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Is It Necessary To Use Bulletproof Glass for Executive Protection?

Written By: Brittney PhillipsFebruary 6, 2023

Whether or not you think high-profile executives like Elon Musk sound paranoid when they express concerns about possible attempts on their lives, the reality is that anyone with wealth and status could be a potential target for an attack of some sort.

As a well-known executive or celebrity, even just being outspoken on a certain topic can be enough to earn you death threats. And, while the majority of threats are usually just idle talk, it’s still important to take steps to provide the right level of security for high-risk individuals.

This is where executive protection comes in.

There are many components of executive protection to consider, one of which is bullet-resistant security glazing, often referred to as bulletproof glass for executive protection.

What Is Executive Protection?

Executive protection is a term that refers to a set of best practices and security technologies used to provide physical protection for high-profile individuals, including C-level executives, celebrities, politicians, and other VIPs who hold a lot of wealth and/or status.

executive protection

Such individuals who are in the public spotlight and well-known for being wealthy are more at risk of targeted crimes, such as stalking, assault, kidnapping, and even assassination. 

Executive protection mitigates the risks of these threats by putting different types of protection between the VIPs being protected and the bad guys seeking to do them harm.

Examples of executive protection practices:

  • Armed executive protection agents
  • Armored cars/secure transportation
  • Cybersecurity technology
  • Physical security measures (such as security glazing)

The examples listed above cover a wide range of security practices and technologies, some of which are specific to executive protection and some of which can be applied to many different areas of security.

For example, armed executive protection agents are often confused with bodyguards, but they are actually quite different.

executive protection practices

Whereas bodyguards are focused on reacting when a threatening situation arises, executive protection agents are more focused on planning and risk mitigation — they aim to prevent security threats from presenting themselves in the first place. 

These types of agents are very specific to the executive protection industry.

On the other hand, different physical security measures, such as installing access control systems, monitored surveillance cameras, alarms, and security glazing in buildings, are strategies that work for executive protection and many other types of security needs.

security glazing in buildings

Where does bulletproof glass for executive protection fit into the picture?

Before we go any further, it’s important to note that, although the term “bulletproof glass” is widely used in the security industry, there is no such thing as glass that is truly 100% bulletproof. The correct term to use is bullet-resistant glass.

Bullet-resistant glass can refer to any type of security glass or other type of security glazing (such as polycarbonate) that is capable of stopping one or more rounds of a certain caliber fired from specific types of firearms.

Some types of security glazing, like ballistic-grade polycarbonate and glass-clad polycarbonate glazing, are capable of providing a very high level of ballistic protection, which is why they are often referred to as “bulletproof.” 

However, enough rounds fired from certain high-powered firearms can eventually penetrate any type of security glazing.

That being said, bullet-resistant security glazing plays a very important role in executive protection. It can be used to fortify VIPs’ homes, offices, and any other properties where they spend a lot of time and may be at risk of an attack.

bulletproof glass for executive protection

Depending on the level of security required, you might choose to retrofit ballistic-grade polycarbonate on all of a building’s vulnerable doors and windows, or you may decide it’s only necessary for the C-level office suites.

In our line of thought, more security glazing is always better. Even if your main goal is to protect a certain individual from harm, the people they’re around could also be at risk, especially if an attacker targets that individual in a corporate office building or another commercial facility. 

Because of this, it’s always best to start fortifying buildings from the outside-in. 

When you reinforce external doors and windows with bullet-resistant glazing, it provides a high level of access denial, meaning it prevents armed assailants from gaining entry in the first place.

ArmorPlast® Bullet-Resistant Glazing for Executive Protection

If you need “bulletproof” protection for executives, we highly recommend using ArmorPlast® bullet-resistant polycarbonate glazing shields wherever you need to provide protection from forced entry and ballistic attacks.

ArmorPlast® polycarbonate security glazing is available with UL 752 ballistic resistance ratings up to Level 6, while our RG Series can be ordered with protection up to a UL 752 Level 8 (capable of stopping multiple military-style rounds from an AK-47 rifle).

Being a retrofit solution, ArmorPlast® can usually be overglazed (mounted on the outside of) any property’s existing glass surfaces, protecting the windows or doors behind from impacts and providing access denial to mitigate active threats.

Even if this bullet-resistant security glazing does eventually get penetrated by bullets, it won’t significantly diminish in strength or become dislodged, meaning it remains a barrier to forced entry and continues to protect until the authorities arrive and neutralize the threat.

ArmorPlast® is designed to withstand prolonged ballistic attacks and determined forced entry attempts, making it one of the most powerful tools for executive protection and essential to a well-rounded security posture.

Benefits of using ArmorPlast® for executive protection:

  • Constructed using forced entry- and bullet-resistant polycarbonate
  • Nearly invisible and virtually unbreakable
  • Doesn’t significantly alter the appearance of windows or doors
  • Continues to allow natural light in and provides full visibility
  • Available with a variety of UL 752 ballistic resistance ratings
  • Can be retrofitted into or onto existing framing systems
  • Comes with proprietary Gen I or Gen II security framing for extra forced entry resistance
  • Provides access denial and active threat mitigation
  • Very cost-effective physical protection for VIPs

Final Thoughts

Executive protection isn’t just for CEOs, it’s for any high-profile individuals that could potentially be the target of some type of attack.

Like all security systems, a comprehensive executive protection plan should incorporate a variety of best practices and security technologies, including physical protection measures like bullet-resistant security glazing for VIP properties.

Riot Glass, LLC is dedicated to providing the best executive protection glazing products you can find.

Contact us today for a free consultation or to schedule a threat assessment.

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