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Top 5 Reasons Why ArmorPlast AP25 Is Your Best Option for Glass Security (Spoiler: It Is Not Glass)

Written By: Brad CampbellOctober 26, 2020

A strong commercial security system should contain different components, such as alarm systems, surveillance cameras, locks, and more. However, none of these security elements create a physical barrier to entry, which leaves glass doors and windows highly vulnerable to forced entry.

That’s where ArmorPlast 25, or AP25, comes in. It’s the first entry in our line of proprietary polycarbonate shields that you can install over your existing glass doors and windows to keep the bad guys out.

This system of polycarbonate panel system and framing system is designed to offer higher levels of impact resistance than security window films and laminated security glass. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top reasons to use AP25 for your retail store, office building, or commercial facility.

Why Should You Upgrade Your Commercial Security System with ArmorPlast 25?

5 Reasons AP25 Is the Best Way to Reinforce Glass for Improved Business Security

  1. AP25 Has the Benefits of Glass with the Strength of Polycarbonate
  2. AP25 Offers Formidable Forced Entry Protection
  3. AP25 Creates a Virtually Invisible Barrier
  4. AP25 Protects Against Rioting, Looting, and Vandalism
  5. AP25 Provides Storm and Earthquake Damage Protection

1. AP25 Has the Benefits of Glass with the Strength of Polycarbonate

Construction with glass has many clear benefits (no pun intended) for commercial buildings. Glass storefronts allow retail stores to show off all their merchandise and entice potential customers to come inside and shop.

Lots of windows and glass walls also give office buildings and other commercial facilities a sophisticated, modern appearance. Glass also benefits those inside a building by letting natural light in and allowing them to enjoy impressive views of the city and landscape.

view of evening cityscape out the windows

However, the benefits of glass also come along with some downsides. Principally, standard window glass offers no security benefits.

Glass doors and windows are the most vulnerable entry points for would-be intruders and the most prone to damage due to vandalism or natural events like storms.

ArmorPlast 25 has a glass-like surface hardness and appearance, but it is actually made out of a single-ply AR polycarbonate sheet. This polycarbonate is highly impact-resistant as well as UV and abrasion-resistant.

armorplast graphic

AP25 is classified as a non-ballistic, containment-grade glazing shield. This means that it will not stop bullets, but it can get riddled with bullets without breaking apart or significantly diminishing in strength.

ArmorPlast 25 composition and characteristics:

  • Single-ply polycarbonate laminate sheets
  • Abrasion-resistant and UV-resistant coating
  • Resistant to yellowing, hazing, chemical attacks, and marring
  • Glass-like hardness and appearance
  • Containment-grade glazing shield that satisfies the requirements of ASTM D256

2. AP25 Offers Formidable Forced Entry Protection

Because of its polycarbonate construction’s robust strength, AP25 creates a virtually impenetrable barrier to forced entry. Criminals armed with common burglary tools like hammers, crowbars, and even guns won’t be able to dislodge the glazing shields during a break-in attempt.

Even if a determined individual manages to crack the glass after hitting it repeatedly or even by shooting it, it won’t break and shatter inwards or allow the would-be intruder to pass a hand through and open a door from the inside.

We recommend ArmorPlast 25 to retail stores, corporate office buildings, religious facilities, schools, psychiatric hospitals, and detention centers. Any property where you need a high level of protection against forced entry is a good candidate for our polycarbonate glazing shields.

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3. AP25  Creates a Virtually Invisible Barrier

One of the great things about using ArmorPlast 25 to protect your glass is that it doesn’t change the appearance of your existing windows and doors at all. As we’ve already mentioned, the polycarbonate panels themselves are clear and look and feel just like glass.

laminated glass protection

All the framing and hardware are low-profile and sleek, so it won’t detract from your property’s appearance. In fact, people who don’t know you have AP25 installed (including criminals) won’t even notice it’s there. ArmorPlast panels do their job of providing security without being seen.

4. AP25 Protects Against Rioting, Looting, and Vandalism

In addition to forced entry protection, ArmorPlast 25 also protects your business from damage due to civil unrest or just plain old malicious vandalism. A blow from a bat or a hurled brick won’t smash or dislodge your AP25 panels, so you can rest easy knowing that your merchandise, equipment, and personnel are safe and sound inside.

In the event that one of the polycarbonate panels does get damaged, it’s much easier and more affordable to replace than replacing your entire glass storefront. With AP25, your business is much less likely to require expensive repairs or take a financial hit from looting after violent protest occurs.

5. AP25 Provides Storm and Earthquake Damage Protection

ArmorPlast 25 doesn’t just protect your commercial property against man-made threats, but natural ones as well. With traditional window glass, a strong windstorm can pick up debris and hurl it into your windows, smashing them and leaving your business exposed to the elements.

This not only means that you’ll have to clean up broken glass and pay for expensive window replacement, but your business can also suffer more damage due to rains and flooding if broken windows are left unprotected.

A seismic event can result in similar problems—shaking your windows to pieces and leaving your business exposed. AP25 reinforces your existing glass against these types of extreme weather and unforeseen natural events to minimize the impact on your wallet.

Improve Your Commercial Security System with AP25

While traditional business security system elements like cameras and alarms are great for deterring criminals and alerting you and the authorities to potential break-ins, they do nothing to physically protect your vulnerable glass doors and windows.

hospital hallway lined with windows

ArmorPlast 25 is an excellent choice when it comes to reinforcing the glass in retail stores, corporate offices, commercial buildings, schools, or any other facility where you require protection against forced entry and other potential threats.

Don’t leave your property’s glass unprotected any longer. Contact our security experts today for more information about ArmorPlast products or to schedule a consultation.

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