during episodes of rioting and looting, when large crowds engage in destructive behavior, surveillance cameras can quickly become overwhelmed. 

The chaos and destruction may render the footage less effective in identifying individual perpetrators, and the damage to your business may have already occurred.

The Need for Physical Forced Entry Protection

Given the limitations of retail surveillance systems, it’s crucial for business owners to take a multi-layered approach to security. 

While cameras are excellent at deterring and documenting criminal activity, they should not be the main component of your retail security strategy. 

Physical forced entry protection measures, such as Riot Glass security glazing, provide a critical layer of defense that complements your surveillance system and other components of a comprehensive retail security system.

Riot Glass is specifically designed to withstand forced entry attempts, including those employing smashing, prying, and even shooting. 

By fortifying your windows and other vulnerable potential entry points with Riot Glass, you create a substantial physical barrier that not only deters criminals, but also downright prevents them from gaining access to your premises. 

This proactive approach to physical security can be the difference between a failed break-in attempt and a successful one, potentially saving you from significant losses of assets and damage to your property.

The Synergy of Retail Surveillance Systems and Security Glazing

While there’s more to a comprehensive commercial security system than just cameras and security glazing, these two components work surprisingly well together to deter and prevent forced entry and other criminal acts.

Surveillance cameras serve as a visible deterrent, making potential criminals think twice before attempting any unlawful activities, while security glazing is a physical deterrent that shows criminals your business is not an easy target.

The presence of cameras combined with fortified entry points creates a formidable psychological and physical barrier against intruders, who are unlikely to pursue a forced entry attempt when their attacks bounce right off the glass and they know they’re being recorded.

Knowing that your business is protected 24/7 by both surveillance and Riot Glass security glazing can give you priceless peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your core business operations without constantly worrying about security threats.

simon alibert jig5gjlgn5q unsplash

Wrapping Up

Now you know that while a retail surveillance system is an essential component of your business security strategy, it should not be the sole line of defense. 

To fully protect your employees and business, consider complementing your surveillance system with physical forced entry protection measures, like Riot Glass security glazing. 

This multi-layered approach to retail security creates a robust security ecosystem that deters criminals, documents incidents, prevents forced entry, and ultimately keeps your business safe from a range of potential threats.

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